BBYW Vol. 3 Interlude Part 8 (WN)

Interlude – Royal Martial Tournament

Part 8 – Sword Saint

【 POV: Marquis Saverne】

“…and? You miserably failed, and came back with your tail between your legs?”

“W-We plead forgiveness…”

In a room of the residence of my House Saverne…

I didn’t bother to stand up from my armchair as I glared at my pitiful subordinates.

Too intimidated by my anger to raise their heads, they were reduced to a trembling mess.

My name is Seifern Saverne, current head of House Saverne and inheritor of the title of “Sword Saint”.

House Saverne has been in the service of the royal family of Lamperouge ever since the generation of the first king, and has suppressed the enemies of the kingdom with superior military power since then.

My house also holds the official title of “royal sword instructor” and has acted as private instructor for the royal family for generations, as a bastion and protector of honor and tradition.

The last generation of House Saverne, however, had cast a shadow on such a prestigious history. The trigger was the rise to power of that accursed Duke Rosais.

House Saverne has always excelled in military matters, but on the other hand its prowess in the field of politics is limited. Taking advantage of such a weak point, House Rosais has expanded its influence in the royal palace, gained more and more followers among the nobles and ended up gaining authority even over the appointment of titles in the army and royal knights.

When the former Marquis Saverne realized Duke Rosais was a threat, it was already too late.

House Saverne was completely cut off from any major positions both in the royal army and royal knights, which came to be occupied by weakling nobles who did not have the faintest idea of what military prowess even meant.

We retained the title of “royal sword instructor”,  but House Saverne was effectively robbed of all chances to act as the kingdom’s sword, which was forced to swing only on training grounds.

(We absolutely need to carry out this plan, or we will never break free of this blasted situation…! Despite that, I am surrounded by failures…!!)

I clenched my teeth and stood up.


My pitiful subordinates, shaken by my surge of killing intent, fell down on their asses.

Witnessing a spinelessness unworthy of a swordsman of House Saverne, my anger was fueled even more.

“…of the five assassins sent to get rid of Valon Sphinx, three were killed. While not one of the members of the group sent to kill Dyngir Maxwell even returned. Who is going to take responsibility for this absolute, utter failure?”


“Someone has to. If not, our fallen brethren will never find peace. We will not be able to face their parents, their children, or their ancestors. You understand this much, do you?”

I maintained a calm tone as I expounded to my subordinates the gravity of the situation.

I could see them grow pale: still sitting on their butts, they crawled away from me, towards the walls.

“P-Please give us another chance!! Next time, we will definitely…!!!”

“Praise and punishment must be delivered fairly and equally, or the kingdom will rot. If you are a true swordsman of House Saverne, die with pride!!”


I took one of the swords hanging on the wall and swung it down on the head of one of my useless subordinates. The light of the lamp made the white blade sparkle.

Right before the strike, however, the sword was blocked.


“I believe that would be going too far, Father.”

“…stay out of this, Benamis!”

What saved the head of the useless subordinate from being split open was none other than my own son, Benamis Saverne.

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