NBAA Vol. 5 Chapter 3 Part 6

Reito released the ice daggers on the three orcs surrounding Mina.

“Mina!! Jump back!!”

“G-, Got it!!”

“Here we go!!”


The moment Mina jumped back, the ice daggers were sent flying one after the other.

The orcs noticed something dangerous approaching and tried to dodge it by jumping up. But that ended up backfiring on them. Reito was capable of changing the ice dagger’s trajectory at will.

“You think I’m gonna let you go!!”


Reito changed the trajectory of the daggers and stabbed the orcs in mid-air.

The orcs’ bodies were pierced by the daggers and they fell to the ground. It was a gruesome sight. A few audience members diverted their eyes from it, but the majority of them were bloodthirsty and were thrilled.

“Good one!! Kill them all!!”

“Go all the way!!”

“Shit!! You dumbass orcs!! You made me lose all my money!!”

Reito looked at the first orc he sent flying. He was the last one standing and hadn’t lost the will to fight even though all his friends had been defeated.

The Orc leaped, getting ready for an attack.


“This is bad!! He’s not… Reito-kun?”

Mina was about to warn Reito but he was nowhere to be seen.

The Orc who had leaped in mid-air was suspicious that he was nowhere to be found on the ground.


“Leave the leaping… to me!!”


Reito had jumped further up in the air than the orc.

“Lightning Strike!!”

Reito punched the orc with the crimson magical energy and electric current built up in his right arm.


The orc released its final shriek before the thunderous sound of the orc being squashed into the ground rang throughout the stadium. The spectators covered their ears.

Reito landed and Mina ran over.

“Wh-, What was that!? I’ve never seen or heard of that battle skill.”

“It doesn’t look like I have time to explain,” Reito said calmly. The West Gate was about to open.

The young girl announcer shouted, “This is incredible. We’re in the fourth round. But, things are about to get real. Their next opponent is the Red Oooooogre!?”


A giant figure with red skill forcefully broke through the door.

Reito and Mina immediately assumed their battle stances. Reito asserted that this opponent would not be a good one for hand-to-hand combat and he fashioned an ice sword.

“Iceclad Sword!!”

“What’s this!? Reito has prepared a sword of ice!! What is this guy’s job!!”

Reito used Hyper Vibration before rushing toward his opponent. Mina cautiously held her spear. She had run into a red ogre before and had fought it with Morimo and Gallow, but she wouldn’t be able to defeat this one without Reito’s help.

“Phew… This one’s a little scary, huh?”

“You think so?”

“Hahaha… You’re cool as always. But, I’m not as weak as the last time we met.”

Mina laughed at Reito who was unshaken. She clutched her spear and let out her war cry before charging.

The Red Ogre swung its right arm at the charging Mina before swinging its fist.


“Spear Helix!!”

Mina was undaunted and spun her spear, thrusting it at him.

The spinning spear plunged into the ogre’s fist and its skin burst, carving out some of its flesh.


“How about that!!”

“Hey now… Very cool!”

Reito was very impressed by Mina’s spear attack. She had definitely grown since the last time they fought together. She wasn’t just at a higher level, but it was clear her dexterity had greatly advanced as well.

Reito faintly smiled and decided to get in an attack himself.

“Next, allow me!!”


The Red Ogre watched Reito approach and hurried to cover his face with his left arm. But, Reito managed to slice off the ogre’s left arm.

“I’m going to cut off your arm!! Psyche, make it your leg!!”


Reito cut off its left leg entirely and began slicing away at the rest of the ogre. Severe hemorrhaging was coming from the ogre’s wounds and it was holding on to its left foot while hobbling on one knee.


“Umph… I feel bad for it.”

“Let’s put it out of its misery. So it doesn’t suffer.”

“O-, Okay.”

Reito and Mina got their weapons ready and looked at the ogre’s terrified expression. They took pity on it and ended its life so it wouldn’t suffer anymore.

“Spear Helix!!”

“Helmet Splitter!!”


The Red Ogre let out its final shriek of pain as its head and heart were pierced.

Red Ogres were more dangerous than any of the opponents they had faced so far. But, they were easily able to defeat it. It fell trap to the fact that Reito and Mina had the numerical advantage.

“What… No way. It’s dead?” the announcer said.

“I can’t believe it… They finished that ogre off so quickly…”

“What’s going on here…”

“I got really lucky!! Now just get this fifth round out of the way!!”

The spectators and young girl announcer were overwhelmed by the display of strength. But there was still more battle to be had, and they couldn’t let their guard down before the final round.

Reito consulted with Mina, “There was a red ogre in the fourth round… you don’t suppose something terrible is going to show up next?”

“Probably… But we’ve got time. Let’s get ready…”

They had only wasted 30 seconds in defeating the Red Ogre and had just about a minute to get ready.

Reito used his perception skill to see what was coming next.

“It’s weird… I feel like something awful is about to come out of the North Gate.”

“What, really? We should still have time…”

“…It’s something bad.”

Mina was wiping the blood stuck to her spear while Reito let go of his ice sword and got ready to fight. His perception skill picked up something strong.”

“Well then, let’s open the gate. Will they be able to survive this round… Hmm? What’s this!?”

“What in the? The door…”

“I feel like that was fast.”

The North Gate opened from the inside even though it was 30 seconds ahead of schedule. The spectators and the announcer were in surprise.

The door, which had been pushed open so slowly, suddenly went flying off.

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