BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 27 (WN)

Chapter 27 – The Second Betrayal

【POV: Jaar Menfis】


Outside the fortress, rows upon rows of undead swarmed the walls, trying to climb. The House Sphinx soldiers were beating them back down, but the inhuman creatures continued to climb relentlessly, without a moment of rest.

In the past few days, the soldiers’ morale had visibly dropped. They had already realized that the fortress would not last for much longer.

Vert, gazing with admiration at the soldiers’ desperate efforts, slapped his knee.

“Very well…after a brief rest, it will be time for our final battle! We shall open the gates and all remaining soldiers will join the fray!”

“Yes Sir…I will be at your side.”

“Well said! On their way to hell they will learn that House Sphinx never surrenders!”


(Unfortunately, I cannot do that, Milord…)

I desperately tried to maintain a calm expression, as I clenched my fists.

I had hidden a dagger in my clothes. The same one that stabbed Valon Sphinx.

My employer, Nahib Massab — who was holding my mother and sister hostages — had given me one order: to ensure that Vert Sphinx died in the same way as Valon.

(That spiteful wretch would not even allow them to die an honorable death on the battlefield. To even request that they both die the same way…he truly wishes to humiliate them to the very end.)

I felt a burst of hate swelling within me at the thought of the two lords I so loved and respected being subjected to such degradation, even after death.

I had no right to cast judgment over such an act, however.

I could only obey that man’s orders. If I rebelled now, I would lose my mother and sister, and Valon would have died in vain as well.

(I beg you, Milord…forgive my foolishness….!)

“I suppose it is time to go down and prepare for the charge…ouch! Aah, to grow old is such vexation!”

Before my eyes, Vert rose from the wooden crate he was sitting on and started walking on the fortress walls, his hands on his hips.

While looking at his back, I gripped the handle of my hidden dagger.

Slowly, without a sound, I approached his back — grown so lean and weak in the last few years — and raised my dagger.

“Hmm…? What is that?”

The suspicious tone in my Lord’s voice, however, stopped me in the act.

“W-What the!?”

I followed his gaze and my eyes opened wide in surprise.


The war cry did not belong to the undead hordes, but humans.

A bizarre group appeared in the distance, heading straight towards this fortress.

The most peculiar trait was their appearance.

Some wore armor, others animal pelts like the ones hunters wore; some even wore just linen clothing and had pots as helmets.

Such a motley crew was definitely not a proper army. They could be called civilian soldiers…but the title of “ruffians” definitely fit them better.

“All right!! Keep going forward!!!”

At the head of the bizarre bunch was a young man riding a black horse.

His black mantle flapping in the wind, the young man was brandishing a sword — black as well — and rallied the troops, with nothing but excitement in his voice.

“…what the…what is the Maxwell boy doing here…?”

“What…? Maxwell…?”

Upon hearing the words Vert whispered, I ended up dropping the dagger I had in my hands.

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