DAR Vol. 2 Kristoff Report 4(WN)

Kristoff Report 4 (Summary of the second half of volume 2)

This is a record of Kristoff’s recollections.

*This is a summary of the story from Kristoff’s point of view. As such, its focus might not be the main story and could include episodes not featured in the main story. It also does not include information Kristoff could not know at the point of the story.

* [Idiot] [Dumb leader] [Leader] all refer to Dietrich.

X Month X Day

When I woke up, I saw Cornelia and Bernhart, wrapped in a tight embrace.

They weren’t flirting in public, however: it was special training as instructed by the gryphon.

Roa was concocting magic potions and making soup at the same time. Always handy, that guy.

Crafting magic potions requires immense concentration, so doing it while also doing something else is impossible. Impossible, I repeated to myself as I stared. Roa noticed and casually called me.

We were in a magic beast forest and were almost killed by golems, but Roa was as calm as it gets.

Probably because the magic wolves and the gryphon were around.

Being together with the servant beasts was Roa’s natural state, I guess.

After eating a masterpiece of soup, I was forced to train too.

If a nasty gryphon stares you down and orders you to do something, there’s no way to refuse…

How can Roa talk normally with a monster like that? He even tied it around his pinky finger and all…

The reason why we lost consciousness was that the gryphon used a technique to force open more magic power absorption pores on our bodies.

I used my techniques on you, so you better offer proper gratitude, demanded the gryphon.

I got knocked out immediately so I don’t remember well, but it hurt like hell.

Even if it meant that our magic power increased, to inflict pain strong enough to knock people out just like that…that gryphon was nasty indeed.

The leader was still out cold because the gryphon gave him even more pain than us, that’s for sure.

Our leader has a high pain threshold and lots of stamina too.

Usually he’d stand back up right after being knocked down. Stand up to protect us.

The gryphon definitely gave him “special treatment” out of spite.

In the end, thanks to this training, we were able to defeat the Mithril Golem.

More than the training or the battle against the golem, however, what followed was true hell.

Roa…that guy is just crazy.

How can you do something insane like that?

How can you have enough energy left to run around the forest and collect golem materials?

I just can’t understand you.

We are supposed to be extensively trained, and yet…

Afterwards, we finally managed to exit the forest.

The adventurers waiting outside the forest saw how exhausted we were and treated us rather kindly.

We probably let our guard down, thinking everything was finally over. We ended up sleeping with the gryphon as a cushion…thinking back, it was nothing short of reckless.

X Month X Day

There was still a golem left.

How much did they multiply anyway!?!?!? I couldn’t help but grumble.

Incidentally, the nasty gryphon made a fool out of me in order to say this to the people who were with us at the time…but let me leave that aside.

I guess it felt like bullying me a bit?

The golem that was pursuing our party — more specifically, pursuing the gryphon — wasn’t even a golem anymore.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s the truth.

Golems are alchemic beings, created using magic beasts as base.

It wasn’t too strange for a golem to change its appearance. Or so I chose to think.

We were looking at the magic beast from a plateau, far away from the battlefield.

The gryphon removed us from the fight and ordered us to take shelter.

We’d just get in the way of the battle, apparently.

When we saw what exactly the golem had turned into, we understood that we wouldn’t have stood a chance.

That wasn’t something any human being could handle…

We would have been dead weight, that’s for sure.

“I can’t believe my eyes…”

I don’t remember who said it, but we were all thinking the same thing.

A size as huge as a mountain.

Physical attacks barely affected it either. We didn’t have any way of defending ourselves, let alone fighting it.

But the two magic wolves, the gryphon and Roa defeated it.

The magic that served as the finishing blow…

It was surely cast by the gryphon.

A massive tornado, spanning several kilometers.

I don’t know the details, but it was much more dangerous than a normal tornado.

It could have wiped a small city off the map in seconds.

The nasty gryphon could use a superhuman spell like that. It was enough to feel very concerned.

If anything happened to Roa, that gryphon would kill people without a second thought.

It could destroy whole towns, even whole countries.

Even if Roa forbade it to, it could act without his knowledge.

It’s too dangerous…

I realized again what a threat that gryphon was.

Roa was keeping it in check for now, but who knows what will happen in the future.

…which means….

I realized something utterly awful.

I’ll be put in charge of monitoring them, won’t I? That nasty gryphon and Roa? Seriously?

If I sent a full report to the country, they will grasp how much of a potential threat the gryphon is.

And they will definitely have me act as their monitor.

I’d want them to send more people, but at the moment only we were close enough to Roa to keep an eye on him.

And the other members aren’t suited to undercover work like this.

Give me a break, I already have my hands full with keeping the dumb leader in check…I can’t do it.

Besides, the gryphon and Roa are insane in all sorts of ways.

How many bombs have they dropped on us in just a few days?

More than anything, we owe Roa a considerable lot. I don’t want to monitor him…and if the gryphon ever finds out…I don’t want to think about it.

That very instant, I decided to fill my report with lies.

But it was a report the queen will read…

If I didn’t write it cunningly enough, she’ll find out.

No doubt about it.

…should I write only the truth, and skip the risky parts?

…damn, my stomach started hurting…

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