BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 61 (WN)


Chapter 61 – The End of the Seafloor City


The golden slash engulfed Drake, then crashed through the wall of the cathedral, causing a wide path of destruction on its way out.

It looked like a massive snake had slithered its way out: the stream of destruction also continued outside, breaking through all buildings on its path.


Breathing heavily, I stuck my sword on the ground, to prop my body up.

A wave of fatigue washed over me: I barely managed to stay standing without losing consciousness.

The shockwave, capable of cutting through the cathedral’s walls as if they were paper, clearly exceeded human capabilities. It was an attack almost irrational in nature, before which the concept of battlefield would crumble.

“Hah…I can’t use this in battle, after all. I wouldn’t be able to give orders after this…”

It was the trump card among trump cards, basically. The technique that Drake called “Shape of Indra” was going to be my last resort.



“Whoa there, don’t tell me you’re still alive…”

I left through the hole in the cathedral’s walls and followed the path of destruction. After walking for a few dozens of meters, I found a man lying on the ground, charred black.

“…for the love of…how the hell can you die? I’m getting tired of dealing with you, seriously.”

The man was Captain Drake, obviously.

His lower body had been blown off, while the remaining torso was burnt to a black crisp.

The mouth part of the black lump moved slightly, letting out a raspy voice.

“Don’t you…worry…the curse is…gone…I’m going to…die…soon…”

“Well, that’s a relief.”

Despite my words, I felt a sort of loneliness in my chest.

Now that I was going to part with Drake for good, I realized that I wished for more time.

“Let me…tell you something…Dyngir…Maxwell…”

“Still talking, corpse? What do you want?”

“That sword…is made to kill evil gods. The ability to negate magic tools…is just a bonus.”

“…I see. So what?”

Drake nodded slightly.

“If the sword chose you…it might just be that…there is still someone left to kill…”


“The evil gods…humanity’s nemesis…might be still alive…somewhere…”


I frowned.

There was no concrete proof backing Drake’s words, but if such a threat to humanity really existed, House Maxwell would be in danger as well.

“Hah…this is the end…for me…but your battles…have just started…boy…”

“Really now…”

So I replied and nodded.

“I don’t care if it’s a noble, a king, or an evil god…I’m going to cut down anyone and anything that stands in the way between me and my ambitions. And I’m going to take all the women I want and make them mine…even if a hundred or thousand years pass, that’s never gonna change.”

“Hahaha…how fierce…as expected of…Grace’s…”

Drake closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.

“I’m glad…I could die here…I can finally join…you guys…”

Drake’s body turned gradually whiter and whiter, then crumbled away like a block of salt, disappearing in the wind.

“Farewell, Captain Drake. No…uncle.”

I closed my eyes for a minute, wishing my strongest enemy yet a peaceful rest.


“W-What the!?”

“HEY! Where’s that idiot son of mine!?”


I heard Grace’s voice from far away. I hurriedly looked around, and finally found her hanging on the chain that stretched from the seafloor towards the sky.

“That attack you did destroyed Atlantis’ barrier!! The sea water is flooding in, we have to get out of here!!”

“Haah!? Wait a damn minute!!”

I shouted out of shock, but Grace just started climbing up the chain, with the agility of a monkey.

“You better hurry up, if you don’t want to die!! See you on the ship!!”

“W-Wait, wait, wait, wait!! I can barely move…!!”

“Gahahaha!! Spare the rod and spoil the child, as they say!!”

“What!? Damn you, haaaaggg!!!”

Grace laughed loudly as she disappeared upwards.

The next instant, the “sky” cracked, as a torrent of water flowed in the town.


My body was thus swept by the water and forcefully carried out of Atlantis.

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