DAR Vol. 3 Special Short Story

Special Short Story – Dietrich & Crispies

This story happened soon after Roa bought his house…

Roa and his servant beasts were eating dinner, Aurochs steak. Roa usually ate in the cafeteria with other Coralde Company employees, but he felt like eating a lot of meat that night, so he ate together with the meat-loving servant beasts.

<….here he comes again…>

Grandpa Gry muttered under its breath. Roa laughed wryly and continued eating, the twins just raised their ears. Soon enough, the door was loudly opened.

“Hey there!”

The “guest” who entered without even knocking was Dietrich. He visited Roa’s house pretty much every day.

“What, you’re eating? Nothing for me?”

Even if Roa knew that he visited often, to come uninvited and demand to be fed was terrible even by his standards. Roa, however, just laughed wryly. 

For him, Dietrich was a friend that he couldn’t hate, no matter how many problems he created. He was like a big brother completely incapable of taking care of himself. He wouldn’t forgive everything, but was pretty accommodating to Dietrich.

Normally, any disrespect to Roa would be punished by the servant beasts, but they were currently too focused on the meat before them, so they just glared at him a bit.

Roa then asked Dietrich a question.

“Well, is it fine if it’s not the same dish?”


“Then I have something nice for you!”

Roa then took out a deep dish filled to the brim with small brown cookies.

“I made a prototype of portable food.”

Dietrich stared hard at the food he had never seen before and Roa handed him a spoon. Dietrich was a bit unsure, but finally made his resolve and took the first spoonful. Grandpa Gry and the twins looked at him with utter disgust.

“…hmm….pretty good!”

Dietrich seemed to enjoy the flavor: he started to eat with more and more gusto. Roa looked at him, very satisfied.

The recipe’s name was “Roa’s Special Servant Beast Dried Feed”, or New Crispies. The servant beasts absolutely abhorred the standard Adventurers’ Guild Crispies, so Roa tried to create an improved version.

The servant beasts, however, must have been traumatized by the old ones: they didn’t even try to sniff Roa’s prototype. He had to find someone else to test them.

They were fine for human consumption, but they were still servant beast feed. The three magic beasts looked coldly at Dietrich eating them so happily. In their minds, Dietrich’s evaluation decreased even further…

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