BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 63 (WN)


Chapter 63 – The Rabbit’s Resolve


“…can I ask you the reason why?”

After a brief silence, I asked a question to the young lady clad in a bunny costume.

In contrast with her attire, her expression was very serious.

“After seeing the state in which that Drake person left the Garnet Kingdom in, I felt a tightening pain in my chest.”

Sue started talking, with a streak of fear in her voice.

“The Garnet Kingdom is the place where I lived with father and mother, with the sisters in the monastery. I thought I cannot leave such an important place in such a ravaged state. I don’t know how much I can help, but I have to do something…that’s how I feel.”


“Being with you was always very fun, I could see and learn new things every day, I felt my world expand more and more. If I followed you, I’m sure I could live every day smiling and laughing…but, that’s not right.”

Tears trickled down Sue’s face. I wiped a teardrop with a finger and licked it.

“…the taste of resolve. So…you have chosen your path.”


Sue nodded and closed her eyes.

“If I abandoned everything and followed you, master, I feel I could never become stronger than this. I want to become stronger, strong enough to say with pride that I am your slave…so please, grant me just one year.”

Sue opened her eyes again, but they produced no more tears.

“I will do everything I can to restore Garnet for one year, and then I will definitely return to your side. I will spend the rest of my life serving you as a slave, master.”

“It’s not like…you need to stay a slave forever, though.”

I shrugged and smiled wryly, then patted Sue’s head.

“You’re free to go. I’ll be waiting, all right?”

“Yes, please wait for me.”

We smiled at each other, then lied down on the bed.

“It’ll take about three days till we reach Garnet. You know what that means, right?”

“Yes, with pleasure!!”

Our lips locked. I was going to enjoy myself to the fullest, until we reached our destination.

My hands reached Sue’s chest, when I felt someone’s gaze behind me.


“…what are you doing, Sakuya?”

For some reason, my maid/assassin Sakuya was spying on us inside from the closet.

She came out when I called her, wearing her usual maid outfit.

“That’s not fair, Miss Sue…I’m the only one left out…”

“I-I’m sorry! I was so focused on talking with Master that…”

“Oh, so you really forgot about me? I specially let you give Lord Dyngir a lap pillow, since you had something important to talk about, even letting you wear the only bunny costume we have…and you forgot about me. Really…”

“Aaaah!! I’m so so sorry!! Please forgive me, miss Sakuya!”

Sakuya pouted and Sue hurriedly apologized. Looking at them, I realized they had gotten pretty close in the last few weeks.

“That’s okay, but in exchange…I’m going to take the first move!”


Sakuya nimbly leaped on the bed and stole my lips from Sue. She had removed her maid outfit in midair and gotten naked with incredible speed.

“Aah! No, nothing but that! I won’t be able to see Master for a long time, I want to be the first!”

“Hmph! I have no ears for cold women who so easily forgets their friends…be quiet and count the stains on the ceiling, all right?”

“Ooh! Miss Sakuya…!”

Both women pounced on me, fighting and bickering for the right to my body. I leisurely perused the resulting tender sensations, then sighed to myself.

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