DAR Vol. 2 Kristoff Report 3(WN)

Kristoff Report 3 (Summary of the first half of volume 2)

This is a record of Kristoff’s recollections.

*This is a summary of the story from Kristoff’s point of view. As such, its focus might not be the main story and could include episodes not featured in the main story. It also does not include information Kristoff could not know at that point of the story.

* [Idiot] [Dumb leader] [Leader] all refer to Dietrich.

X Month X Day

In the Aldon forest, after being chased by a horde of Silver Golems, we were saved by Crack of Dawn’s servant beasts, two magic wolves, and could finally catch a breath.

One of us, however, collapsed on the ground, suffering severe pain.

Our dumb leader.

The dumb leader had been attacked by the magic wolves.

It wasn’t a serious attack, more like a prank: they were jealous of the dumb leader hugging Roa.

Roa gave the wolves some water to drink, while admonishing them about not bullying those weaker than them.

…don’t just flat out call our leader weak like that…seeing how the magic wolf twins defeated those golems, I can tell they’re definitely stronger, but…it’s pretty cruel to say that in front of him.

Our dumb leader has a glass heart, you know?

Look at how he’s sulking.

Besides, our leader hasn’t still shown his true strength to Roa. He was fighting while saving his energy, since he believed that we would have to return through the forest.

When he goes all out our leader is something else, you know. So don’t just put him down like that.

The magic wolves, on the other hand, didn’t spare a glance at the leader as they were fully immersed in cuddling with Roa. Then, after Roa mumbled something, they started gathering materials in the surroundings.

Were all magic wolves like that?

They aren’t supposed to have the intellect to understand human speech. But these two are smart enough to decide to gather ingredients on their own!

Add their fighting prowess and you get two creatures well beyond the scope of normal magic wolves.

Magic wolves, as we know them, shouldn’t be strong enough to defeat golems. These two are too strong, and they can even use magic. Nothing makes sense here.

Only advanced magic wolves, like Fenrirs for example, are supposed to be able to use magic.

I couldn’t reach a reasonable conclusion no matter how much I thought, so I just chalked it up to “They’re the servant beasts Roa took care of, so it can’t be helped”. That was the most convincing explanation.

Anyway, that wasn’t our most pressing concern at the time.

We had other things to think about.

“So, what are we going to do now?”

I pretended not to see the magic wolves or our leader groveling in pain and consulted the others about our next move.


We quickly decided to leave the forest, but couldn’t leave right away.

The cause for the delay was Bernhart losing control.

Bernhart is a fanatic for all things magic related. He’s pretty much beyond saving.

He’s usually quiet and doesn’t let his emotions show, but when it comes to magic, he changes completely.

He’s got handsome looks and is cool and composed without being haughty, so he’s rather popular with the ladies, but most of them become disappointed and vanish as soon as they see his “other” self. The only one I remember not changing was Cornelia.

That’s the reason why he was assigned to our party, despite his rather high capabilities.

While Bernhart was spinning out of control, I talked with Roa about my detection magic.

There were a few kinds of detection and detection magic, but they mostly consisted of spreading magic power to scan the surroundings.

With enough magic power, it would be like pouring water out of a faucet.

Someone knowledgeable in magic like Bernhart could use proper spell formulae to cast wind or lightning to scan an area.

I don’t have much magic power, though, so the most I can do is to spread it around like a ripple.

When I said this, Roa looked at me with sparkles in his eyes.

Regardless of the magic’s difficulty level, when Roa heard something he didn’t know he always looked like that.

He was too pure. For a dirty adult like me, those eyes made things awkward.


Eventually, the golems attacked again.

The worst thing that could happen. Besides, it was a Mithril Golem this time. A huge one.

Not even the magic wolves could put a dent in it.

We were all prepared for the worst.

And that’s when that nasty gryphon showed up.

The gryphon’s personality was all kinds of nasty.

Only Bernhart could ever praise it. We were saved, that’s true, but I just can’t like it.

To pretend we are in good terms, however, is probably the best strategy for now.

…or so I was thinking, but our dumb leader went and picked a fight with it!

It even looked like they were fighting over Roa.

Roa was holding the gryphon down, so there was no danger of being killed, but, before I realized it, our party’s new objective was to fight and defeat the Mithril Golem.

Our dumb leader is truly dumb.

He’s attached to whom he sees as “companions” to the point of absurdity.

I appreciate how he always tries to protect them. I think it’s a great quality. He’s saved my life plenty of times already. I am sure that he would never betray us.

I sure hope he’d pick the right timing to talk, though.

Then Bernhart jumped in and the gryphon was going to train us? Why did it happen again?

Right after that, we all lost consciousness.

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