BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 49 (WN)


Chapter 49 – Unexpected Trump Card



I clicked my tongue as I leaped backward.

I actually knew what I was facing, though it was my first time actually seeing it: the black dog-like beast was a “Garm”, which normally dwelled in the ancient ruins known as “Dungeons”.

It wasn’t nearly as strong as a Dragon or a Hydra. Its fangs were powerful enough to pierce armor, however, and its thick hair protected it from most bladed weapons, making it a natural enemy of adventurers.

“Lord Dyngir!!”

“Stay away, Sakuya!”

I yelled at my personal maid to stop her in her tracks and struck the Garm with my sword.


“Damn, it won’t go through…!! What a pain…!!”

I tried slashing the beast’s neck with my Siegfried, but I only managed to scratch its hide, barely causing any damage.

I ducked, saving my head from the monster’s clamping jaws, then concentrated power from the bracelet on my right arm, before swinging again.



The response was much different this time.

The silver flash from my blade slashed across the monster’s neck, painting its black fur in red.

“Gahaha! That wasn’t enough to stop the reaper, after all! Just how I wanted it!”


As soon as I defeated the Garm, Drake rushed towards me.

The tip of his blade was aimed at my throat. I hurriedly dodged, almost rolling away to avoid the lethal strike.

“Lord Dyngir! You…!!”

“Haha! Out of the way, woman!”


Sakuya jumped in, trying to cover me, but a spin kick from Drake sent her flying. She was slammed against the wall, then slumped down on the floor.


“Whoa, is it two-on-one now? How are you going to get out of this predicament, my fated foe?”

“Gh…you bastard…”


The wounded Garm let out an enraged roar and leaped towards me.

Drake’s sword from the right, the Garm’s claws and fangs from the left. I desperately swung my weapon to fend off the attacks, but that was all I could do.

I couldn’t parry the offensive fully, however, and the wounds started accumulating.

I could heal fairly quickly thanks to Herakles, but the bracelet used my own lifeforce to do so. It could run out of fuel at any time.

(I’m going to end up just like that fool Sullivan at this rate…! I have to change the flow, somehow…!)

My brain was in full throttle, trying to find a chance for a counterattack.

Sakuya was lying down next to the wall, probably unconscious.

Roh and Xiao Mao had disappeared, who knows when.

The assassins’ team had already been exterminated: the dead could offer no help.

(My remaining moves are…)


“…..!? No! Don’t come out!”

She probably could not bear the sight of me with my back against the wall. Sue jumped out from her hiding spot, behind a pillar.

The blue-black-haired girl had never held a sword in her life: her fighting power was negligible. There was no way she could stand against the two monsters I was facing.

Hence I hurriedly tried to stop her, but instead witnessed an unexpected development.

“Stop! Don’t bully my master!!”



Sue’s desperate cry stopped the Garm’s claws from tearing through me.

The black beast, large enough to crush me with its weight alone, was now sitting, as prim and proper as a trained puppy, happily waving its tail.

“That hair…and..golden eyes…!?”

Drake was as surprised as me, if not even more.

He stopped attacking too and stared at Sue, speechless.

“There were other survivors of the demonic tribe…? Or a resurfacing…?”


I had no idea what Drake was saying, but it was clearly a one-in-a-million chance.

I stepped closer to him and swung my blade toward his unguarded torso.

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