NBAA Vol. 3 Chapter 4 Part 5

Reito finished his final training with Daia and returned to the first-floor bar. His friends ran over. They were worried about him. The first to run over was Kotomin with Suramin on her shoulder.

“Welcome back!!”


“Are you okay?”

“Mr. Gigan and Ms. Bal came by…”

“I know. I ran into them.”

Reito explained what had happened to Kotomin and the others who seemed nervous.

He noticed that Erina wasn’t there.

“Huh? Where is Erina?”

“She’s outside with Ullr right now. Some other elves came, and they were talking about something.”

“Hey, I’m back!! Oh, I see you’re back and doing well, Reito.”

“Welcome back. What happened?”

“Nothing really. I received a report that a good spot to detain Mr. Raikofu, or should I say, Raikofu was found.”

“Really… Where are the other elves?”

“They already left. They asked me to give this to you.”

Erina offered a crystal bottle with a sparkling white elixir inside of it. Reito was confused but accepted it.

Dain was surprised, “Is that by chance, holy water!?”

“Holy water?”

“It’s a recovery medicine produced by the Healing Center!! It’s a scarce and expensive product, so it’s difficult to get a hold of.”

“Wow… I’m really grateful.”


Reito used his storage magic to put away the holy water. The part of Suramin on Kotomin’s shoulder reacted, stretching out like a human arm to reach for Reito.

Kotomin sensed what she wanted and put her on Reito’s shoulder.

“Reito, Suramin wants that medicine.”

“Wants? Like, to drink it?”

“I’ve heard that slimes love recovery medicine. It’s their favorite food,” Kotomin said.

“You aren’t planning to give this most precious of medicines to the slime, are you?” Dain chimed in.

“You really are generous,” Erina added.

“I said nothing of the sort, but… ah! It’s on my shoulder.”

Suramin moved from Kotomin to Reito’s shoulder and begged him to give it some recovery medicine.

Suramin rubbed itself on Reito’s cheek. Reito caved and opened the bottle of elixir, letting him have some.

“I’m too soft. But just a sip, okay?”


“She’s shaking a lot!”

He put the crystal bottle in Suramin’s mouth and gave it half of the elixir before pulling out. Suramin’s body changed from a light pale color to a nearly white one. She went back to Kotomin’s shoulder.


“Marry me, Reito.”


“She’s saying she wants to marry you…”

“Oh, that’s what you meant… I was surprised.”

Reito was surprised at Kotomin’s misleading statement.

He closed the holy water bottle and put it away in another dimension using his storage magic. He decided to talk about what happened in the reception room to everyone.

“You’re the Hailstorm Guildmaster’s… Nephew!?”

“Dain, shut up!!”

“Sorry… But, are you serious?”

“I’m astonished… I never would have thought you were Maria’s nephew.”

“So, that woman was your… aunt?

“That’s crazy!! Isn’t she really famous!!” Dain blurted out.

“You’re being too loud! I don’t really want anyone to know about this.”

His friends were surprised that he was Maria’s nephew. It would cause trouble if it was known that he was Maria’s nephew, so he put them under strict orders not to tell anyone else.

“Reito, are you going to join her guild?”

“No, I’m a Black Tiger adventurer. Just because my aunt is working there doesn’t mean I’m going to change.”

“What a shame. If you’re her nephew, wouldn’t she give you some kind of special treatment?”

“I’m not sure… But, she was a lot nicer to me than when I first met her.”

The first time they crossed paths, Maria thought nothing more about Reito than the fact that he was a fascinating adventurer. After learning he was her sister’s son, she seemed to feel a lot of sympathy for him and started acting nice.

Reito felt like he had run into his mother for the first time in a while. Their outward appearance was similar, but their personalities differed significantly. Yet despite that, there were times where Reito felt like he was talking to Aira.

『Sorry to interrupt your lighthearted conversations with your friends, but isn’t about time you learned Lightning Class Magic?』

“Ah, I forgot.”

“What’s wrong, Reito?”


Reito remembered his goal because of Airis.

He had totally forgotten that she advised him to learn Lightning Class Magic. As a Support Magician, the only magic he could remember was either auxiliary or beginner’s magic, so he asked the friends standing in front of him.

“Does anyone here know any beginner-level Lightning Class Magic?”

“Lightning class? I don’t know any,” Erina said.

“I can only use Photosphere,” replied Gonzo.

“My race can’t remember that class of magic. I don’t like the buzz,” Kotomin said.


“Suramin also can’t help you,” Kotomin said.

“You didn’t have to tell me. I already knew that!” Reito jeered.

“Hehehe, my time has come.”

“I guess I should just give up,” Reito said, intentionally ignoring Dain.

“Why! I’m telling you I know how to use Lightning Class magic!”

Dain bragged that in addition to shadow magic, dark magicians can also use rudimentary versions of any class of magic.

Airis explained, 『Just like Support Magicians can only use auxiliary magic, Dark Magicians can only use Shadow Magic. However, everybody can use rudimentary versions of all kinds of magic. That goes for Dain as well. Of course, race also plays a factor. Some people like Kotomin will have poor compatibility with certain types of magic.』

She ended communications before Reito asked Dain a favor.

“I see. In that case, Dain, could you show me your abilities? I should be able to learn them too if you do.”

“Learn? I know it’s called beginner’s magic, but it’s not that easy to learn.”

“Just hurry up and use it.”

“Uh, okay. Look! Here is my power!!” Dain shouted and stuck out his right hand.

He held his right hand with his left hand and focused his concentration on it.

Sweat poured out of his body.

Everybody held their breath… Reito had a bad feeling of what was about to happen based on his memory of when Aria first showed him beginner magic.

“Electric Shock!!”

“Waaah” everyone screamed.

A current of electricity came surging out of his hand for a split second.

Everyone had screamed, but the current was gone in a flash.

Dain fell on his knees, breathing roughly as he looked at Reito, giving him a tense smile.

“This is the beginner’s magic called ‘Electric Shock.’ It’s pretty awesome, right? Even using it just a little bit really does me in.”

“Yes… It’s incredible in a certain sense,” Kotomin replied.

“It’s kind of lackluster…” chimed in Erina.

“Is that magic… or just static electricity?” Kotomin said.

“It’s cool that you can use lightning magic!” Gonzo enthused.

Erina and Kotomin were not impressed by Dain’s beginner magic. Gonzo, however, was nodding his head in admiration.

Reito dissected the magic and put his hands together in concentration, mimicking Dain.

“Like this… ‘Electric Shock.'”


Reito put his hands together and used the same “Electric Shock” attack that Dain had just used.

A current of electricity came from Reito’s right hand.

It was incredible that Reito acquired a new kind of magic after looking at it once. Still, the power emanating from the magic was even more remarkable. He was not just maintaining the current but freely moving his hand.

“Huh… This seems really convenient. I bet I could use it for massages.”

“Hey, hey, hey! How did you pick that up so fast? Did you really just learn that right now?”

“Why are you so surprised? Beginner’s magic is also called daily-life magic. Anybody can use it…”

Reito was puzzled by Dain’s reaction before Airis explained.

『It’s true that even ordinary people can remember beginner:s magic. But, there is nobody who can learn it by looking at it once like you.』

Regardless of how “beginner” the magic is, ordinary people require training to use it. He was able to learn magic so quickly because he had elf-blood inside him. Elves are adept at learning. Reito himself was not aware of this.


< Beginner’s Magic “Electric Shock” Acquired>


“It looks like you’ve got it down. But, unfortunately, you are just letting an electric current stream from your body. You can’t shoot it out like a lightning bolt,” Dain commented.

『To put it simply, you can use the electricity flowing from your body like a stun-gun. I know you’ve just learned it, but please master this new ability entirely. We want to bring it up to max dexterity immediately.』

Airis’s instructions to master the skill at once circulated through Reito’s brain. Reito would need to learn “Electric Shock” before the Necromancer-controlled Rotten Dragon came to town.


『What am I? A cocktail or something? What do you want?』

『It’s fine that I’ve learned Electric Shock, but why do I need to master it so soon? Are you planning to have me use the holy sword? I won’t be able to at my level.』

『 That’s true. Even if the holy sword was repaired to perfect condition, you wouldn’t be able to use it.』

Caledfwlch was being repaired by one of Bal’s dwarf acquaintances. Even if it was fully restored, the level restrictions would still be in place.

The Holy Sword’s true power could not be wielded by people below level 70, and Reito was currently only at level 48.

『To use a sword that I don’t have the proper level for, why do I need to learn lightning magic?』

『To put it simply, you need to get stronger. If you master this ability, your power will be significantly increased. Even if you can’t use the holy sword, you’ll need to use this skill in your battle with the Rotten Dragon.』


『The Rotten Dragon has caused many undead creatures to spawn in the field where it was born. They are Monster Zombies.』


『The miasma emanated from the Rotten Dragon can bring the cadavers of monsters back to life. The necromancer is trying to make an army of the undead. When she attacks the city, you will not only have to fight the Rotten Dragon but also an army of the undead.』

『Why didn’t you tell me sooner!!』

『Sorry about that. This necromancer seems to have quite the circle of acquaintances. It has been drawing in other necromancers to help in the fight. The Rotten Dragon and undead are hiding out in a spot untouched by sunlight.』

Reito was worried about what Airis was saying. She was expecting a Rotten Dragon and undead attack on Adventure City in the coming days. Reito was going to need to get stronger. Electric Shock is one of the rare Beginner’s Magic with a special ability. Furthermore, it’s a magic that was strongly compatible with Reito innately.

『So, you’re going to need to get stronger before the arrival of the Rotten Dragon and the undead. Let’s go fight some monsters to increase your level.』

『But Adventure City’s been barricaded.』

『Don’t worry about it. We can use the monsters gathered here for the hunting festival. The festival has been canceled, so we ought to buy a monster off of the monster tamers that we can use to level up.』

『Hunting festival…』

There were many professional monster tamers gathered in Adventure City for the hunting festival. There were big powerful demons like Ain and other magical beasts among them.

Airis told him the location of a place where he might find some monsters to quickly level up his newfound lightning magic.

『I believe a gargoyle is the right opponent for your current level. I’ll tell you where the monster tamers are, so please go there.』

Reito ceased communications and got up. He told his friends he had something to attend to and that he was going to leave the Adventurer Guild.”

“I remembered an errand I needed to run. What are you guys going to do?”

“I’ll stay here,” Gonzo said.

“I’ll also stay here. I can’t run anyway,” Dain added.

“I’m your guard, so I’ll tag along with you,” Erina declared.

“I also want to be with you!” Kotomin said.


Gonzo and Dain agreed to stay in the guild, while Kotomin and Erina accompanied Reito. Reito took them outside, where Ullr was waiting for them.


Putting Ullr out in front, Erina asked, “where are we going, bro?”

“You’re going to call me bro, huh? I want to improve my Electric Shock skills, so we’re going to where the monster tamers are gathered for the hunting festival.”


“Suramin is afraid. She hates lightning magic because it is shocking,” Kotomin translated Suramin’s words.

“Slimes don’t like electricity… What’s wrong, Ullr?”

“Woof!!” Ullr signaled with his eyes as if to tell Reito something. Reito picked up that Ullr was signaling that someone was following them.

“Bro, someone has been following us for a while.”

“You noticed as well, Erina?”

“Actually, I’m not just a Hunter, but also an Assassin. Ever since we left that building, someone has been following us.”

“You should have told me sooner.”


“I’m sorry. But they don’t appear to be hostile, at any rate.”


Reito thought about what Erina had said and asked Airis to be safe. “Aiwis,” he said like a baby.

『Do not call me that ever. I’ve got goosebumps from disgust. An assassin from the Hailstorm guild has been following you. He was instructed to do so by Maria. She said to, “destroy anyone who tries to harm Reito.”』

『Ms. Maria… or my aunt did that for us?』

『 Don’t call her an auntie in front of her. She’s actually very young for an elf.』

『What should I do?』

『You can just ignore them. They pose no harm.』

『Just ignore them… All right, I guess.』

The people trailing them seemed to pose no threat. They were there just to protect him.

Reito decided to ignore them and continue on.

“I really didn’t notice them. Was I the only one?”


“Don’t worry,” Kotomin translated.

“Even the slime feels sorry for me… Shit.”

Ullr whimpered.

Kotomin’s senses were more sensitive than those of ordinary humans, so she was able to notice. Reito sighed and picked up the Suramin on Kotomin’s shoulder.

“I’m taking you with me. I’ll call you Suramin Beta.”


“She’s happy, but she doesn’t like that name,” Kotomin interpreted.

Reito put forward another name, “How about Honemin?”

“What kind of a name is that? Hone as in, bone? Slimes don’t have bones…”

“Good point. I’ll give her the other name I contemplated giving Ain. Hitomin.”

Reito named the split-off body of Suramin as such. He had Suramin ride on his shoulder as a precaution against the followers.

The split-off was smaller than the main body. If Kotomin’s camouflage clothing Suramin was a basketball, Hitomin was a baseball.

Hitomin was happily shaking on Reito’s shoulders.

“Try not to fall… If anyone comes near us, let me know.”


“She’s saying, ‘understood, my master.'”

“Why does she have a totally different way of talking from the main body? When did you notice, Ullr?”


“You noticed a while back and thought I had too? You need to tell me those things sooner. You bad boy… May I’ve just been too careless.”

『There’s nothing you can do about it. You’re the only human in this group.』

Humans have lower abilities in every category compared with other races. This is especially true for the five senses compared to Elves and Mermaids.

Reito had strong senses for a human, given that he’d been sharpening them since he was young, but he still couldn’t compare to other races.

He was tossed around in the battle against Gain because he couldn’t grasp his location. If he didn’t use a skill like the “Mind’s Eye,” he wouldn’t stand his ground against an assassin.

“I wonder if there are any other skills besides “Mind’s Eye” and “Detect Presence” to grasp an enemy’s location…”

“There’s ‘Magic Detection,’ bro.”

Erina replied to Reito’s mumbling.

『It’s a skill that only magicians can learn under particular conditions. The conditions are rather strict, so few people actually learn the skill. I was going to teach it to you, but seeing how much you struggled with “Mind’s Eye,” I prioritized other skills over it.』

Reito thought back to the torturous days he spent learning “Mind’s Eye.” He felt dispirited but decided to ask Erina, unable to hold back his curiosity.

“What kind of skill is it?”

“It’s just like the name says. You can detect magic with it. Even a top-class assassin can’t completely eliminate their magic energy. However, only magicians can learn it, so I don’t think you’ll be able to.

“I haven’t learned it myself,” Kotomin chimed in.

“No shit. But, if magicians can learn it, maybe I can learn it too… I’ll try practicing it later,” Reito said to Airis before she replied immediately.

『All right, all right, understood. After all, you’re starting to get to the age where it’s difficult to remember new skills.』

It was thought that new skills are easiest to acquire from birth to age fifteen. After that, regardless of how many training hours you put in, it was challenging to learn new skills.

Reito had learned some 80 skills and had a year of leeway. He wanted to continue learning new skills until he reached his limit.


Under Maria’s order, somebody was following Reito.

He was carefully watching Reito from the rooftop. His name was Shinobi Kagemaru. He was an adventurer who belonged to the Hailstorm Guild and was a character deeply trusted by Maria. He belonged to the rare profession of “Ninja.”

“So you noticed me… There’s no stopping that, Erina.”

Even after realizing that he had been noticed, he didn’t stop his pursuit. He maintained his distance as he did so.

He was to be a personal bodyguard for Reito.

Although there was no sign of any suspicious characters approaching Reito, something felt off.

(… Who’s there?)

Shinobi continued to sense somebody as he trailed along. He checked his surroundings but didn’t find any suspicious figures.

But, his ninja senses wouldn’t stop tingling.

(There’s nothing suspicious, and yet. Why do I feel so worried?)

Shinobi wasn’t able to figure out what he was so afraid of.

He could only say that he felt a sense of unrest ever since he started following Reito. He suddenly turned around.

“My mind is playing tricks on me,” no one was in his field of vision.

He continued following Reito. He saw a green sphere of light pass through his field of vision in a split second.


He grabbed his dagger, but there was nothing there. Perhaps it was some trick of the eyes. Yet, the negative premonition wouldn’t go away.

(This mission may be more difficult than I thought.)

He heightened his senses and continued tailing Reito. He wasn’t sure who they were, but he would continue to protect Reito until they made a move.

Someone was watching Shinobi from the shadow of a smoke pillar coming off a building.

She recalled the light sphere from before and started following Shinobi.

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