NBAA Vol. 5 Chapter 2 Part 5



“What in the!?”

A blue battle golem arrived with a loud thud. It was holding two swords that appeared to be made of ice in its hands, so it must have been the ice one.

Reito responded quickly to the new enemy. He immediately drew his extermination blade and got ready to attack.

“Strike blade!!”


“Did it stop the attack?”

The Battle Golem held back Reito’s attack even though he could slaughter a Blood Bear with one blow. Dain was surprised.

Gonzo got on the gloves Reito had prepared for him and punched from the opposite side.

“Fist strike!!”


“It stopped my punch…!?”

Gonzo’s punch was absorbed by the ice shield.

The battle golem released its energy and repelled the two of them.

The other battle golem had quite the battle abilities, but there was no doubt this one would be an even further troublesome opponent.

Reito and Gonzo got back on their feet and looked at their weapons in surprise.

“Are they frozen!?”


Even though they had only been dealing with the Battle Golem for a few seconds, it had frozen the Extermination Blade and Gonzo’s right fist.



“Shadow Bind!!”

Reito was preparing an attack for the Battle Golem when Dain used his shadow magic to bind their opponent.


“We did it!! This time it was successful!!”


“Reito, Gonzo, come here,” Kotomin called out to the two of them.

“What are you planning to do?”

“I’m going to thaw off your frozen weapons with water. They’re brittle otherwise.”

Reito and Gonzo approached Kotomin, and she put her hands in her pocket, pulling Suramin out from between her breasts. She put her up to the frozen weapons and blasted away.

“Suramin, water gun”


Suramin sprayed the water out and thawed their weapons.

“Ahh… that helped.”

“Hey!? Why don’t you take care of this guy!? While I’m still holding him back!?”


Dain was shouting as he held back the Battle Golem. He had used his Shadow Magic a number of times in battle before, but he had little magic left in him, and he was looking pale. They needed to settle things soon.

“Dain, hold on for 10 more seconds!!”

“I can’t!! 5 seconds is my limit!?”

“That’s so short… Got it!!”


Reito got his Extermination Blade read and used Gravity Blade.

He made sure the crimson energy wrapped around his broadsword and he ran up to the Battle Golem before aiming for its head and swinging down.

“Helmet Smasher!”


“Nice one!!”

He made sure the broadsword’s blade had pierced its head. The body of the Battle Golem was split in half down the middle. Dain cheered and let go of his shadow magic. The Golem parts fell to the ground.

“Phew… That was surprisingly easy. Its movement was quick, but it might have lower defenses than the others.

Gonzo shouted at Reito, “don’t let your guard down!! We still haven’t destroyed its core.”

“I know… Where is it?”

Reito tried to look for the crystal that might be its core before the Battle Golem remains started moving.

“What in the? Did it start moving… no way!?”

“Shit!! It’s gonna come back to life!?”


The remains of the Battle Golem that were cleanly sliced in half by Reito’s attack began to stick back together like a magnet before reaching its original form. The vivisected body got up like it was nothing. The ice golem appeared to have incredible regenerative capacities.

The Battle Golem picked up its broadswords and charged at Reito.




Reito stopped the charging Battle Golem that had its shield out with his sword, but he was blown away by its surprising strength.

Gonzo got his fists ready to back up Reito, but the Battle Golem swiped his blade to the side.




Gonzo managed to stop the blow with his fists, but he wasn’t able to completely stop the momentum of the attack and fell over.

The Battle Golem tried to levy a follow-up attack, but Ullr came flying in and latched on to their opponent’s leg before he was kicked away.

Ullr growled.


“Relax!! ‘Shadow Slip’!!”

Dain released his shadow magic at the Battle Golem, who was staggering. The shadow changed into something like a whip and swept his legs away.

Making sure the enemy had tripped, Reito got his broadsword ready and jumped high in the sky.

“Helmet Smasher!!”


Reito tried to use the same battle skill as before, but before the blade struck the Battle Golem’s head converted itself into something like a helmet.

A shock ran through Reito’s arm when the blade struck its head.



Reito’s arms went numb and he checked to see what had happened to his opponent’s head.

There wasn’t a scratch in its head, let alone any actual cut. Apparently its head was hardened when it transformed.

The opponent changed its shape more.


“Did it just transform?”

Its entire body got smaller and was now the size of an adult man.

Reito felt threatened to look at that, and he reflexively clutched his sword to ready his next attack.



“Shit!! Reito!!”

Gonzo rushed to stop him, but Reito couldn’t be stopped.

The smaller Battle Golem got its shield ready and took a defensive stance.

Reito didn’t care and was about to swing his sword down before he noticed a fatal miss. His Extermination Blade that he was trying to hit the shield with was frozen.

He tried to stop, but it was too late.

The Extermination Blade collided with the shield.




“How did that…!!”

The moment the shield repealed the broadsword, a bad feeling spread through Reito. He watched his sword break at the hilt. The Extermination Blade was hardened to the max level using his “Matter Reinforcement” alchemy skill, but it was frozen and was easily destroyed.

The Battle Golem tried to send a follow-up attack.


“Sh-… ‘Shrink Ground’!!”


Reito appeared to teleport away. Shrink Ground was a skill Reito learned as a Blade Demon. It used a lot of stamina, so normally he avoided using it, but he didn’t have time to save on energy in a situation like this.

Reito, who put distance between himself and the golem, looked regretfully at the Extermination Blade.

“Shit… My blade…”

Gonzo jumped out front to tap in for Reito.



He fired away with attacks at the Battle Golem, but the shield deflected everything. Now that it was smaller, its speed was increased.

Gonzo’s punches were slowly being frozen. His fists were going to break if he kept it up.

“Suramin, Hitomin!!”




Kotomin clutched the two slimes and released a large volume of water.

Normal Battle Golem had water as their weak point, but the Golem must have been waterproof because its body didn’t melt at all.

Reito was at a loss.

“There must be something I can use as a weapon…!!”

『Mr. Reito, how about the item you picked up before!!』

“Ah… That!!”

Reito used his storage magic to pull out the Adamantite. He put the Adamantite on his Extermination Blade hilt. He used “High-Speed Shape Change.”

He made sure the Adamantite was fixed to the handle and made the metal part sharper.


Reito made a jet-black broadsword of Adamantite.

He clutched his new weapon and headed for the Battle Golem.



He swung with all his might. The Battle Golem tried to swipe back with its own sword, but Reito used another battle skill.

“Spin Strike!!”


The two blades collided, sending their bodies flying back.

Reito hurried to get up and checked his blade. His new blade wasn’t frozen at all.

Adamantite was extremely durable and had high resistance to magic. The ice that made up the Battle Golem’s body was made from magic. Adamantite would be able to hit its body as many times as Reito wanted without any problems.

“This is nice… AHHH!!”


Reito was ready for a ferocious attack. His opponent tried to defend itself with a shield, but its ice was slowly chipping away. Everytime he tried to go for the decapitation, the force of the attack got stronger, and Reito’s eyes turned red. Reito was releasing his Blade Demon skills.



“C-, Cool!!”

“Dain, don’t just stand there and watch. Use your Shadow Magic.”

“Right… I’ll help you, Reito!!”

Dain was so impressed at Reito honing in on the Battle Golem. Kotomin was more level-headed and gave him advice so he got his wand ready and used his remaining magical energy.

“Shadow Bite!!”


Dain’s shadow took the shape of a wolf and reached for the Battle Golem. He bit into the Battle Golem’s head. It was unclear if it would work on the Battle Golem, but the moment the wolf bit its head, its movements became slower.

Taking advantage of the gap, Reito swung his new Extermination Blade and repeated blow after blow.

“Helmet Smasher!!”


The Battle Golems head, which previously only had light scars, was pulverized by the strike and ice went flying everywhere. But, the magical core didn’t go anywhere.

Reito concentrated his energy into his hands and shot out crimson-colored magical energy. Adamantite had a high resistance to magic, so it couldn’t release gravity. Instead, the gravity was gathering in Reito’s own hands.

“Gravity Strike!!”


The broadsword’s blade was released and plunged into the Battle Golem’s chest. He managed to slice the Battle Golem in two.



The Battle Golem fell to the ground without a noise. The shock of the attack had cracked its body to the core before it was completely pulverized.

A new skill appeared on his screen.

<Technical Skill “Gravity Strike Blade” Acquired>

“Ho… Nice!”

Reito smiled, but was completely exhausted. He used most of his magical energy to make the Adamantite blade.

Reito’s body was slouching. Ullr came over to support him.


“Oof… thank you.”

“Reito!! Get the core!!”

“Don’t worry, I already got it.”

Gonzo was worried the Battle Golem would revive and ordered him to gather it before then, but Kotomin was holding the glowing blue crystal in her hand.

“Hmph… he was the toughest so far.”



Reito took the crystal from Kotomin and used Storage Magic to put it in the interdimensional pocket. He took a big sigh and sat on the ground.

Kotomin petted his head to comfort him. She had released too much water from them so Suramin and Hitomin were on her shoulders deflated. Dain and Gonzo were also beaten. They were all tired from the repeated battles.

“That was the sixth Battle Golem… No wonder we’re tired.”

“I can’t believe these ruins… I’ve never seen so many golems.”


“Oh… Thank you, Kotomin.”

Reito and Dain were sitting on the ground while Kotomin was healing Gonzo’s frostbite. Suramin and Hitomin were drinking up water from a bottle returning to their normal size.

Ullr picked up the blade that the Battle Golem destroyed and brought it to Reito.

Ullr whimpered.

“Oh, thanks for bringing it to me. But…”

A crack was in the blade and it was severely damaged. It didn’t seem usable anymore.

“I could use my skills to repair it… But I think it’s time to say goodbye.

Reito had already made an Adamantite weapon. He wouldn’t be able to use “Gravity Blade” anymore, but he learned a new skill anyway. He could use his “Matter Transmutation” skill to use “Gravity Blade” if he wanted to anyway.

He was grateful to the blade for supporting him. He put the blade fragment in a mound in the ground using “Earth Block” to create a little grave.

“Is it weird to make a grave for my weapon?”

“No… Giants always mourn for their lost weapons.”


After making the grave, Reito looked at the pulverized Battle Golem. He noticed it had mostly melted away. The Battle Golem’s body was made of ice as opposed to rock. That’s why it could revive so easily.

“Phew… Ah, wait. Sorry Dain. I used your Adamantite to make a weapon.”

“It’s okay… let’s get out of here.”

Dain was tired from all the battling too, and had no energy left. He wanted to return to Adventure City as soon as possible. If they returned to the Adamantite warehouse, they could collect more, but if they ran into another battle, they’d have no magical energy left over.

“Well then, shall we head back? Everyone gather…”

“What’s going on, Reito?”

Reito was going to use Crystal, but he felt disappointed in the presence behind him.

He looked behind him to see a humanoid object approaching. It was the final Battle Golem.

His friends looked behind them too.

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