BBYW Vol. 4 Chapter 7 (WN)

Chapter 7 – Conclusion of the Meeting

Mist’s requests were pretty much within expectations.

Reinforcements to deal with the threat of the “Terror Armies” that crossed the border. In return, finances and treasures, as well as priority treatment for the southern province in its transactions with the west.

“If possible…I would hope for the aid of House Maxwell as well…”

“Well…House Maxwell wouldn’t want to abandon House Sphinx in a time of crisis, but…”

In case the “Terror Armies” are not successfully contained, the undead creatures will spread throughout the country in the blink of an eye.

If that happens, they will become unstoppable. It will be our downfall if we treat them as someone else’s problem.

“House Maxwell’s domain is exactly opposite the western province. It’s not an easy decision for us  to send reinforcements. By the way, have you sent a request for reinforcements to House Utgard as well?”

“Yes, messengers have been sent to both Houses already. Though, my father-in-law is of the opinion that we can’t expect aid from either…”

Behind her veil, Mist closed her eyes, melancholic. I had the same opinion, though.

The former king was confined to his sickbed, the newly crowned king was still young. The house of Duke Rosais supported him, but it was doubtful whether they had recovered enough power and authority to send troops to a border province.

As for House Utgard — their domain was, for the most part, a cold mountainous region. Their brave warriors might be almost invincible in terms of mountain warfare, but in a sweltering desert, they probably couldn’t show their true strength.

To cheer up the sullen Mist, Echidna smiled brightly.

“In other words, only our House can send proper reinforcements, right? There’s nothing to fear, then. The southern province has plenty of mercenaries, so as long as we get paid, we can send as many troops as you want.”

“I see…that is very reassuring.”

“I plan to return to House Maxwell soon too. I’ll ask the old man about reinforcements then. It all depends if the royal palace allows us to go through their domain, though.”

“To pass through our southern province…would be too much of a detour, I suppose.”

“It would mean using up too much time and energy. It’s not a matter of money, that’s what makes it difficult.”

The eastern and southern provinces were separated by a steep mountain range. Small groups could use the mountain paths to cross over, but were not suitable to move a large army.

Unless the royal palace allowed us to cross the central province, House Maxwell could not be expected to send reinforcements.

“It depends on how much effort Duke Rosais puts in the matter…well, I’ll do what I can too, so wait…but don’t expect too much.”

“I will…oh, now that I remember, I had something for you, Lord Dyngir.”

Mist quietly, then gave me a letter.

I looked at the envelope: the back was signed with the name “Naam Sphinx”.

“Oh, Naam. It’s been a while.”

“It appears she sent several letters during your absence. She hasn’t received a reply for months, so she was quite sulking.”

“Hmm, that was inconsiderate of me. If you could put in a word of apology on my behalf…”

“Please do it directly, at least via letter. She’ll be much happier.”


I had no idea why she was so attached to me, to be honest. Puzzled, I put the envelope in my pocket.

“I’ll excuse myself now, then. My prayers for the victory of House Sphinx.”

“Yes, thank you very much. Even without reinforcements, I would be happy if you just came to see Naam soon.”

I politely bowed and left the Thunderbird residence, heading back to the inn where Sakuya was waiting.

I had ordered her to prepare our luggage earlier, so we were ready to leave. Before the sun set, we were on our way back to the Maxwell province.

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