BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 53 (WN)

Chapter 53 – Jet-Black Lady

When I first met her, Sue was wearing filthy, tattered clothes; but now she donned a dress worthy of the finest high-class lady.

Which made perfect sense: Sue was indeed the daughter of one of Garnet’s finest noble houses.

“Very pretty, is what I’d like to say…but I can’t get used to seeing you dressed like that yet. I still think you look better in a maid outfit.”

“I think so too. I haven’t worn a dress since I entered the monastery, after all.”

Sue blushed, embarrassed, while grabbing the hems of her outfit.

I had an inkling things were going to turn out like this…and indeed, Sue was the daughter of Samuel Lauros, minister of the Garnet kingdom.

Samuel believed that his daughter, put into the monastery, had been killed by Drake, but she had actually been sold to a slave trader and transported abroad before the monastery massacre.

Without any survivors, it was not possible anymore to know if Sue had been sold because of an unfortunate coincidence, or a planned conspiracy.

Samuel, however, was overjoyed to see his daughter alive, against all odds, and shed tears while repeating words of thanks, over and over.

“Oh, coffee. Aren’t you going to drink it?”

Sue looked at my half-full cup and tilted her head to the side.

“Ah, yeah, well…it’s not to my taste, I guess.”

“Really? Allow me, then.”

Sue took the cup and drank the contents without hesitation.

“…hey, Sue. That tea is made from beans. Hard beans.”

“Eh? Of course. It’s coffee.”

“…if you know, then it’s fine.”

Somewhat miffed by Sue’s response, I watched her delightfully drink the weird tea.

I waited for her to finish, then cleared my throat.

“So…have you come up with an answer? Will you go back to being the daughter of this country’s minister, or follow me and continue being a slave?”

So I slowly, calmly asked Sue, as she sat in the chair in front of me.

The reason why we stayed in that country after the battle was to hear Sue’s decision.

Learning of the miraculous return of his daughter, Samuel embraced her and apologized for putting her in the monastery, from the bottom of his heart.

He then pleaded with her to return to live with him, as family.

It was a rather selfish thing to say, after throwing her out like that…but it was certainly not a bad prospect for Sue.

The monastery, the place where she wanted to return, was in ruins: she had no one else but her father to rely on.

I had promised to keep her as a slave until we arrived in this country, and kept the promise. To go back to being a noble lady was obviously the smarter choice.

“Yes…about that…”

Sue nodded, a grave expression on her face.

Sakuya too, holding a teacup in her hands, was patiently waiting for Sue to start talking.

“From now on, I…”

“AHOY!! I’ve arrived, youngsters!!”

With a loud bang, another “young woman” entered the room.

Not through the door, however: the new guest had opened a hole in the wall to make her entrance.

“Did you REALLY let Drake go!? You’re disappointing me again, fool of a son!!”

“Gah!! Goddamn you…shitty hag!!”

It was indeed my well-loved and respected asshole of a mother, Grace D.O. Maxwell.

She was wearing a jet-black dress, like a widow for some reason, and, as soon as she came inside, she whacked me over the head and started yelling.

“Who’s the shitty hag!? I told you to call me mommy!!”

“I’d rather die!! Have you ever even acted like a ‘mommy’ anyway!? Why are you coming here after it’s all over!”

“It’s. All. Over!? Nothing is over, you poor fool!!”

Grace bared her fanged teeth and proclaimed loudly.

“Don’t waste any more time, we’re going to Atlantis!! That bastard is definitely there!!”

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