BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 62 (WN)

Chapter 62 – Heaven’s Rabbit

Swept away towards the depths of the sea, despite my fading consciousness I managed to open my eyes.

The sunlight could not reach the seafloor, but the sphere of light on the giant crawfish-like creature — Poseidon — allowed me to see ahead.

Before my eyes, the seafloor city of Atlantis was crumbling. In the distant past it had even survived the evil gods’ invasion, but the breach of its barrier made it impossible to withstand the crushing water pressure.


A whale-like cry echoed in the depths. A deep, clear voice, coming from the “Poseidon” creature.

Freed at last from the weight of the city, the crawfish-like beast pranced about with enthusiasm.

Its shrill cry probably expressed the elation of finally being relieved from the burden of the city, or maybe was meant as a requiem for the souls of Atlantis’ citizens.

The creature, as old as Drake, disappeared off somewhere, its light bulb trailing away with it. 


As “Poseidon” disappeared from my sight, so did the last shreds of air in my lungs.

Everything turned white, and my consciousness finally gave out.

“Ghah…where…am I…?”

“Oh, master! Are you awake?”

“Sue…am I…alive…?”

When I came back to my senses, I found Sue in front of me.

My head was laid on something soft: as it turns out, it was Sue’s lap.

I turned my neck and looked around to assess the situation: I was in the ship cabin assigned to me, on the bed.

There was a lot I had to ask…but I decided to enjoy the current situation first.

“Aah…I might actually be dead. This feels too good to be true…”

I started rubbing my cheeks against Sue’s thighs, relishing in the comfort of her lap pillow.

“Eeh!? You’re alive, master!! Please believe me!”

“Relax, I was just kidding…whoa!”

I sat up on the bed, looked at Sue’s figure, and couldn’t help but yell.

What I found sitting on the bed was a rabbit.

Sue was wearing a rather provocative bunny suit-like swimsuit, complete with fishnet tights, even. On her bluish-black hair, she wore bunny ears too.

The size of the suit might have been too small, though: her ample bust barely fit in the costume.

“Y-You’re lying…you mean this isn’t heaven…?”

“M-Master!? Please get a hold of yourself!”

I sincerely suspected, for a moment, that I had really gone to the next world. Sue grabbed my shoulders and started shaking me, bringing me back to reality.

Her body shook at the same time, left and right, her bust looking as if it was desperately trying to break free of the suit’s binds. A sight that did not allow me to lose consciousness again.

“Ooh…okay, I’m fine now!”

“Please! Don’t surprise me like that!”

“That’s my line, actually…where did you even find these clothes?”

So I asked, while carefully examining her attire again.

A bunny suit wasn’t certainly something you’d find lying about. Especially not in the middle of the sea.

Sue, blushing with embarrassment, cocked her head with a lovely smile.

“How do I look, master? Your lady mother gave it to me…”

“You look great, that’s for sure…wait, the old hag did!?”

“Yes, it appears to be a gift from her husband, but since the size doesn’t fit her, she gave it to me…”

“Stop, stop!! I shouldn’t have asked, dammit!!”

What the hell are those two doing!? Who gives a bunny suit to his wife at that age!?

I barely managed to keep my screams internal, then shook my head to dispel those nasty thoughts.

“Sorry, I almost lost control there. By the way…how was I saved?”

I was ready to drown to my death, but someone obviously saved me and brought me back to the ship.

Sue nodded and explained.

“I asked a friendly whale for help, and she saved you from drowning.”

“Really now…taking you with us really was the best choice then.”

“It was really close, you know? You weren’t breathing, and…if lady Grace didn’t do mouth to mo—”

“STOOOP!! That’s more information I didn’t need!!!”

Holding my head in my hands, I curled up into a ball.

My own mother…that shitty old hag…what kind of torture is this!? Since when are you the type to save your son’s life, anyway!?

“Okay…enough of that. You don’t have to say anything else. I’m alive, that’s all I need to know…”


I hugged Sue on the bed, hoping to wipe away all that horrific new knowledge, burying my face in her fluffy mounds.

Sue was surprised at first, then gently patted my head to cheer me up.

“Aah…it’s finally over…I’m tired for real, this time…”

So I whispered, while enjoying Sue’s motherly touch.

First Grace kidnapped me in the Baal Empire, dragging me into a conflict between pirates.

The battle to protect the port town in the Sapphire Kingdom.

The battle against Captain Drake in the Garnet Kingdom.

And as the cherry on top, the final showdown in the ancient seafloor city.

I haven’t returned to the Maxwell domain in three months,

Looking back, this trip has turned out to be pretty long.

“Let’s go back home. To the Lamperouge Kingdom…the Maxwell province. I don’t want to do anything, at least for one month…I’m going to stay in bed all damn day, with my lovers at my side, and…”

“That kind of lifestyle seems pretty fun, too.”

“You bet it will be fun. Even more if you tag along.”


Sue suddenly fell silent.

I lifted my head from her chest and looked at her: on her healthy, sun-burned face hung a veil of anxiety.

“What’s wrong, Sue?”

“Master, I…”

Slowly and gravely, Sue continued. Tears glazed her golden eyes.

“I think I will go back to the Garnet Kingdom. My journey with you is over…”

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