BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 13 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 13 – A Flower Falls

“What the hell is going on…?”

The brown-skinned woman jumped into the air, bending one of her long legs like a whip.

A snap, and a high kick shot for my neck: I crouched to dodge, and muttered how I couldn’t wrap my head around the situation.

I had followed the woman in the back alley because, in a spurt of knighthood, I thought I should save her from the two ruffians.

When I entered the narrow space, however, it seemed to be already all over: the two men were lying on the ground. But the princess I planned to rescue bared her fangs at me instead, and attacked without mercy.

I cursed my luck, wondering why something like that had to happen.

“Wait a damn second! Just hear me out—”

“You could dodge even that? What about this, then!!”

“Whoa, hey!?!”

The woman unfolded the stole wrapped around her waist. Her lower body was now covered only in a pair of shorts: the lines and curves of her groin were clearly visible.

Looking at her thighs, vigorously healthy and definitely pleasant to touch, I couldn’t help but react with glee.



I could indulge in lecherous thoughts only for a second, though. When the woman swung her hand, the edge of the stole sharply rapped my shoulder.

The firmly tied edge of the stole had a surprisingly high offensive power: the point where it struck my shoulder burned with pain.

“Well well, a ‘Cloth Spear’ user…that’s not a skill you see every day…”

“Oh, you’re pretty knowledgeable, aren’t you. You’re an experienced warrior, I knew it.”

The “Cloth Spear” was a self-defense art used by the western tribes. It involved swinging a long piece of cloth as if it was a sword or spear: I heard that masters of this art could swing the cloth in any shape they wished, as if it was a living being.

Being just cloth, I thought it couldn’t inflict much damage, but judging from the last strike, it could probably cause a concussion if it hit me in the head.

“Take this!!”

“Goddamnit…those attacks are a pain in the ass!!”

The woman moved, swift and supple, as if engaged in a passionate dance, attacking relentlessly with her cloth spear.

I managed to protect my head from the strikes, dodging at the last second, but one of the metal decorations grazed against my cheek, drawing a line of blood.

“You’re a pleasure to watch, in more ways than one…too bad I can’t take my time and enjoy the show.”

I winced in pain and grimaced.

The woman’s cloth spear was as sharp as a hawk’s talons, treacherous like a snake’s fangs. If I focused too much on the cloth, however, her boots would target the resulting openings.

On top of that, every time she swung her cloth her ample bosom would swing and shake, her long, slender legs flicker their sweat in my direction, breaking my focus.

I couldn’t help but be attracted to such assets, and my evasion abilities suffered as a result.

“Though, it looks like…you still lack experience!!”


I grinned, baring my fangs, and took out the skewer — left from the chicken I bought from the street stall — from my breast pocket.

I waited for the cloth spear’s next strike and quickly stabbed it with the skewer, pinning it against the nearby wall.

The woman tried to draw back the cloth, but it didn’t budge.

“Your technique is beautiful, but you need more actual battle experience. You’ve got great promise, but are still immature.”

“Kh, this can’t be…!”



I grabbed the cloth spear and forcefully pulled it towards me. The woman leaned forward, losing her balance, and was pulled in my direction too.

At the same time, the skewer came off the wall, and I quickly stepped behind her.

“Let’s wrap this up, shall we?”

“H-Hey, no, wait—”

I wrapped the woman’s hands with the cloth, tying them behind her back. She looked back, her black eyes glaring at me.

“Damn you…!!”

She still had some fight in her: she tried biting my neck this time.

With her hands tied, however, her movements were dull. I grabbed her chin and covered her face with my hand, neutralizing her attack.

“Haha, you don’t know when to give up, do you. Calm down already.”

“Grr, graw!”

“Whoa, did you turn into a dog, or something?”


Even with her hands tied and her face held down, the woman continued struggling. I thus decided I had to use the other way to conquer a woman.

“Hmm…well, can’t help it. Self defense.”

I grinned, and put my face closer to the woman’s beautiful visage, to break her spirits.

“You were a bit too rough there. Time to receive your punishment.”


Dogs that bite need to be put in their place.

I forcefully took the woman’s lips, to see if her seething spirits would finally calm down.

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