BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 54 (WN)

Chapter 54 – Goodbye, Garnet

“LET ME GO!!! I said let go, shitty hag!!!”

“GAHAHAHA!! This is fun! When’s the last time we had a picnic?”

“What picnic!? I’ll get blisters on my ass if you keep on dragging me like this!”

Grace had caught me by the scruff of my neck and forcefully dragged me towards the port.

The butt of my pants, dragging against the ground, was generating burning amounts of friction. At this rate, they were going to rip open and expose my buttocks to the scorching instead.

I desperately moved my legs and twisted my body, trying to somehow get me back on my feet.

“Lord Dyngir!”

“Master! Please wait~!”

Sakuya — holding up the hems of her maid outfit — and Sue — riding on the Garm — were running to catch up with us.

They were followed by the Garnet royal knights, who heard the commotion.



“Suereine” was Sue’s complete first name.

Sue was what she was called in the monastery, apparently.

“This is getting out of hand! We’ll end up charged with abducting the minister’s daughter!”

“Pirates and authorities cannot coexist, after all! Look how they’re treating you, after you saved their country!”

“This is all YOUR fault, hag!!”

During all the bickering with Grace, I managed to get her hands off me.

I spun to take a more normal stance and started running behind her.

“Aah, shit! Why is this happening? Getting involved with you always brings bad luck, shitty hag!”

“GAHAHA! You only have your own fate to blame here! He who carries that sword is destined to be involved in conflict! It was the same for Drake too!”

“WHAT!? What the hell did you just say!?”

It was too shocking a revelation for me not to want to know more, but Grace wasn’t going to explain anything else.

She ignored me and picked up the hems of her dress, raising her speed.

“Tch…you’re going to explain later!!”

I spat the words out and accelerated too.

The soldiers chasing after us were already over one hundred when we reached the port. With this battalion on our tails, I looked for the ship waiting for us to board.

“Heeeey! Over heeere!”

From the deck of a large ship on the far side of the port, Roh was waving at us. Xiao Mao was next to him, licking a sort of candy mounted on a stick.

“You two are already here!? Always one damn step ahead, aren’t you!?”

“Haha, who do you think you’re talking to? None other than Master Roh, the greatest diviner of the southern seas! I knew something like this was going to happen, so I went ahead and got the ship ready to depart!”

“Terrific job, boy! Raise the anchors!”

“Aye! Set sail, men!”


Xiao Mao bit down on the hard candy, then gave the order to leave. The sailors unfurled the sails and reeled in the anchors from the sea.

As soon as we jumped on board, the ship started moving away.

“AAH!! Lady Suereine!!!”

“Ready the ships!! Don’t let the pirates escape!!”

“Gahaha!! We’ll never be caught by the likes of you!!”

Grace took one of the logs piled on board and tossed it towards the soldiers on the port.

It was just a piece of wood, but the pitcher was a berserker of a woman.

The wooden projectile flew at almost the speed of sound, blowing away several soldiers in its path, quickly turning the port into a scene of carnage.

“…this is no different from what the Lion Kingdom did…”

“Well, they’re both pirates.”

I sighed, and Sakuya replied while patting my back to comfort me.

“Are we all here? No one left behind?”



At the center of the deck, Sue was taking attendance with the monsters who ended up on the ship with us.

The Garm, the giant ape, the monster bird, the snake…which were all given the names Black, White, Red, and Blue, with no semblance of imagination.

Under the spooked eyes of the tough men of the sea, Sue started feeding jerky to the beasts.

“Okay! No one forgot anything, I hope!”

“Nothing! All the treasures borrowed from the palace are here too!”

“Fantastic, fantastic! What a success!”

In a corner of the deck, Roh and Xiao Miao were meticulously counting their “earnings”.

Their hands were full of gold coins, gems, and the like: more treasure than any normal person could ever earn in one lifetime.

“So that’s why they were ready to escape…”

The real reason why the ship was ready to sail was that they were going to make away with the stolen treasure. 

Some of the soldiers who chased us probably did so because they noticed the missing fortune, and tried to catch the thieves.

“Let us depart! For my homeland, Atlantis!”

Grace, standing on top of the mast, loudly proclaimed our next destination.

Our ship thus left the Garnet Kingdom, heading for the site of the decisive battle — Atlantis.

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