BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 6 (WN)

Chapter 6 – Messenger in Mourning

“It truly has been a long time, Miss Cairo. Or should I address you as Lady Sphinx?”

“The marriage has not been formalized yet, so Cairo will be fine.”

Mist politely bowed and replied to my question.

I had last met her two years ago: she had come to the capital to cheer for Valon at the royal martial tournament.

I observed the outfit Mist was wearing. It was a jet-black dress, covering up her sleeves and ankles. She also wore a half-transparent black veil on her head, hiding most of her face.

It was certainly not a suitable kind of clothing for a subtropical town such as the southern province’s capital; just looking at it would make one feel hot and stuffed.

(It can’t be that…she’s in mourning…?)

I felt a chill run down my spine. I had heard that the western border fortress had fallen and Valon was missing.

“Lady Cairo, could your dress mean that…?”

Echidna was apparently wondering about the same thing, and phrased an awkward question.

Behind the black veil, Mist looked down, her lips slightly trembling.

“It is as you imagine. In the western fortress, my fiance, Valon…”

“No way…it can’t be.”

I clenched my teeth.

I faced Valon several times, in sparring matches at the academy and martial tournaments. He tended to be emotional and narrow-minded in terms of personality, but his sword arm had a sturdy defense that I lacked. I just couldn’t believe that he could have fallen so easily.

“One of his subordinates witnessed Valon’s death. He fell admirably, after a long and grueling battle….”


I frowned. I wanted to say something to object, but couldn’t find the right words and looked away.

Mist surely couldn’t accept Valon’s death, much more than me. If she confirmed that he was dead, it had to be true.

“…I offer my utmost respects to the bravery of a noble warrior.”

“Thank you very much. I am sure Valon would appreciate it as well.”

I remembered Mist as a bright, energetic person; yet, all her words and expressions now were tinged in sadness.

“Valon regarded you as his rival, Lord Maxwell. He always said he was going to best you one day.”

“Valon has won already…and we will not be able to duel anymore.”

I looked up at the ceiling and exhaled softly.

Looking at me and Mist both falling silent, Echidna interjected, with some hesitation.

“Well…shall we move on to the main topic? Lady Cairo, may you please explain the reason behind your visit today?”

“Certainly…first, I wish to explain about the current state of House Sphinx. At present, the western province is on the brink of ruin.”

 Mist looked at Echidna, a serious expression on her face.

“After the fall of the border fortress, the “Terror Armies” invaded our domain. They scattered along the western border, attacking every village and town they found. The knights and vassals of House Sphinx are engaging them, but the enemy’s numbers are too large to be able to put up a proper defense.”

“Who is in charge of the defense? If Valon is gone…”

“The current Margrave, Valon’s father.”

Margrave Sphinx, who was from the same generation as my old man, was well known for his achievements on the battlefield.

“I heard that the Margrave was confined to his sickbed, though…”

“Yes…despite his disease, he has been fighting for the sake of the western province.”

“I see…what admirable resolve.”

“Thus, I suppose you came here to…”

Mist nodded to Echidna’s words.

“Yes, I have come to petition House Thunderbird for reinforcements. I beg of you, please lend your strength to the western province.”

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