BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 11 (WN)

Chapter 11 – A Maiden’s Tears, Unanswered

【POV: Naam Sphinx】

My brother, Valon Sphinx, fell in battle.

After learning of this, a black, creeping hole formed in my heart.

Strangely enough, I didn’t feel any sadness.

The reason was simple: who would have ever thought that a strong warrior like my brother would ever be defeated on the battlefield?

My brother had been trained in the art of the sword since he was a child by our father, the Margrave. At fifteen years old, he enrolled in the capital’s noble academy.

At the time, his skill with the sword had already surpassed our father. For me, he was a hero, stronger than anyone else.

I felt the same now as well. I knew only one man alive capable of beating my brother.

Yet, my brother was dead. Murdered.

According to the survivors who returned from Fort Giza, Valon won against a Lord-class undead, but was spent from the battle, and another creature caused him to fall from the fortress’ walls.

With my brother, the commander, gone, control was lost over the troops, and the fortress soon fell.

The “Terror Armies” breached through House Sphinx’ line of defense, putting the whole western province under threat.

Thebes, the capital of the western province.

In a palace located in the center of the largest city of the western province — the margrave’s residence — two men were glaring at each other.

One was my father, the current margrave, Vert Sphinx.

Afflicted for years by a liver disease, father had grown rather lean and sickly. His hair, which was as brightly blonde as my brother’s and mine before, was now a mix of gold and silver patches.

“No reinforcements are available? What is that supposed to mean?”

Father glared at the man sitting before him, his well-kept beard trembling at the sound of his words.

“It means…exactly what it means, o Margrave. We cannot send what does not exist.”

Oblivious of the fury in father’s words, the man innocently tilted his head.

He was a rather opulent, middle-aged man, in stark contrast with my emaciated father.

His name was Nahib Massab, head of a Viscount house ruler of a domain bordering House Sphinx. In other words, a vassal of our house.

Nahib’s massive chin, a clear sign of his lavish lifestyle, trembled and shook as he continued.

“It truly pains us to not be able to assist House Sphinx in such a time of need…but as you surely understand, we must defend our domain first and foremost. The economy is not favorable these days either, you see…”

The man’s barrel-sized stomach surely suggested otherwise. Nahib, however, dramatically held his head, with almost insultingly affected shame.

The act was so evident that father could hardly contain his irritation.

After the fall of Fort Giza, the “Terror Armies” had swarmed inside the domain of House Sphinx.

Behind Fort Giza, there were other forts protecting the second and third lines of defense of the border, but House Sphinx had lost its main forces, so it was now unable to push back the “Terror Armies” on its own. It was thus forced to request other noble houses for help.

The first recipient of such a plea was House Massib, which ruled over the domain to the east of House Sphinx…but their answer was a completely unexpected “no”.

As my brother was pronounced dead, I was now the next heir in line for the title, so I had to be present for the negotiations between the two houses.

Being just 12 years old, I felt completely out of place at such a meeting, but I could not refuse my father’s orders.

Huddled on my seat, intimidated, I looked at the two men as they spoke.

“Do you not understand the situation!? They are advancing to the east, slowly but surely! At this rate, they will swallow the entire eastern province!!”

“Indeed, that is precisely why we are saying that, in order to prepare for such an event, we cannot afford to send troops outside of our borders. Can you understand the situation, Milord?”

Nahib shook his head, a grin plastered on his lips.

“Naturally, we wish with all our hearts that we could stand side by side with our revered Lord in such a crisis…but we must protect ourselves first and foremost. Surely you do not mean to command us to sacrifice ourselves for your sake?”

“Gh…you weasel!!”

Father seethed, a grimace twisting his expression. Nahib looked at his contorted face with pleasure, then pulled out a cigar from his pocket.

He then even lit it and started puffing smoke, an arrogant behavior hardly fitting a vassal.

“We certainly would never hope for House Sphinx to fall, though. Best of luck in battle, Milord!”

Nahib kept grinning as he spoke, then left the residence. As soon as he left, father slumped down, gripping his chest, so I started rubbing his back. 


“Gh…at this rate…House Sphinx will…”

Father looked in terrible pain, yet his words only expressed concern for the future of our House.

(What should I do? Is there anything I can do for House Sphinx…?)

I first thought of my brother, my sister-in-law — his fiancee — and then, my brother’s rival, the man I exchanged letters with.

(Lord Dyngir…what should I do…?)

I held my temples, desperately keeping the tears from gushing out.

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