BBYW Vol. 3 Chapter 64 (WN)


Chapter 64 – End of an Adventure, and the Omen of Misfortune


We spent three days sailing to the Garnet Kingdom mainly on the bed.

The crew apparently caught the hint: they never even got close to my cabin, so I could enjoy my remaining time with Sue to the fullest.

Eventually…we arrived at Garnet, and it was time to say our farewells.

We communicated our feelings to each other plenty in the last three days, so the farewell itself was rather short and simple. Sue descended on land, and said goodbye without lingering regrets.

“I will be back at your side, one year from now.”

The ship was already too far for her voice to reach it. I could perfectly tell, however, what Sue’s lips whispered as she waved from the port.

“I’ll be waiting for you, one year from now.”

So I muttered under my breath, and lightly waved back.

Our ship then sailed north from Garnet, in the direction of the Lamperouge Kingdom.

“…and that’s all.”

“That’s all…what? How am I supposed to react, after listening to your newest womanizing adventures?”

Echidna Thunderbird, heir of House Thunderbird, Margrave of the southern provinces of Lamperouge, grimaced.

“Whoa, I brought you a nice story as a souvenir of my travels, why the cold shoulder?”

“…you got yourself a new woman, and had plenty of fun with her. Nothing new about it, is there? Or do you maybe want to know about what I did, with what man, and in which position?”

“That’d be…pretty disgusting. No thanks.”

I grimaced too and scratched my head.

I was now in the guest room of the Thunderbird manor: we had landed on the southern coast of Lamperouge, so I took the chance to see my old friend.

Echidna crossed her legs, widely exposed by the high cut of her dress, and sighed.

“Anyway…I would have never imagined that Lady Grace had an older brother. And he was a hero who fought against evil gods one thousand years ago? That’s a joke, right?”

“He was too damn strong to be a joke, believe me. That man would definitely be able to save a world or two.”

I took a sip of the black tea served on the table. I savored the rich aroma of the tea leaves, letting the warm nectar drip down my throat.

“Yeah, this is how tea should be…”

I remembered the “coffee” I drank at Garnet and frowned.

“Speaking of Lady Grace, where is she now? I wished to see her…”

“The old hag? She didn’t even get off the ship. I got no more use for you, so get lost already, she said. “Just say hello to father for me”…the nerve of that woman.”

“She never changes, does she…I really admire her energy.”

“…if you became like that, we’d be officially strangers. I’d never want to see your face again.”

“My, what a shame. And I wanted to give birth to a little boy for you.”

“Stop with that joke, please…”

I never meant it as a joke, though…so added Echidna, so I looked away to ignore her, and checked the clock hanging on the wall.

I arrived at the manor after noon, and it was already evening. I had spent more time than expected.

“I should get back to the inn soon. Thanks for the tea.”

“You’re free to stay the night, you know? We’ve known each other for so long, no need to be so distant.”

“…you think I can stay, after what you just said? The female of the praying mantis eats the male after intercourse…you think I didn’t know?”

“Actually, I think I’d be more like a cute cricket…I’d play a nice song for you, under the covers.”

I shuddered: she didn’t deny she might eat her partner, after all.

“I best go back, before you swallow me whole. Till next time.”

“Oh, wait!”

I stood from the chair and headed to the door, but Echidna caught my sleeve and stopped me.

“Thanks to this adventure of yours, House Maxwell has gained considerable power, hasn’t it?”

“House Maxwell has…? What do you mean?”

I pretended not to see the picture and cocked my head to the side.

“After you drove the Lion King pirates out of the Garnet Kingdom, what happened to their weaponry? That gunpowder cannon, the ‘Overthrower’, was it? You’re not going to tell me you left it over there, are you?”


I grimaced, but kept my lips sealed.

Echidna’s insinuations had hit the mark: after saving Garnet, we requested for the Lion King crew’s weapons in return.

The king wasn’t very keen on agreeing, but thanks to minister Lauros’ support, we could take the “Overthrower” and other weapons back with us.

“Right…the ‘Overthrower’, the weapon the old hag called a cannon. It would be pretty useful not only to defend a fort, but also in a siege. I already made preparations to carry it to House Maxwell, and sent letters to our best blacksmiths so that we can make more. I’m one step closer to realizing my ambition now.”

“…one step closer to the fall of the Lamperouge Kingdom, too.”

Echidna put a hand against her cheek and let out a voluptuous sigh.

“Well, that’s fine. House Thunderbird stands where the gold is, after all. The rich should not fight among themselves, as they say. If you will stand against the royal house, I’ll do you a favor and stay neutral.”

“Neutral, you say…you won’t be on my side?”

“If you pay enough, I can lend you some mercenaries, you know?”

“Really now. How trustworthy.”

I frowned, and made to leave again. Before I could turn the knob, however, the door was opened from outside.


“My apologies!! Lady Echidna, may I have a moment!?”

A young man in a butler suit barged in. He was visibly upset, his forehead sweating. He had probably run all the way here.

“Can you not see I have a guest at the moment? I will hear you later.”

“Milady, this is extremely urgent…!”

“Is that so…it cannot be helped, I suppose.”

Echidna silently nodded to me, then motioned at the young man to come closer.

The butler, in turn, bowed his head to me and whispered something in Echidna’s ear.

“…I see. Go immediately report to father. You may leave.”

“Yes…I beg your pardon.”

“Looks like things will get busy. I’ll leave for the Maxwell province tomorrow, let me know if anything happens.”

I watched the butler leave, then spoke to Echidna. She shook her head, however, and put a finger on her bright red lips.

“This concerns you too. You better stay and listen.”

“Ah? What?”

I frowned slightly. Echidna looked outside, an exasperated tone in her voice.

“On the western border, one of the fortresses of House Sphinx has fallen. The Terror Armies are going to invade this country.”


I followed Echidna’s gaze and looked out of the window.

Beyond the darkening evening sky, new flames of war were rising from the west.


Vol. 3 – Adventure in the Southern Seas – End

To be continued in Vol. 4 – Desert Conspiracies

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