BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 7 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 7 – Maiden of the Sun, Maiden of the Moon

Two days later…

A horse carriage marked with the emblem of a black lion passed the gate into the capital.

The carriage, escorted by knights, emanated an intimidating aura that kept all passersby at a distance.

Inside the carriage, however, the giddy voice of a young girl could be heard.

“Oooh! So this is the capital! It’s so full of life, just as expected!”

“Yes…Lady Sister.”

There were two young girls sitting inside the cube-shaped carriage cabin.

Both blonde with tanned skin, they hailed from a tribe of the kingdom’s western province.

One was Valon Sphinx’s fiancée, Mist Cairo.

The face of the 18-year old girl, with features on the brink of maturity, showed a bright and full smile, as she gazed at the streets from the window of the carriage.

Unlike most of the desert area of the western province, the capital was filled with water. The fountain of the main square was something the two girls would never find in their homeland, so Mist’s eyes sparkled at this unprecedented sight.

On the other hand, the girl sitting across from her — Naam Sphinx, Valon’s younger sister — had a somber expression on her face.

Her bangs, cut in a perfect straight line, acted as a curtain to hide her black eyes. She timidly looked out of the window, but happened to lock eyes with a man walking down the street and quickly retreated back inside.

Looking at the huddling Naam, Mist sighed and pouted.

“Oh, what are you so afraid of? If a member of the “House of the Black Lion” acts like that, the nobles of the capital will make fun of us!”

“But…Lady Sister…”

Naam tried to protest, but her voice trailed off.

Not even Mist, sitting across her in the carriage, could clearly see the little girl’s eyes through the bangs.

She knew Naam well enough to tell, however, that her dark eyes were on the verge of tears.

“Naam, I know that you’re scared of meeting new people. As well as the reason why.”


“But you can’t stay shut in the residence forever, can you? If you don’t go out sometimes, you’ll end up molding!”


“But…what, dear?”


Before her future sister-in-law’s words, Naam fell silent.

Naam Sphinx became overly timid and started barely leaving the house three years prior, when she was kidnapped by a brute.

Thanks to her brother and father’s efforts, she was rescued before it was too late, but the event left deep scars in her heart: even now, she could only talk with the people very close to her.

“Listen, Naam. Why don’t we take a walk around the capital tomorrow? Have Valon take us to eat nice food here.”

“…I’m fine. You two should go by yourselves…please.”



Naam looked down and stopped replying. She had effectively clammed up: unsure of what to do, Mist put a hand on her own cheek and sighed.

Peeking at her troubled sister-in-law from between her bangs, Naam whispered.


“Hm? Did you say something, dear?”

Mist could not catch Naam’s words and asked her to repeat, but the latter shook her head.



In a carriage too large for just two girls, Naam huddled in a corner and Mist looked at her with concern.

(If only someone could help you open your heart…someone strong like Valon, kind, but not bound by common sense. Someone that could release you from this state…)

The prince that could save Naam wasn’t probably the typical fairytale one. Rather, a hero like one that appears in the tales from the desert: a rascal that would break open her shell.

As Mist was lost in such thoughts, the carriage stopped in front of the Sphinx residence.

“Mist! Naam!”

The horse carriage’s doors were thrown open, and Valon Sphinx welcomed the two visitors with a bright smile.

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