BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 15 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 15 – The Woman’s True Identity

I looked down at the woman, still sitting on the ground, and took another look at her entire body.

The seductive outfit and ample breasts first grabbed my attention; followed by her long and slender legs.

Her fully developed physique suggested that she was clearly experienced, but her behavior was peculiarly childish.

Her golden hair and brown skin were indicative of someone coming from the western regions: could it be that women were like this over there?

“Hm…? A woman from the west…?”

I felt something tugging at my brain and frowned.

I was forgetting something very important, something I should have noticed much sooner — or so I felt. Taken completely by the woman’s charms, I had missed something crucial.

“Wait, don’t tell me…”

Only then I finally realized who the woman before me could be.

Long, golden hair. Tanned, brown skin. These characteristics, typical of the western region, closely resembled someone I knew.

“Er…are you maybe related to Valon Sphinx…?”


The woman looked at me, wide-eyed in surprise. She didn’t need to say anything: her reaction clearly showed that the answer was “yes”.

(I see…she must be Valon’s fiancée…!)

That was the conclusion I reached.

Why didn’t I realize it sooner? Kisaragi, from the Fangs of Steel, had told me that Valon’s fiancée and little sister were going to visit the capital. The little sister was too young, so this woman had to be the fiancée.

(Dammit…she’s so seductive I couldn’t think straight! I went and kissed her! Tongue in and everything!)

If Valon ever got wind of this, he’d definitely come to kill me. Even if I said it was self-defense or a misunderstanding, his pride would not allow such a thing to pass.

It was not a matter of being able to win against him or not: if the heirs of two Margrave houses had a duel to the death, in the worst case scenario a civil war could break out.

I held my temples, feeling the impending headache, and made a hesitant proposal to the woman.

“Listen, what happened today was…an unfortunate accident. Yeah, that’s it. You misunderstood me for a ruffian, and I stole your lips — even if it was to defend myself. So, why don’t we both pretend that nothing happened?”

“Eh…? Pretend that…nothing happened…?”


The woman repeated my words, wearing a blank expression on her face, and I nodded.

“We both have people that would be troubled if what happened here became known, right? Isn’t it better to think that you were just bit on the lips by a strange fly, or something?”


The woman stared at me blankly for a while, but eventually turned bright red, and let her anger explode.

“A-Are you serious!?”

“Whoa!? What!?”

The woman’s sudden shout made me falter.

“How could I ever forget something like that!? A kiss so erotic…no, perverted…!”

“…pardon me, miss, but you’re not exactly dressed in a way that fits talking like an innocent village maiden…don’t tell me that you really are a virgin?”

“Of course I am…!!”

The woman somehow turned even more red.

She grabbed the stole around her waist and hid her chest, glaring at me as if I had questioned her sense of decency.

From her reaction, I realized that despite her looks, she had to be a noble family’s daughter, with little to no experience with men.

“I see…I’m really sorry. You looked and acted so sexy, that I thought you were definitely experienced…”



The woman glared daggers at me, as her jet black eyes filled with tears. Seeing a woman in her late twenties, clearly older than me, start crying like that left me speechless. Because of this opening, she could push me away with both arms.



The woman pushed me against the wall and ran off towards the main avenue. Left alone in the alley, I watched her go, perplexed.

“Stupid…? Are you a kid…?”

The words I mumbled, failing to reach anyone’s ears, melted away in the darkness of the alley.

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