BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 26 (WN)

Chapter 26 – The Falling Fortress

【POV : Jaar Menfis】

After the fall of the border fort, the “Terror Armies” spread throughout the western province like a wildfire. 

More than half of the Sphinx domain had fallen into the undead’s hands: after Fort Giza, the first and second defense forts had fallen as well.

The only remaining bastion before the capital of Thebes was the third fort.

“This place won’t last much longer either…”

Vert Sphinx, current leader of the clan, spoke with a heavy sigh.

He was on the fortress walls, seated firmly on a wooden crate, peering into the distance.

There were already swarms of undead in every direction. Two weeks had passed since the House Sphinx forces, led by Vert, barricaded themselves in the third fort: the limits of their resistance were steadily approaching.

“I do not have the words to apologize, Milord. For things to turn out like this…”

I kneeled in front of Vert and bowed my head deeply.

“Nothing of this is your fault, Jaar. Raise your head.”


Vert smiled broadly and gave me a pat on the shoulder. However, I did not raise my head.

“The responsibility for the fall of fort Giza lies on my son’s shoulders. You should not feel guilty.”


Vert meant to console me, but to me,  his words were like a knife stabbing into my flesh. They hurt much more than any accusation.

(You are wrong, Milord…you do not know what I did to your son…!)

I wanted to confess everything, then and there. In the end, I managed to keep the words from spilling out of my mouth.

Fort Giza fell because Valon was betrayed, by my own hand.

Because of that, the border defense line was ruptured and the “Terror Armies” could break in. Slowly but surely, the whole western province was falling under the undead’s control.

Thanks to the command of Vert Sphinx, once lauded as equal to the east’s warrior Dietrich Maxwell, this fort was still standing, but it was just a matter of time.



Hearing the hurting voice of my master, I hurriedly raised my head. Before my eyes, Vert was holding his stomach, his expression twisted by pain.

“I…I’m fine…! Do not worry…”


“The end is near anyway. I should have enough time to find myself a proper place to die.”

Vert’s forehead was pearled with sweat, but behind his white beard there was a brave smile.

His expression was as pleasant as in the past: looking at it made me feel all my regrets tear through my chest.

My beloved master had long been ailed with a liver disease: his days on this earth were numbered.

The same could be said for this fortress as well. Without Vert, the third fort would surely fall to the “Terror Armies” in less than a day.

The undead creatures would then rush towards the capital, where Lady Naam and Mist still were.

(Was this really the right choice? To betray my lord, to betray Lord Valon, and indirectly send Lady Naam and Mist to their deaths?)

I had asked myself the same question multiple times in the past weeks. Though the time to answer such a question was long past.

(There is no turning back anymore. I have decided to throw away everything I’ve built, to turn my back to those who believed in me, in order to save my mother and sister.)

I stabbed the heart of the man who loved me like a brother — everything was decided on that moment.

Once a boulder starts rolling down the mountain, there is no way to stop. It will continue rolling until it reaches the bottom.

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