BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 52 (WN)

Chapter 52 – Pure White Lady

Several days passed since our fierce battle with Captain Drake, which ultimately made him abandon the Garnet Kingdom.

We received word that the Lion Kingdom, which had taken over this kingdom and turned it into a colony, had been attacked by other pirates and annihilated.

With the loss of a key commander such as Drake and the fall of the home country, the Lion King pirates controlling this country were shaken to the core.

The surviving forces of the Garnet Kingdom, on the other hand, regained their vigor and momentum: there was no better chance to initiate a counterattack.

Thanks to the fact that leading figures such as the king and minister had survived, the Garnet Kingdom soon freed itself from the Lion Kingdom’s control and regained its independence.

“Thus, Lord Dyngir, will you go to that Atlantis place that Drake spoke of?”

“No way in hell.”

My answer to Sakuya’s question was cut and dry.

We were in a room of the Garnet royal palace.

Having driven away Drake, the main force in control of the country, we had been invited to the palace as royal guests.

I would have loved to sneak out unnoticed, as we did in Sapphire, but certain circumstances did not allow us to leave yet.

“Ugh, these southern tea leaves sure have a weird taste…the tea’s all black and has such a strong flavor…”

I took a sip of the tea Sakuya brewed for me and grimaced.

I often get funny looks when I say this, but I’m pretty fond of tea. I can tell where the tea leaves are from with just one taste, if it’s a famous enough region. I had never tasted something like this, though.

“Lord Dyngir, that is actually called “coffee”. It’s a kind of tea brewed not from leaves, but from beans.”

“Beans? You mean, like soy!?”

I put down the cup and stared fearfully at its contents.

I had never heard of that “coffee” drink. How could hard beans create a black liquid like that?

“Beans from the southern lands, huh…you can’t find any in the Lamperouge Kingdom, and I never drank this when I lived in these parts. It’s bitter and black, and if you tell me it’s made from beans, I feel almost sick…”

“It takes quite a bit of work to cultivate coffee beans, after all. I do not find it strange you were not aware of its existence, as you were raised by pirates, Lord Dyngir…”

My mother, the pirate Grace, was the kind of woman that drank alcohol like water, in the first place.

The other pirates weren’t too different: not one of them ever enjoyed the luxury of tea and crumpets.

“Returning to the previous topic, Can we really ignore Drake?”

Sakuya inquired again. I put the coffee cup on the table, as far away from me as possible.

“Can we? Can’t we? We don’t even know if he’s still alive or not. With a wound like that, normally you’d be dead in a ditch by now.”

Drake had been deeply wounded by Siegfried. No one could survive with a wound like that, after losing so much blood.

It was a miracle that he even managed to escape. I could hardly believe he was still alive.

“I’ve never heard of a place called Atlantis, anyway. Even if he says he’ll wait there, I have no idea where to go.”

Even in the remote case Drake was still alive, I hadn’t the faintest idea of where “Atlantis” could be.

I tried asking some sailors, but they all looked at me puzzled.

There was no way to go, basically.

“We’re going back to the Maxwell province soon, anyway. It doesn’t matter if that bastard is alive or dead, we won’t see him anymore, anyway.”

“…well, I suppose.”

“This country is restoring itself at a good pace too; we don’t have anything else to do here. After getting Sue’s answer, we’re leaving.”

“Sue…what is she going to do?”

As we were having such a conversation, the door of our room opened.

The young lady that appeared was clad in a pure white dress, her black hair flowing down her back.

A necklace of blue gems adorned her neck: she was the picture of the daughter of a noble family.

“Master, Sakuya, you were here.”

A pretty smile and a clear, bright voice — that belonged to the slave girl Sue.

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