BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 13 (WN)

Chapter 13 – The Maiden’s Letters


Lord Maxwell Dyngir,

I am Naam Sphinx. As you have so kindly allowed, I am writing you a letter.

Please let me apologize for abruptly asking you to start exchanging letters that day. It must have been puzzling for you to receive such a request.

For me, however, it was a very important thing, as there is something I must tell you — and that is what led me to take the pen.

I cannot muster enough courage to write about that matter yet… but for now, let me tell you that I wish we can be on good terms.

I know it must be strange to read such a thing, as we have met only once…

I will write again. I would be very happy if you would send a reply.




Recently, the cactus I planted in the garden has bloomed.

Have you ever heard of the vegetable called “cactus”? It is a species unique to the western regions, with a green trunk and thorns all over it, so it pricks your fingers if you touch it. Its flowers, however, are very beautiful, with bright colors.

This vegetable is strong enough to grow in the desert: my mother, may she rest in peace, always told me that she wanted me to grow up as strong and resilient as the cactus.

I hope I can show you our cactus flowers one day, Lord Dyngir…

Just kidding!

I will write again. 

Autumn is coming soon, so please be careful so you don’t catch a cold.




Lord Dyngir!! I have heard the news about the cancellation of your engagement!

You are not to blame at all, Lord Dyngir! You treated even a child like me with kindness, you sent me a watch for my birthday, you even continued exchanging letters with me like this, so in any case, I’m sure you didn’t do anything wrong!

Please don’t let this bring you down!

I’m sure this all happened because that woman was not fated to be at your side!

There surely is another woman suitable to be with you, and she is very deeply in love with you!

Actually, I too…er, anyway, there is nothing you should be concerned about!

That woman will definitely regret not choosing you!!





I have heard from my brother that the empire attacked the eastern province.

He said that you drove them away…I realized once again what an incredible person you are, Lord Dyngir.

You have not been wounded in battle, have you? Were you hurt anywhere? I sent you some medicinal herbs that can be found in the western province with this letter. Hopefully you will find some use for them…

I know you are very strong, Lord Dyngir, nevertheless I cannot help but worry.

It might be strange for me to think so, as you have defeated someone as strong as my brother, but I always pray for your safety.

I will write again.




Lord Dyngir, your replies have become scarce lately, so I am a bit worried.

Oh, please do not think that I am urging you to write, I am simply wondering if you are in good health…

I’m sorry, I know it might be silly for me to worry about you. Even so, thinking that you might be hurt makes my chest ache.

Please, just let me know that you are safe.

I eagerly await your kind reply.




Lord Dyngir, this might be the last letter I can send you.

The other day, a fortress on the western border fell, and we were informed that my brother fell in battle. I still cannot believe that a strong warrior such as my brother could ever leave us…

Fearsome enemies have crossed the border from the west; the province will soon be engulfed in a terrible conflict.

I do not know if I will be able to survive this battle. I am so much weaker than my brother, after all.

Lord Dyngir, maybe you do not know this, but you have saved my life in the past.

I wanted to thank you properly for that one day, so I wanted to keep our connection alive somehow…that is why I suddenly asked you to exchange letters that day at the arena.

I wished to express my gratitude to you in a more proper way, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough time left…so at least please accept these words.

I am aware it might be wrong for someone belonging to House Sphinx to say such a thing, but please do not send any reinforcements to the west.

I would not be able to endure the fact that our existence became a burden for you.

Lord Dyngir, please think only of the safety of your province.

Wishing you the best,

Naam Sphinx

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