NBAA Vol. 3 Short Story

Digital Version SS – Let’s Grow Medicinal Herbs

“Hahh… Growing medicinal herbs is surprisingly tricky.”



Reito was deep in thought in front of the flowerbed of his home. The White Wolf Ullr and the slime on his head, Suramin, looked at Reito’s facial expression.

Reito had been growing medicinal herbs for a while. But he hadn’t been able to grow them successfully even though he carefully applied water and fertilizer.

“The leaves are smaller than the herbs that grow in nature… I figured since I knew the ‘Cultivation’ skill, it would be easy to grow them and make a profit.”

Ullr whimpered and put his front paws on Reito’s shoulders. Ullr’s facial expression showed a kind of sympathy as if to say, “There is no way he would be able to make money so easily.”

Suramin looked at the flowerbed and shook as if trying to say something.


“What’s wrong, Suramin? Do you want water?”


Reito inferred the meaning and gave her some water. Suramin absorbed the water and got bigger.

When Suramin drank all the water in the watering can, she became 1.5 times her normal size.

Suramin puffed her cheeks out and faced the flowerbed.


“Suramin, are you okay? Did you drink too mu-, wah!?”


Suramin sprayed water out over the garden.

The herbs that received Suramin’s water suddenly grew larger. They were sparkling compared with before and had grown a whole size larger.

After finishing spitting out water, Suramin deflated like a balloon.

Reito and Ullr could not comprehend what had just happened and stood there dumbfounded. Suramin cozied up to Reito’s leg as if to say, “Praise me.”


“Suramin… What did you just do?”

Ullr whimpered.

Reito picked up Suramin and looked at the flowerbed with its herbs.

Suddenly, the herbs that wouldn’t grow despite all the water he gave and all the fertilizer he put in had grown beautifully.

Reito folded his arms and contemplated before telling Suramin, “I have something I’d like you to do… Can you help me?”



After that incident, Reito stopped using a watering can. Instead, he used Suramin.

He would collect water in a washbasin and put Suramin in it.


Suramin looked pleased to be in the washbasin.

“Good girl. All right, that should be enough. Are you ready?”


Reito paused for a moment, checking if she had the right volume before taking her out and facing her toward the garden.

“All right, change form!!”


Suramin changed into a watering can.

Water was poured from the watering can that Suramin had become.

“There we go! Keep it up, Suramin! Today we are tending to the fruits! That’s your favorite, isn’t it?”


“Woof…” Ullr was dumbfounded by the strange sight.

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