NBAA Vol. 7 Chapter 1 Part 2

As Reito looked back, he saw the Lich’s shattered bones repaired and restored to their original form.

The reddish-black gem glowing on its chest unleashed a vast amount of dark magic, and the Lich once again formed a pitch-black body to cover its skeletal form.



“What’s going on? The Lich that was supposed to be defeated by Luna has stood up and returned to her human form! No, no… What is this!?”

The change in the Lich caused Rabby to scream in confusion. Like Rabby, the other spectators could not understand what was happening.

Immediately after taking human form, the Lich continued to transform its lower body.

Both of its feet inflated like balloons, forming the shape of a horse’s torso. The legs also changed from two to four.

The figure reminded Reito of a “centaur” from Earth mythology.

The Lich, whose lower body had been transformed into that of a horse, looked down at Reito and roared.

“Neigh… gaaaaah!” 

As soon as it recognized Reito, the Lich’s appearance changed again. Its upper body was clad in sturdy armor, and it created a “spear” and a “shield” with dark magic and attached them to each of its hands.

The Lich’s current appearance could be described as that of a female black knight, except for her deformed lower body.

“Black knight…!”

“I will not go easy on you… I will kill you… you will die!” 

The lich – now a “Black Knight” – plowed straight into Reito. Her speed was nothing like that of an ordinary horse.

As fast as he could, Reito quickly overlapped the blades of his Extermination Blade and Reflection Sword in a crisscross pattern to catch the oncoming attack.

However, the moment the Black Knight collided with him, Reito was thrown into the air with an impact as if he had been hit by a large truck.



– Hundreds of years ago, a girl was summoned from Earth to this world.

She was treated as a “hero” by the inhabitants of this world, and indeed she possessed abilities worthy of the title.

Each environment on Earth and in our world is very different. One of the most important differences is the existence of “magic.”

Normally, people on Earth cannot use magic.

However, in the rarest of rare cases, there were people on Earth who had the gift of magic. More specifically, there were people who possessed “magic power,” the source of magic, even though there was no magic in the world.

Except for irregulars like Reito, who had been “reincarnated” by Airis, the world’s manager, the people who had previously visited this world had all possessed immense magical power, even though they were from Earth. These summoned earthlings had such great magical power that it allowed them to adapt to this new world. Without this magical power, they would have perished upon arrival.

Most of the summoned people had left their names in history in one form or another. And so it was with this girl who was summoned several hundred years ago.

She learned the incompatible professions of “Knight” and “Magician” when she was summoned, and mastered both, growing to the point where she was praised as the “White Knight”.

The White Knight was said to have spent her life as a knight of the Baltros Empire, fighting to defend the empire against other nations.

The nickname “White Knight” came from her custom-made silver armor and the white horse she rode across the battlefield. She dared to dress conspicuously to attract the attention of her enemies as she rode across the battlefield.

Her strength was unmatched by any Earthling summoned in the past, and she won more than a hundred wars, helping to expand the Empire’s territory.

Tragically, the mighty White Knight met her end in her twenties. Despite her overwhelming power, it was the betrayal of her allies that led to her downfall. Acting on the orders of the reigning emperor, her own vassals poisoned her. Rumor has it that her untimely death was caused by the emperor’s envy of her unparalleled strength and the deep trust she had earned from the people.

In the end, the Empire having lost its greatest fighting force, in the form of the White Knight, began its path of decline.


– Time passed and a necromancer accidentally discovered the skeleton of the White Knight.

After discovering the corpse’s identity, the necromancer sacrificed his own men to resurrect the White Knight as a Lich to test the extent of the woman’s power he had heard about in the legend.

However, once brought back as a lich, she did not possess the same power as before her birth. After confirming this, the necromancer left her alone and returned to his original goal of resurrecting the Rotten Dragon.

The dead who are resurrected by dark magic experience great pain. Resurrected by force, the Lich could not suppress her hatred for the living and continued to kill humans.

The adventurers in the adventure city of Lunot were aware of the Lich’s existence, but they were busy dealing with the Rotten Dragon, which had been resurrected around the same time, and its subjugation was postponed and left unattended for some time.

After the Rotten Dragon was defeated in Adventure City, the city’s most powerful guild, Hailstorm, finally made its move. One of the swordmasters, returning home after completing his mission, set out to defeat the Lich.

However, even with the Swordmaster’s power, he was unable to kill the Lich, and in the end, all he could do was capture it.

Once the captive Lich was delivered to the Hailstorm Guild, they assembled a team of healing mages and clerics to purify her. They sought to comfort her and ensure that her final moments would be peaceful by cleansing her mind and guiding her toward enlightenment.

However, the White Knight’s hatred for the living had swelled after being left alone for dozens of days following her transformation into a lich, and it had already reached a point where purification was impossible.

Maria, the guild leader of Hailstorm, could not decide what to do with the lich and decided to keep it in the guild after instructing her guild not to reveal any information to the outside world. Maria would be responsible for holding her until she could find a way to purify her.

But there was an unfortunate coincidence. In fact, there was another captured lich in the Hailstorm Guild.

This lich was the one that was supposed to be used in the Battle Festival, but due to a mistake in the delivery, the White Knight unit was given to them. Maria was away from the guild on business at the time, so no one noticed the mistake.



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