SETP Vol. 1 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – Feli von Yugstine

“You don’t need to escort me anymore from tomorrow onwards. Ask Grerial about your orders.”

It was still early morning.

The sun had yet to rise: it was an awfully early time for me. However  — as expected — Feli was already up and waiting next to my door, so I took the chance to say it.

“….what does that mean?”

Feli frowned, not understanding the intent of my words.

“I never needed an escort in the first place.”

I had no intention to listen to what she had to say, though.

I placed a hand over the hilt of the “Spada” at my waist.

“As long as I have my Spada I will be okay. If I get caught off guard, it’ll mean that I was only worth that much.”

I recalled what I had heard the previous night.

If it was all true, I would probably have to head to the island where the rainbow flowers bloom too.

I won against a “Hero”, after all.

Grerial, however, would surely be against bringing me. If I stated my desire to go, he would probably assign more guards to prevent me from doing so.

In that case, I needed to act like I had no intention of going from the start.

As of now, the only thing I could decide was Feli’s duties.

I told her to go to Grerial’s side.

“…..that will not do.”

Feli, however, refused to comply.

In this world, she was probably the only person who saw the real Fay Hanse Diestburg from a close distance.

Thus she could not accept my order.

She would probably never accept it.

“You have no right to refuse.”

I slightly unsheathed my “Spada” to intimidate her, showing a glimpse of the blade. The eerily glowing shadow blade expressed the power of a demon god that slayed countless powerful warriors.

“Or am I so weak in your eyes that you fear for my life, head maid?”

It was already nothing but provocation.

If you can’t even win against me, then you have no right to worry, I implied.


She whispered.

“Yes, that’s true. You are weak in my eyes, Your Highness.”

She repeated the words, as if ruminating on them.

“You are far too arrogant, Your Highness. Do not be so full of yourself after taking me by surprise only once.”

Yes, I should have expected it. Feli was someone ready to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the royal family. Threatening her wouldn’t accomplish anything.

That’s the kind of person she was.

It had the opposite effect.

“….I see.”

With a metallic sound, I put my blade back in the sheath.

It was true that, at the time, Feli did not know anything about me.

She didn’t even know that I could wield a sword.

We also both used real swords that time.

But, she could never cut me down. It could be said that I ambushed her.

“It’s still dark out.”

It was almost 4 in the morning.

Considering the time I fell asleep, I had barely slept that night.

Perhaps, I had various concerns too.

The monsters dwelling on the island.

I had no idea whatever they could be, but they were surely strong.

However, if Grerial was going to go there, I would assist him from the shadows and prevent the worst case scenario from happening. That was the conclusion I reached.

“Come with me for a bit, head maid.”

Feli still looked puzzled.

However, I explained nothing and simply intimated her to follow me.

I had already decided on our destination.


“…this is…”

It was still dark.

Because of the cold and the early hour, there was no one else around.

The place we reached was the spot close to the sea where Feli previously brought me. It was a relatively large square.

“Indeed, I took you by surprise last time.”

I took my “Spada”, which had been hanging at my waist since we arrived in Rinchelle, and placed it on the ground, sheath and all.

My “Spada” was formed by shadows. Shadows were “Spada”, “Spada” was shadows.

So if I placed it on the ground with the right intention, it would be swallowed by the ground without a sound.

Then I created two different “Spada” from the shadows.

“Take it.”

I then tossed one to Feli.

I made a “Spada” modeled after her sword, but with a dull blade.

Thinking that Feli would be able to swing it without holding back.

“Let’s continue what we started that time.”

Feli then finally understood what I meant and looked at the weapon I gave her.

“The blade is dull. You shouldn’t need any restraint with that.”

If the blade was sharp, there was always a *possibility*.

Without such a *possibility*, however, Feli lost all pretexts to hold back.

I was an opponent she lost to once, after all.

She surely wouldn’t go easy on me anymore.

“You’re a sword user, and I am too.”

If we could not find an agreement with words, then there was only one thing we could do.

“Let us settle this with our swords.”

A simple duel, however, would be unfair.

So I added a condition based on her words.

“If I suffer any kind of wound, I will admit that I require an escort. I will do anything you say.”


“But if I win, you are to protect Grerial, not me.”

“…what do you mean by that?”

Feli finally understood that my words had to be motivated by certain circumstances.

“You’ll understand. The only thing I can say is that I won’t let both of you die. No matter what happens.”


<<Listen here, kid. One day, you’ll find someone you want to protect. No mistake.>>

It’s exactly as you said, Lantis.

“I am a man of my word, you know. I will never forget a debt of gratitude.”

I would never forget any act of kindness done to me.

I was never going to let anyone die in front of me, if I could help it.

Or, I really would not be able to face my mentor and the others anymore.

“Feli von Yugstine.”

I called her name.

The name of the elf with silver hair blowing in the light breeze.

The name of the slim yet strong-hearted member of the “Spirit Tribe,” the elves.

“You said I’m weak.”

My mentor and the others said it so many times. That I was weak.

I was aware of that. Mentally speaking, I was never strong.

Even so, I survived in that world, that doomed world, that hell on earth.

I knew more than anyone else how strong my mentor and the others were.

I knew about those people who were lost in the sands of time, people whose names were forgotten by history.

“I know that. I’ve always known that I’m not a strong person.”

I recalled the kind smile my mentor and the others showed me.

I could hear their voices. My mentor’s scolding voice. Sighing and telling me I was as weak as usual.

I could hear the kind voice I sought so desperately.

“Even so, there is something I have to do.”

I knew that Feli did not truly think what she told me.

I knew that she said that for my sake. Even so, I could not go back on my decision.

The atmosphere around me gradually changed.

I smoothly extracted the “Spada” from the sheath.

The modified, dull blade “Spada” seemed to be eager to finally see some action, as it glowed even more sharply than before.


I inhaled.

I inhaled the still chilly morning air, but my body felt hot.

Words I heard so many times.

The words my mentor told me so often.

My memories vividly alive within me, I spoke with emotion.

“<<One slash, one kill. My heart, my body is forever a battlefield.>>”

I howled fiercely.

My grip on the hilt strengthened, uncaring of the grinding sounds it produced.

“I have no intention to turn back. You don’t either, do you? Then this is the only way out.”

My words, filled with emotion, echoed in the empty square.

The voice makes our eardrums vibrate.

“If you want to have it your way, then prove that I am really weak!! Feli von Yugstine!!!!”

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