BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 11 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 11 – The Moon Maiden Blooms

【POV: Naam Sphinx】

“Okay then, we’re going out now, but…”

“Naam, are you really sure you want to stay home?”

My brother and sister-in-law came to my room, concerned about me.

I was sitting on my bed, hugging a stuffed animal, and vigorously nodded.

“Yes, please go by yourselves, I’ll stay…”


“I see…we’ll bring you back a souvenir, okay? Be a good girl, you hear?”


I quietly nodded and looked at them as they left the room.

They looked at me with worry until the last moment, but — as expected of a man and woman in the spring of youth, I guess — as soon as they went outside, they locked arms and smiled.

I was looking at them from the window, when my personal maid approached me.

“Are you really sure about this, Milady? It’s not everyday you can visit the capital…”

“I’m fine. I’ll read a book alone in my room, so please leave me alone. You don’t need to make tea either.”

“…as you wish.”

The maid bowed politely and left the room.

I carefully listened for her footsteps to disappear, then pulled out a travel bag from under my bed.

“…it’s fine. I can go out on my own.”

I took out a palm-sized box from the travel bag. Inside, there was an old metal ring.

It was a Magic Tool handed down through generations in House Sphinx, which I found about one year ago in a storeroom of my home.

I secretly took it and wore it from time to time, when I was sure no one could see me.

“It’s been a while…Skuld.”

I took off my clothes, tossed them to the side and put on the ring. As soon as I did, a rainbow-colored cloud enveloped me, hiding my underdeveloped body.

My petite physique stretched to a much more well-balanced height. My breasts and butt too grew visibly.

I looked at myself in the mirror and found an adult-looking woman, beaming with a smile of confidence.

Naam Sphinx the crybaby had transformed into a totally different, fully-fledged adult.

“Hehe! It’s been a while since I last used it…”

I gazed at my naked figure and sighed.

The Magic Tool “Skuld” had the power to change the wearer’s appearance into that of their future self. I sometimes used it to go out in town as my adult self.

“It’s my first time in the capital, so I should look my best!”

Mysteriously enough, in this form my fear and anxiety to see other people all disappeared. I stopped caring about other people and their gazes, and could spend time as if I became a different person.

I picked a very alluring outfit, the likes of which I would never dream to wear. It was a traditional dress from the western province west, which exposed my cleavage and legs, as well as much of my adult body.

“Hehe, so lewd…”

I smiled faintly looking at the mirror, where I was reflected in the dancer-like dress.

The adult woman in the mirror, who would probably be called “beauty of the century”, stood proud, her large chest all puffed out.

That was my ideal form.

The figure of a bewitching queen, which I could become by wearing the Magic Tool ring.

“Shall we go, then? Can’t lose this chance to sightsee around the capital!”

I made sure no one was around and fluttered out of the window.

My introverted personality often made people have the wrong idea, but I too have been trained in martial arts by my father and brother.

To jump down from the second floor and go over the fence without the servants noticing was not particularly difficult.

I left the Sphinx residence and proceeded straight to the capital’s main avenue.

It was the same road I passed the day before in the carriage, but I was too scared to properly look out then.

Not anymore: in my adult form, I could walk the streets freely, with nothing to fear.

“Hehehe…everyone’s looking at me.”

The people walking down the street all turned towards me, as if hypnotized.

First they looked at my traditional dress, surely unusual for the capital, then my face, lastly longing at my breasts and legs.

Their gazes were filled with desire: normally they would give me the creeps, but thanks to the ring I didn’t particularly care.

On the contrary, it was thrilling to attract the gaze of men like that. To be on the receiving end of their desire was a kind of pleasure.

“Hehehe, men can be so stupid. All they can see is boobs and legs, with no idea of my real identity…”

I bet they wouldn’t even look twice at my normal self.

The foolishness of being tricked by my fake appearance felt almost adorable.

I showed a tempting smile to the men I locked eyes with and kept walking, charming them left and right. Suddenly, I felt an unsafe presence behind me.

“Oh my…it seems I attracted the attention of some scummy individuals.”

I casually checked behind me with my pocket mirror and noticed two men following me.

Looking at their expressions, twisted by desire, I sighed and chuckled.

“Definitely bad people, trying to turn a woman into their toy. Men like that deserve to be punished.”

I licked my red lips and made a show of entering a narrow, desert alley.

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