BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 12 (WN)

Chapter 12 – Conspiracies and Regrets

【POV: Jaar Menfis】

In a suite of one of Thebes’ finest hotels, a man was sitting on a gorgeous sofa, cackling his heart out.

“BWAHAHAHAHA! You should have seen the pitiful look on his face!!”


The swine-like man in front of me was literally holding his belly while laughing.

His name was Nahib Massab, head of the viscount house of Massab. For the time being, he was also the lord whom I served.

Nahib, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, swirled the wine glass in his right hand. A wide smile plastered on his hideously inflated face.

“Bwahayahaha!!! Serves that old coyote well! That’s what you get for acting like you own the land, when you’re nothing but an outsider! Oh, I wish I could have shown you the look of frustration on his face, Jaar!!”

“Yes, Milord…”

I politely bowed, yet clenched my lips almost to the point of bleeding.

I am Jaar Menfis. Until a few days ago, I was a military officer in the service of House Sphinx, Margrave of the western province, and also a close retainer of Valon Sphinx.

Valon, however, was not among us anymore…as I killed him with my own hands.

“Bwhehehe…and it is all thanks to you! Thanks to you, finally that annoying pest, that Valon Sphinx is gone!!”

“…I do not deserve such praise, Milord.”

“Your dear mother will surely be overjoyed too! You have done great, my boy!”


I almost raised my voice reflexively, but endured it at the last second. The reason why I now served the swine of a man before me lay with my mother and older sister.

The Menfis clan, where I was born, had served House Sphinx for generations.

The Sphinx clan was once the royal family of a city state located in the Garuda desert, but after the “Terror Armies” brought destruction to their homeland, they migrated over to the Lamperouge Kingdom. At the same time, my ancestors came to this country as well.

At the time, this country was still the “Lamperouge Alliance”: the founding king welcomed the migrant tribes from the west with open arms, accepting them as vassals.

The ancestors of House Sphinx subsequently achieved various military feats, against the Baal Empire forces and “Terror Armies”; the region bordering the western desert was then assigned as their domain.

The rule of House Sphinx, originally an outsider in Lamperouge, was never free from turmoil. The founding king of Lamperouge valued individual ability over bloodlines, so he treated House Sphinx as equals, but the other nobles were not as understanding.

In particular, the nobles who governed the western region before the arrival of the “Terror Armies” did not view House Sphinx favorably; a wide rift formed between the dark-skinned migrants and the pale-skinned natives of west Lamperouge.

The deepest, most hateful example of such hostility was between House Sphinx and House Massab, which used to rule over the territory bordering the desert. The Massab clan showed loyalty on the surface, but plotted time and again the fall of the hated outsiders.

From their standpoint, the Sphinx clan was a bunch of invaders, who brought inhuman creatures alongside them to the Kingdom. And yet, they were recognized by the King and appointed as “Margrave”: the Massab clan was left seething.

(To think that, in order to bring down House Sphinx,  they would plot to let the “Terror Armies” in the Kingdom…though I am guilty as well…)

The man before me took my mother and older sister hostage, and ordered me to assassinate Valon Sphinx — my master.

My parents separated when I was small: my mother took my sister and left the house at the time.

The reason for the separation was my mother, but I was still a child then, so I was not told any details. I only remember how sad I was when my kind mother and sister left.

(I searched for them ever since, to no avail…I never imagined this man could have taken them…)

I had been forced to choose between my master and my family…and ended up choosing the latter. I stabbed the back of the man I served since I was a child, of the man who treated me as a brother. I allowed the “Terror Armies” to invade the western province.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t regret what I did. I had made my choice, however, and there was no turning back anymore.

“At this rate, the “Terror Armies” will bring down House Sphinx in no time! And the seat of Margrave will be mine…! Gwhaha! At long last, the title of Margrave will be in legitimate hands! The prayer our clan has chanted for years, finally fulfilled…!”

“…Milord, if I may…how do you plan to deal with the “Terror Armies”? I believe it is time you let us know…”

“Bah! There is no need for you to know about any of that, boy! Let us just say that…we have quite a valuable ally. Hordes of undead? Pah! They mean nothing before my connections!!”


Nahib seemed perfectly confident. If there was no basis to such confidence, however, the western province would fall, and eventually the whole kingdom might be devoured by the undead…

(That might be the better outcome, though…letting this rotten kingdom meet the fate it deserves…)

I almost let myself go to despair, but shook my head.

I had no other path to follow anymore: I could not look away anymore.

(Mother…sister…I will at least save you two…if it is the last thing I do…!)

I reaffirmed my resolve and bowed to my fool of a master.

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