BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 14 (WN)

Chapter 14 – Lap Pillow and Salvation

After the first refusal, we sent several other petitions for our troops to be allowed to cross the central province, but the answer was always the same — a firm rejection.

“Days of doing nothing, boredom…I didn’t expect they would be so frustrating.”

I was in the Maxwell residence, lying on a sofa, mumbling to myself.

I had been rather busy the last few months, so being told that I didn’t need to fight left me at a loss.

Days and days of too much time, too much energy, and nothing to do.

“If you really have so much time and energy, why don’t you go to the sanctuary and undergo the purification? It could help relieve your concerns, if at least a little.”

The words came from the “pillow” I was using.

My personal maid and lover, Eliza, was also sitting on the sofa, with my head on her lap. Her plump thighs offered a very pleasant sensation, but it wasn’t enough to dispel my foul mood.

Irritation and frustration swelled in my chest: I felt like I was being burned from the inside.

“…you are worried about the girl that sends you letters, yes?”


I turned around, my head facing the ceiling. I tried to look at Eliza’s face, but her ample bosom obstructed the view. I was left with no choice but to admire that splendid mountain range.

“Naam…I barely met her, and yet…I feel like I can’t ignore her, there’s something about her…”

“You sound just like a brother talking about his little sister. It is quite rare for you to be concerned about a woman that is not a target of your sexual advances, young master.”

“….the way you put it, makes it seem like I’m horny like a rabbit…I’m not in heat the whole year round, all right?”

“Is that so? Aren’t you staring at my chest, at this very moment?”


I turned around again. I was facing Eliza’s stomach now, and pursed my lips in the general direction of her bellybutton, behind her maid outfit.

“Hn…it tickles if you blow air like that…”

“…According to the Fangs of Steel’s report, the western province’s nobles aren’t united at all…so the frontlines are being gradually pushed eastward.”


I kept talking, my face buried in Eliza’s stomach. I had the feeling she tilted her head at me, but I continued thinking out loud, ignoring her ticklish reactions.

“The mercenaries sent by House Thunderbird are earning their pay, but there isn’t enough manpower. At this rate, the creatures will push on with the strength of numbers…all the way to the capital, Thebes.”

“If that happens, the western province…Lady Naam will be in trouble too, won’t she?”

“If the clan head is perceptive enough, he will at least have her take shelter in another town, before it is too late…though the world is not kind to nobles that flee from the land they are supposed to protect.”

Even if the royal family was still unresponsive, they would not overlook nobles that ran away from the domain they were put in charge of.

House Sphinx would surely be punished severely, also counting the fact that they were responsible for the “Terror Armies”’ invasion.

“A noble death on the battlefield, or to be forced to drink poison…I cannot see any other future for Naam.”

“Poor thing…isn’t she just twelve? Is there nothing that can be done?”

“Yeah, I want to do something too…ppphhh!”

“Waah! Y-Young master!?”

I blew again on Eliza’s belly button through her clothes. The unexpected stimulus made my maid’s shoulders jolt, and her abundant chest sway up and down.

I took the opportunity to jump up from the sofa. I walked towards the desk next to the window and opened the first drawer.

There were several envelopes inside, colored in scarlet and indigo, some even with pressed flowers attached.

“People might say this isn’t any of my business…but I feel that I would definitely regret abandoning that girl to her fate. I feel that I would lose something as important as my life.”

“Young master…do you mean that…”


I nodded with conviction, picking up a letter between my index and middle fingers.

“I’m going to go save Naam. I can’t let her die before she knows a man, after all. She won’t die a virgin.”

“…if only you stopped before adding those last words, you would have been so cool and manly…”

Eliza sighed, but looked at me with a warm smile, like a mother watching over her mischievous son.

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