BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 6 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 6 – The Clan of the Sword Saint

The House of Marquis Saverne, which inherited the title of “Sword Saint” since the foundation of the Kingdom of Lamperouge, firmly believed themselves to be the most powerful clan in the kingdom.

The sworn enemy of this family was House Rosais and its faction, which held overwhelming political power in the royal palace.

Several factions were vying for supremacy in the capital, but the most powerful was the moderate faction with the Chancellor of the kingdom, Duke Rosais, at the center.

This faction maintained that the best policy for the kingdom was to entrust House Maxwell and the other Four Houses with the protection of the borders. At the same time, the royal palace focused on the economic and industrial development of the nation.

The most active opponent of this moderate stance was the militaristic faction centered around House Saverne.

Their motto was “A rich country grows on a strong army”: they loudly called for the strengthening of Lamperouge’s armed forces and proactive expansion into the neighboring nations’ territories.

“At present, all major posts in the royal knights and army are occupied by members of Duke Rosais’ faction. For House Saverne, which claims to be the royal family’s sword, it must be a source of great frustration.”

“For a warrior to be robbed of the chance to act as such…I can picture the gnashing of teeth that must be going on. How does that relate with stalking me, though?”

Kisaragi nodded to my question and pulled out a piece of paper, which showed the portrait of a young man around my age.

“This is Benamis Saverne, next in line for the title of Marquis. He too is participating in this year’s royal martial tournament.”

“Ooh…is he strong?”

My interest was piqued, so I leaned forward.

I thought that Valon Sphinx would be the only decent opponent in the tournament, but there was the possibility that things became more exciting.

“Yes, well, I would say he is first class, at most.”

Kisaragi’s words, however, promptly shot down my expectations.

“What, that’s it?”

I lost all interest and plopped back down on the sofa.

There were plenty of “first class, at most” swordsmen among the soldiers of House Maxwell alone.

Unless they had exceptional skills like Valon, or were monsters like my mother Grace, I couldn’t care less about who my opponents were.

“Indeed…that is why they tried to force you to retire from the tournament, young master.”


“In order for House Saverne to gain a more favorable position in the kingdom, the heir — Benamis Saverne — must win this tournament. If he loses, the name of “Sword Saint”, “strongest clan of Lamperouge” will be sullied. Wresting away power from Duke Rosais would become even more of a dream.”

“…so that’s what they’re plotting. They can’t beat me fair and square, so they tried to take me down in secret.”

That was a pretty interesting development. The boring and tasteless tournament was spiced up by a conspiracy.

“Exactly. The prisoners we caught confessed that assassins were sent not only to you, young master, but also to Sir Valon Sphinx. The plan was to get rid of you both…I suppose.”

“Haha, as if Valon would lose to swordsmen of that level!”

I laughed heartily and crossed my legs. From then on, I would have to keep advancing in the tournament, while fending off House Saverne’s assassins on the side.

If I retired, they would probably stop pestering me, but it would be too boring a conclusion.

“The self-titled “strongest” House Saverne and House Maxwell, protector of the kingdom from the empire. Let’s see which is stronger, shall we?”

I cackled, baring my fangs, and relished in the expectations of the coming conflict.

“Indeed, young master, and…well, this is just a bit of chitchat…”


As I was enjoying the growing battle prospects, Kisaragi changed the topic, as if he remembered something.

“Regarding Sir Valon Sphinx, it appears that, tomorrow or the day after, his younger sister and fiancée will arrive at the capital. To cheer for Sir Sphinx’ upcoming bout, apparently.”

“I see…is the little sister pretty?”

I had no intention of putting my hands on someone’s fiancée, especially not of someone I respected. The little sister, however, was another matter.

If she matched my tastes, it would be interesting to try hitting on her at least once. To see how Valon would react too.

“Well, I would call her a beauty…one day..”

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She’s only ten years old, after all. Are you going to seduce her, young master?”


I shook my head, without a word, then stared at the ceiling.

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