BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 50 (WN)


Chapter 50 – The Final Move




It was definitely a sharp slash, but Drake managed to dodge at the last moment, twisting his body out of the blade’s path.

“Tch…you and your goddamn instincts…!”

“Ha! Hahaha!! Your luck is even more amazing, boy! To think you’d have a trump card like this!”

I continued attacking, before Drake could recover his balance, but he dodged every single strike with superhuman-like agility.

“Please…! Help my master…!”


Following Sue’s request, the Garm materialized by Drake turned against its former master.

The battle thus became two-on-one again, but in the opposite fashion.

“Hey now! Isn’t this against the rules?”

“You called this thing, now you deal with it! It’s your damn pet!”

“Hahaha…!! This is bad!! Really bad! Haha!! HAHAHAHA!!!”

Thanks to the Garm’s support, it was Drake’s turn to be forced into a defensive battle. Despite the precarious situation, however, the immortal pirate laughed even louder.

“I haven’t been in a pinch like this for hell knows how long! Haha! HAHAHAHA!!! This is fantastic! I feel like I’m in heaven!!!”

“You make me sick, fucking masochist!!”

“Hyahahaha!! Don’t say that, now! I haven’t been driven into a corner once, since I became immortal! Ho–we—ver—”



Drake’s blade became even sharper.

His slashes gained even more speed, pushing us back and nullifying our advantage.

My body was cut up by the consecutive attacks; using the same momentum, Drake blew away the Garm with a kick.

“You were still saving your strength…? Do you even have a limit…!?”

“The power I gained in exchange for a thousand years of living in hell…you haven’t even started tasting it, boy!”

Drake smiled, in his twisted ecstasy, and licked his lips.

His sword and fists did not leave me and the Garm a single chance for counter attacking.

“Not enough!! Still not enough!! You’ve still got one more step to go, before you can deliver my divine punishment! Am I going to survive again!? My fate, my beloved reaper!? You won’t grant me the favor of killing me!?”

“Shut your goddamn mouth…!!”

I bared my fangs and growled, out of frustration.

I was in a position of unexpected advantage over the immortal monster, but still needed something more to be able to defeat it.

“Just one…I just need one more…!”

“Okey-dokey, leave it to yours truly!”


In the throne room, now a scene of carnage, echoed a happy-go-lucky voice.

I glanced in its direction, all the while keeping an eye on Drake, and found Roh standing in front of the wide open doors.

“Where the hell were you, Roh!”

“Save the preaching for later, brother! I was looking for the treasury, but found the armory instead. You see where I’m going?”

Roh pranced one step to the side, revealing a large cannon behind him.

It looked just like the “Overthrower”, the cannon loaded onto the Lion King pirates’ ships, but was twice as large.


“I’m not too proficient with artillery, but it’s like the cannons that were on the ships, right? Xiao Mao!”

“Leave it to me, yes!”

Xiao Mao, who was standing behind the cannon, lit the fuse dangling from it with a torch. The sparks soon burned through the fuse, and…




The next instant, a ball of flames shot through the space between me and the Garm.

The blast and wind pressure pushed me back, but I somehow managed to stay on my feet.


The massive cannonball, almost the size of a human adult, blew past us at blinding speed, landing squarely on Drake’s body.

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