BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 60 (WN)


Chapter 60 – Shape of Indra


“So there’s more to this bracelet?”

It was very surprising, almost hard to believe.

Herakles granted the wearer superhuman physical abilities and regenerative powers.

I never even thought there could be more.

“I don’t blame you for not knowing, though. You never tried to unleash the full power of that bracelet, have you?”

Drake grinned and pointed at me.

“That bracelet borrows the wearer’s lifeforce and gives miraculous powers. And you’re scared shitless of the side effects.”


I glared at the man and clicked my tongue: his words were not far from the truth.

Sullivan Nommes, the man who wore this bracelet before me, had aged about 50 years in moments, all because of its side effects.

I had witnessed such a transformation with my own eyes, so I couldn’t bring myself to fully use the bracelet’s powers.

“A weapon is like a woman: she will never bare her heart to a man who won’t do it first. As long as you keep holding back, that bracelet will never show everything.”

“Heh…to think that I’d ever get preached at about how to treat women. It’s so disgusting, it’s almost funny.”

I spat on the ground, then tapped the bracelet with the hilt of my sword.

“It’s pretty irritating to think that I can’t satisfy this little lady…but I can’t just throw my life away. I have ambitions to fulfill, and plenty of women are waiting for my return. I can’t turn into an old fart yet!!”

“Hah! Listen to the boy boast! I haven’t even touched a woman in three hundred years!”

Drake bared his fangs and cackled, then continued.

“You’ve got it wrong, son. That bracelet will never turn you into an old man!”

“Huh? What the hell do you mean?”

I asked back, suspicious. Drake shrugged and poked his tongue out.

“Wait, do you think you’re just human? You can go toe to toe with me in battle, you were born from that monster of a woman, and you still thought yourself human? Don’t make me laugh!”


“I knew it when I saw your face: you inherited the immortality curse from your mother. It might not be as powerful as mine or Grace’s, but you’re never going to die of old age, boy!!”


“Can’t blame ya for being surprised, though. In normal circumstances, you’re just like any other human. If your neck gets cut off, you’ll die. Same if your heart gets pierced. You’re not an actual immortal.”


“But…I can tell. You’re different from a normal human. Maybe it’s just 10 or 20%, but the curse is definitely inside you. Ten years from now, you’ll definitely be able to tell, by how you’ll age slower than everyone else!”


I was about to say something, then shook my head.

“Even if it’s true, nothing changes. I’ll be more than happy to live a long life. I’m not going to become a walking deathwish like you! I’ll laugh my ass off every day and have a riot of a life!!”

“Hah! That’s rich! Tell me that again after you’ve lived at least one hundred years, kid!”

Drake glared at me, but this time I grinned back at him.

“Captain Drake. I understood what you meant now. Basically, since my lifespan is much longer than a normal human, I don’t need to be afraid of Herakles’ side effects. Pretty kind of you to tell me all that, though. You’re going to move me to tears!”

“Haha, I might not look it, but I’m pretty good with kids. It comes with age, see?”

“Really now…! In any case, I got to thank you…now I can really go all out!”


My body started emitting a bright light, and Drake instinctively jumped away.

I had no reason to fear the bracelet’s side effects anymore: I began to draw as much power as possible.


More, more, more.

More power…more…more, more, more!!

As I continued to focus on the bracelet’s power, eventually its light turned a golden color.

It was as bright as the rising sun: gradually, the light enveloped my body, filling me with power, from head to toe.

“Haha! Hahahahaha!! Yes, that’s it!! So you can do it if you try! Why were you holding out on me, little bastard!!”

The golden light formed a sort of suit of armor, provoking Drake’s cackling laughter.

“Shape of Indra…that’s how he called it! Hah, I never thought I’d ever see it again…!”

“Captain Drake.”

As sweat trickled down my forehead, I made my declaration.

“I can’t keep this up much longer. I’m going to end this…end you, in one strike.”


Drake grinned at the killing intent in my words.

“Yes, that’s how I want you, my sweet reaper, my successor! Son of Grace, inheritor of my sword and his bracelet! Successor of world saviors! Send me with your greatest slash!!!”

“You bet I will. Here goes…you’re…finished…!”

The golden light gathered in Siegfried’s blade. Bearing the burning heat, I swung my sword.

The light itself turned into a slash, devouring Drake’s body like a gigantic wave engulfing a lone boat.

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