BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 14 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 14 – Sucking a Flower’s Nectar

“Ngh! NGHH!?!”

As my lips pressed against hers, the woman’s eyes opened wide.

She still struggled, flailing her legs, but with her hands tied up, she couldn’t push me away, or pose any actual resistance.

(This is the decisive moment. Don’t rush, don’t rush…)

If I pushed my tongue in, this woman, in her fury, might rip it right off. I held back the impulse of rampaging through her mouth with my tongue and enjoyed her lips for the moment.

I licked and suckled — her lips were as tender as they looked — and relished in the pleasant response they gave me.

(A man that can’t show confidence at times like this ends up looking like a wimp. She’s definitely experienced, so I have to take the offensive slowly, but firmly.)

I squeezed her lips between mine, sometimes taking light bites, sometimes licking them, leisurely melting her defenses.


After about five minutes of toying with her lips, I could tell that her bountiful body was going limp.

Her slender hips lost their vigor as well: I held her breathtaking curves with more strength, so she wouldn’t fall.

I confirmed that her eyes had become dazed, as all hostility faded away from them, and finally wrapped her tongue with mine.


The woman’s response was more adorable than I would have expected. Her tongue timidly reached for mine, with clumsy movements, suggesting that she didn’t have much experience with men.

A seductive body, dancer-like attire, exposed skin and irresistible charm. I expected her to be a veteran warrior of countless “battles”, but judging from her reactions, she did not seem to be the type to play around at all.

“Pah…mmh, that was delicious. Not the reaction I expected, but not bad at all anyway.”

After enjoying the woman’s mouth to the fullest, I finally released her lips. I sighed with satisfaction and wiped the drool from the edge of my mouth.

Her reactions were more innocent and inexperienced than expected, but that was delightful in its own way.

After her lips were released, the woman gazed at me, as if in a daze. Her eyes showed a swirl of conflicting emotions: sexual excitement, hopelessness, affection and desperation, in a  confused mixture.


I let her go, and she sat down on the ground. It was clear that she wouldn’t fight back anymore; she probably wouldn’t even resist if I untied her.

I thus took off the cloth binding her hands and let her completely free.

“No grudges, okay? You’re the one that got the wrong idea and attacked me.”


The woman looked perplexed: I nodded firmly.

“It looks like you thought I was with those men, but the mere thought of being put on the same level of scum like that sickens me. I love women, but to surround them and force them to do what you want is something only insecure cowards do.”

I pointed at my right shoulder. It couldn’t be seen through the clothes, but the spot she hit with the cloth spear had already turned purple and was swollen.

“I’m sorry for kissing you like that, but it was payback. You jumped to conclusions and hurt me first, so now we’re even.”


I wasn’t sure if she really understood what I said. The woman touched her lips, looking left and right, still dazed. She tried hiding her body with her stole. She looked just like a young girl that had just been molested.

“Sheesh…you’re making me look like I’m the aggressor. You started it, remember?”

I scratched my head, puzzled by the young maiden-like behavior of the adult woman.

To be honest, after the kiss I had planned to have a chat with her, which would culminate in us heading for the nearest inn.

Her far too pure reaction, however, cleansed me of all impure thoughts: I felt that it would be wrong to want anything more from her.

(Can she really be over 20 years old? Maybe she’s just well-developed, and is actually younger than me?)

I looked down at the woman, and observed her whole body again.

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