NBAA Vol. 5 Chapter 1 Part 7

“Reito!! Are you good!?”

“Did you defeat the Golem?”

“Ah, it’s dead.”

“The Golem, that is,” Kotomin jokes.


Ullr barked happily and approached as Reito petted him. Reito remembered he didn’t collect the first Battle Golem core.

“I want to keep the last guy’s core… Gonzo, are you okay?”

“Yeah, thanks to you and Kotomin.”

Dain was worried, “Um, Reito… I know we’ve come this far, but can we go home? Honestly, I think I can only use my shadow magic three more times.”

“But, wouldn’t it suck to come this far and not have anything to take back with you? Don’t you need money, Dain?”

“Yeah, but…”

“After all, you’re showing off in your new robe,” Kotomin poked fun at him.

“Sh, Shut up!! It’s very effective.”

After the last battle with the Rotten Dragon, Dain upgraded himself to an anti-magic robe worth 10 gold coins. It had impressive magic-resistant qualities. He had to take out a loan to make the purchase, so he had no money on hand.

He was trying to earn money by subjugating monsters. Still, the Rotten Dragon had wiped out so many of the monsters that there weren’t very many quests. That’s why he was super interested in following Reito along to these ancient ruins, where they may be valuable items.

“Where is the first golem’s core?” Reito asked.

“It’s right here. I picked it up,” Gonzo said and showed him the core.

“Oh, nice job Gon-chan!! Your nickname of Golem Destroyer isn’t just a title.”

Gonzo handed Reito the Battle Golem core. It was glowing white.

『 That’s a magical crystal with holy properties. Holy Magic isn’t good for battling, and that’s why it was weaker than the other golems. I suppose it was nothing for you, given the way you defeated the Blood Bear.』

『The weakest one was that strong…』

“What’s wrong all of a sudden, Reito?” Dain responded to Reito’s mutterings.

“It’s nothing.”

Reito felt flustered that he was noticed and tried to divert Dain’s attention by putting away the cores into his storage magic.

Ullr whimpered.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Ullr? Reito can do it alone, right?”


“Ouch!! Ow, ow!?” Ullr softly bit Reito’s arms.

Kotomin looked at Ullr, “he’s trying to say something.”

Ullr nodded and walked away as if to lead Reito and friends.

They figured they had no choice but to follow Ullr.


“What’s wrong, Hitomin? Do you need to use the bathroom? Wait, you don’t use the bathroom!”


“Suramin also sensed something.”

“Could it be the Golem from before?” Dain put his guard up.

“There’s a chance of that… who knows,” Reito said before Airis chimed in.

『 That’s right. There are actually multiple of them, so watch out.』

Reito determined that the slimes and Ullr must have picked up on more Battle Golems.

He put his hand on the Extermination Blade on his back and readied the Holy Chain he didn’t use in his last encounter.

Reito felt the ground shake.

Gonzo was the first to say, “Hmm? Isn’t the ground shaking?”

“That’s true. It’s not? An earthquake, right?”

“It couldn’t be…”


The noise of something crumbling rang out from up ahead. He watched the building standing before him turn to dust.

They got their weapons ready and were on alert before several monsters appeared from the dust.



“A Golem and a Cyclops?”

Three battle golems of varying colors and a cyclops clad in red scales appeared before them. Reito had met a cyclops before, but this one seemed to be a head taller than that one.

The agitated cyclops grabbed at the black Golem. It seemed the monsters were fighting amongst themselves.



The cyclops picked up the black Golem – likely with a dark Magic crystal core – and threw it at a column in a nearby building.

The Brown and gray Golems formed a shield with their hands and charged.



The cyclops got in stance and parried the attack, pushing them back in the process.



“That was awesome… That cyclops is gonna beat those Golems for sure.”

Dain seemed excited, but Reito was observing the fight quietly.

“I’m… not so sure.”

At first glance, the cyclops looked to have the upper hand, but the two Golems also didn’t appear to be struggling.

The Battle Golems made thorns appear on the bottom of their feat and fixed themselves to the ground. The brown Battle Golem – who likely had an earth magic crystal core – raised its right arm up and released a fish beaming with crimson color magical energy just like Reito’s “Energy Blade.”



The Battle Golem pierced the sturdy scales of the cyclops. The cyclops stepped back, unable to endure the pain, but the other Battle Golem took advantage of the break to push it over.


“What was that!?”


The moment the Battle Golem raised its hand over its head, a tornado appeared. It released the tornado on the cyclops’ biggest weakness, its one eye.

The whirling tornado drilled into the eyeball, scooping it out. The scream of the cyclops rang out.



The cyclops with the smashed eye shook and spasmed violently before it stopped moving. Reito grimaced at that sight while his companions held their breaths.

The three Golems looked at Reito and crew.


“They noticed us!?”

“So it’s gotta be like this… Go, Kotomin!!”



Kotomin got Hitomin and Suramin at the ready and released a large quantity of water on the battle Golems.

The large quantity of water approached the Battle Golems, but the brown one put both hands on the ground and dug up a large pile of dirt. It formed an earth wall.


“An earth wall!”

The wall shielded them from the water.

“I can’t believe they avoided that.”

“Just wait!!”

The slimes ceased spraying water as Gonzo ran up with a club, smashing it into the wall.

“Golden Strike!!”


The wall was destroyed in an instant by Gonzo’s one attack. The black and gray Golems were standing there, yet the brown one was nowhere in sight.

The earth behind Gonzo began to pile up, and the Battle Golem grabbed his ankles.



“It just appeared out of the earth!? Was it tunneling!?”

“I can’t believe it… Gon-chan!!”

Gonzo was trying to get loose from the Golem, clutching his ankles, but he couldn’t get away.

The other two attacked him at his most vulnerable.

“Get away from my best friend!! Gravity Blade!!”

“Please get there in time… Shadow Slip!!”

Reito and Dain used their magic and battle skill to support him.

Reito’s Extermination Blade sliced the leg off of one of the Battle Golems while Dain managed to trip the other.

The two of them fell to the ground. Reito aimed for a follow-up attack against the brown Battle Golem.

He aimed for the head of the Battle Golem sticking up from the ground.



The crimson gravity coiled around the blade and poured into the Battle Golem’s forehead. He tried to pierce its head, but the Golem let go of Gonzo’s legs and grabbed the blade. Its arms were lit up with the gravity from its opponent’s blade. He managed to push Reito’s blade back.




Reito was blasted away with his broadsword.

He hurried to compose himself, but the Battle Golem had emerged from the ground completely and was facing off with him. The Battle Golem set its sights on Reito, ignoring Gonzo in the background.

The Battle Golem reached out for Reito.

“Shit… Helmet Smasher!!”


Reito used his Stark Blade combo skill to counter, but the Battle Golem easily stopped the attack. A crack formed on its palms from the attack, but no destruction was to be had.

Reito couldn’t hide his shock at the Golem’s defensive capabilities.

“It’s so sturdy… Take this!! Iceclad Sword!!”

Reito was a little flustered, but he formed a longsword with his left hand. He used “Super Vibration” on the blade and raised the sword.

For simple dissections, the Iceclad Sword was superior to the Extermination Blade. Still, the strike was repelled when it hit its abdomen.


“Wh, what!? What’s wrong, Reito!?”

“…It was repealed. Or, repelled by gravity?”


The Battle Golem was wrapped in crimson magic. The gravity generated by magic functioned as a kind of armor.

“You little…!!”


The Battle Golem was going to try and tackle Reito. He was hoping to crush Reito with an underarm grip using gravity.

Reito used the Extermination Blade as a shield to block the tackle.



When the Battle Golem collided with him, Reito used “Ukemi” and “Resilience” to fall safely.

But the blast wave generated when they collided sent the two of them flying.



“Reito… Ngh!?”


Gonzo tried to help Reito from the sidelines, but the black Golem came swinging.

He immediately guarded with his left arm, but the fist was like a boulder, and the wind was knocked out of him.

The Battle Golem went in with more punches.

Gonzo used “Unmovable Rock” and “Harden” to maintain a defensive stance. Still, he was getting increasingly tired the more hits he took.

“What is going on…!?”

Gonzo was at a loss and called for Dain.

“Gonzo!! He is probably using dark magic!! You can’t get hit by it!!”

“That’s what’s going on… Ngh!!”


Gonzo understood what was happening when he heard the word “dark magic.”

Dark magic is usually used by dark magicians and necromancers to warp the senses of living creatures. It had the ability to steal the opponent’s magical energy, and it was likely that Gonzo’s energy was also being sapped up by the Battle Golem’s attacks.


“Waaaaahhhh!! You’re coming for us!?”

The gray Golem approached Dain and Kotomin. It had the same tornado it used to kill off the cyclops in its hands.

Kotomin said to Dain, “use your shadow magic, quick!”

“Th, that’s right! Take this!! Shadow Bind!!”

Dain poked his wand into the ground and controlled his shadow to grab the Battle Golem’s ankles.

The shadow was creeping up the Battle Golem’s legs and was aiming to bind its whole body. The Battle Golem began to struggle.

Kotomin got Suramin and Hitomin ready and used “Water Gun.”

“Take this!”



“We did it!”

The large volume of water washed over the shadow-bound Battle Golem. Water splashed in a dazzling performance as Dain cheered. But he noticed something wrong.

“Wh, What is that!?”

“This is unexpected…”


The Battle Golem was using its tornado to blow away the water coming at it head-on. It hadn’t entirely avoided all the water, but most of the water was sprayed around it. It wouldn’t have any fatal wounds.

Before long, Hitomin and Suramin had used all the water in their bodies, and the spray finished.


“We’re out of water. I’m gonna go to the river to get more.”

“You’re joking me, right!? Do you think we have time for that!?”


Dain wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer. If the Battle Golem managed to break free from his restraints, it would come straight for the two of them.

Reito had to help Gonzo, or he would be in trouble, but both of them were facing serious opponents.

“Shit… Magical Reinforcement!!”


Reito amplified the magical energy of his Gravity Blade to send more energy through his sword.

On the other hand, the brown Battle Golem changed both of its arms into a sharpened blade shape. It was going to resist Reito’s attack.

“Full-body reinforcement!! Spin Strike!!”


Reito had strengthened his body as much as he could and struck the side of the Battle Golem with his Extermination Blade.

Because he augmented his magical energy, he managed to blow the Golem’s enormous body away.

The Battle Golem fell to the ground but got back up immediately.


“You don’t seem to have regenerative abilities.”

The Battle Golem still had wounds from Reito’s attack. Even though it could freely transform its outer shell, it didn’t seem able to heal the wounds. Also, cracks were forming over its entire body.

Reito was still wrapped in gravity, but if he also enveloped the Extermination Blade in magical energy gravity, he should be able to pierce its body.


“Hey now… You’re getting a little bored.”

Reito calmly avoided the Battle Golem as it wildly punched at him.

To prepare for the counterattack, he gripped his Extermination Blade and made his eyes red.

Reito used his most potent attack and swung his blade down.

“Helmet Smasher!”


He swung the blade so fast it left an afterimage and struck the Battle Golem right in the head. It couldn’t stop the blade’s swift movements, and it was sliced firmly into.

Gonzo was continuing a furious battle on the sidelines.

“Shit… I can’t lose!!”


He had thrown away his sword and was fighting bare-fisted. He made sure to not allow his opponent time to punch back and was firing away.


The Battle Golem was punched away by Gonzo’s repeated attacks.



Gonzo took further advantage of its carelessness and grabbed its legs. He then slammed it on the ground using supernatural force. He held on to its two legs and lifted it up, doing a giant swing.

Gonzo swung faster and faster as he spun it above his head.



“Get wrecked!!”

Gonzo smashed the Battle Golem into a collapsed building.


The shell of the Battle Golem came off of every part of its body except for its head. The black core in the middle of the Golem was exposed. Gonzo threw the Battle Golem up in the air and had it fall on its head.

“Helmet Drop!!”


The magic crystal went flying from its head, and its body became no more than scattered powder.

“Phew. I won. I can’t believe I managed to…” Gonzo was out of breath.

“Good work,” Reito picked up the dark magic crystal that fell on the ground as he said some words of encouragement to the dumbfounded Gonzo.

“Reito? Did you also finish? Where are Dain and them?”

“They’re fine, look.”

Reito pointed in their direction to see Dain binding the gray Battle Golem. Kotomin was holding him up with her palms.

“Just a little more… Hang in there.”

“Just smash your own face in, already!!”


The Battle Golem was smashing its own tornado into its own head.

The Battle Golem’s head was demolished.


The core was cracked, and the Battle Golem collapsed.

Dain made an accomplished face as he fell down too. Before his face hit the ground, Suramin made a pillow for him.

“I, I did it… I won.”

“I’m tired… I need to get more water.”

“Nice work.”

“That was awesome.”

Reito and Gonzo joined the two of them and congratulated them.

After Reito and crew had defeated the three Golems, they decided to take a break. They didn’t see any more monsters in the area, so they were able to take a little rest.

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