NBAA Vol. 5 Chapter 2 Part 6


“What is that!?”

“Its skin is trembling.”

“This is no good… THAT IS NO GOOD!? EVEN I KNOW THAT!!”



Everyone was afraid of the strange appearance of the creature approaching them. Even Reito unconsciously trembled.

The new Battle Golem looked like Kuroyasha and looked like a suit of armor. Its body was made of metal and had electric currents running through it. It was holding a large katana. It had the phrase “Complete Set” engraved into a crescent-shaped emblem on it.

Airis’s voice rang out in Reito’s head.

『This is the last Battle Golem. It’s wearing armor and a helmet that is a replica of the armor worn by an ancient warrior named the Lightning Emperor. It’s the most powerful Battle Golem.』

“Give me a break…” he sighed and drew his Extermination Blade. He glared at the Battle Golem. He was looking at his opponent’s movements.


The opponent was already in a battle stance and was sending electricity through its katana.

If it were electric currents produced by magic, his high-resistance Adamantite sword should have the advantage. Reito activated his Blade Demon powers and ran.

“Shit… Why me? I’m just a magician!!”


Reito’s eyes glowed red and he was ready for the final battle.

“Gravity Strike Blade!!”


The moment that Reito’s Extermination Blade and the Battle Golem’s katana collided, a sharp metallic noise and vibration rang out through the area.

But both of them didn’t flinch and kept slicing away.

“Whirlwind Strike!!”


He swept his broadsword to cut the golem, but it stopped the attack, not with its katana but with the scabbard.

Reito was surprised at the unconventional defense but immediately raised his sword.

“Spin Strike!!”


The broadsword succeeded in striking the left arm of the Battle Golem. However, there was only a light scratch on its forearm. For normal opponents, it would have been a devastating slice, but this golem appeared to be sturdier than the other Golems he had encountered.

Reito used ‘Shrink Ground’ to appear behind the golem.

“Take this!!”


He struck the blade into the golem’s back, but it did no more damage than a scratch.

Reito fixed his stance and retreated. This gave his opponent an excellent opportunity to attack.




“Is that lightning!?”

The next moment, a bolt of lightning was released from its katana.

Reito focused on running away.

The lightning struck a nearby building turning it to dust. If he had been hit by it, he would have been fried.


The Battle Golem set his sights on Reito and continued the lightning strikes.

“Wah, shit, relax!!”

Reito used ‘Shrink Ground’ to avoid incoming lightning strikes.

“Reito!!” Gonzo shrieked, but he was afraid that he might end up prey to the lightning strikes, so he couldn’t participate in the battle. The light produced by the lightning prevented Dain from using his shadow attacks effectively. The two slimes had used a lot of water in the previous battle and wouldn’t be able to fire away, so they were just shaking.

Their friends were at a loss of how to help Reito.

“Relax… GIVE ME A BreAK!!”

“Shit!! Don’t just jump around carelessly, fool!?” Gonzo shouted to Reito who was leaping around to avoid the lightning strikes.

There was nowhere to escape in the skies where Reito was jumping around. The Battle Golem charged the katana with lightning before sticking it out.

It aimed at Reito and fired away.


“What in the!!”


Reito aimed his arm for the ground when all of a sudden, the sacred treasure “Holy Chain” began to move on its own.

The “Holy Chain” had a cross-shaped dagger on the end of it, which pierced into the ground and anchored him to the ground.

Reito managed to avoid the lightning strike.

Reito landed on the ground and wrapped the Holy Chain around his arms. He held the Extermination Blade in his right hand and held out his left arm.

“Iceclad Sword!!”

His left hand produced ice the length of the sword while his right hand held the Extermination Blade. He was about to switch to wielding dual swords.

He charged the Battle Golem vibrating the Iceclad Sword, and went for the cut.

“Here we go!!”


“You did it!?”

The Iceclad Sword’s blade struck the exact same place on the forearm where the light scratch was from before.

By hitting the weakened area, a crack formed in the forearm. Reito used the Extermination Blade to levy another attack.




When the blade struck, the shock went through the crack and to the Battle Golem, completely destroying him from the inside out.

However, his opponent didn’t lose and it stuck out its left leg, kicking Reito away.


Reito coughed.

“Reito!? Shit, shadow…”


Dain saw Reito get blown away and was about to use his shadow magic, but Gonzo stopped him. Dain didn’t get why Gonzo would interrupt him, but he immediately picked up on why he stopped him.

“Ouch, even just a little whiplash and it hurts.”


Reito used his “Holy Chain” to wrap up his abdomen as a protective device. He didn’t end up getting hurt that much as a result.

Reito wanted to put an end to this battle, so he charged both swords with crimson-colored energy and approached the golem.

“You’re finished.”


The Battle Golem charged its own sword and wove it. It was preparing a counter-attack.

They both leaped forward and crossed swords with all their might.



A harsh metallic noise rang out several times.

The Battle Golem had as much strength as the Minotaurus in just one of its arms, but Reito managed to stop the trunk of the blade and repel it.

Gonzo was surprised and froze. This little boy who was so much smaller than him, had so much strength and could hold his ground against the Battle Golem. His body shook unconsciously.


“Is that Reito’s real strength?”

“I can’t believe it… he must be a real hero!!”

“Woof woof!!”

The fact that a boy who was about the same age as them was able to take on the Battle Golem completely shocked everyone, and Ullr was barking in support of his owner.

The balance of the swordfight had been shaken up.

Reito got his footing first.




The Battle Golem was sure it had victory at hand but was now lashing out in desperation.

Reito smirked at the sight.

He mustered his last bit of strength to use ‘Shrink Ground.’

“Too slow!!”


Reito moved out of the katana’s range and the Battle Golem sliced into the air.

Reito had managed to buy himself some time to get behind the Battle Golem. He swung for its neck.



The Battle Golem’s head had been cleanly severed off and rolled on the ground. Its core collapsed like a puppet with the strings cut.

A new skill appeared in front of Reito’s eyes:

<New Technical Skill Acquired: Thrust>

Reito took a big sigh and used his final battle skill on it.

“Helmet Smasher!!”

The Battle Golem’s head was completely destroyed by the final blow, and its lightning crystal core was revealed.

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