BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 35 (WN)

Chapter 35 – The (Sister) Spy Scolds

Not to toot my own horn, but I could say with confidence that the “Fangs of Steel”, the covert intelligence operations organization at my command, was rather excellent.

Their level of prowess was top class, if not the top, not only in the whole Kingdom of Lamperouge, but possibly the entire continent.

I was thus very surprised to learn that there was someone capable of avoiding being tracked by such spies, whose skills belonged more to the realm of fantasy than reality.

“According to the subordinate I assigned to the task, that man — well, to be precise, we don’t know their gender yet — that person wore a black hood that fully concealed their face, and disappeared in thin air after entering a back alley.”

“They disappeared…?”

“Just as if they melted into the darkness…or at least that’s what the subordinate said.”

I crossed my arms, leaned against the wall behind me and reflected.

(They disappeared… So they either ran away at a speed that even a “Fangs of Steel” member cannot track, or they used a Magic Tool to literally vanish. Something like teleportation, or they completely changed their appearance?)

“In conclusion…we have no definite proof that Viscount Massab is involved in some conspiracy.”

“I am ashamed to say that is the case.”

“That’s fine. I knew it wasn’t going to end so easily.”

That instant, I heard the sound of teacups being placed on the table. One before me, another before Oboro. Milk was then poured into them, adding a white tint to the tea.

“Something sweet to aid your thinking, Milord. Please have some milk tea.”

“Thanks, Sakuya.”

The tea was served by Sakuya, my personal maid, who had joined us a few days ago. She was Oboro’s younger sister, and a member of the “Fangs of Steel” like him.

I took a sip of the sweet tea and sighed.

“Hmm, delicious. You have really improved.”

“Yes, thanks to Eliza’s teachings.”

When we first met, the only thing Sakuya had ever concocted was poison; nowadays, she had grown into a fine maid, capable of brewing tea perfectly matching my tastes.

I enjoyed the tea while contemplating her growth, my cheeks growing mellower as I relaxed.

“Mmh…! My tea does not contain any milk! Sakuya, pour some for me too!”

Oboro glared at his teacup and frowned.

“I suppose I must. Here you are.”

“My thanks!”

Sakuya poured the white liquid and Oboro giddily took the teacup in his hands.

He took a long sip of the steaming drink — then promptly spat it all out.


“Whoa, what the hell did you do that for!?”

I quickly got out of the way of Oboro’s spray. After spitting out the drink, Oboro crumbled on the floor, twitching and shaking.

“Y-Young master…! It’s poison…!”

“Do not fret, brother. I only poured it in your tea.”


Looking down at her brother, Sakuya continued, a chilling tone in her voice.

“You have failed to carry out Lord Dyngir’s orders, and still have the gall to leisurely drink tea here? Should you not be making preparations to make up for your failure instead? With a finger or two?”

“I wasn’t the one to lose sight of the target…!”

“As the leader, responsibility is yours to take. Make more excuses, and I’ll crush you personally.”

“Crush?? Crush what…!?”

Sakuya’s shoe started grinding against her brother’s forehead. Still paralyzed by the poison, Oboro could do nothing to defend himself against this display of domestic violence.

“Hmm, this tea is really good.”

I pretended not to see this quarrel between siblings and leisurely enjoyed the rest of my tea.

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