SETP Vol. 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Sound of Beginning

“Princess Lychaine, Zerum, I give this to you.”

Rowle gave them one item each, something colored milky white.

It was a simple device shaped like a tube, with a round button in its center.

Apparently pushing the button would cause something to pop out.

“This is….”

Lychaine looked at the unfamiliar item, puzzled, and her words trailed halfway. Rowle then laughed and explained.

“It’s a signal flare. As soon as you have collected the Rainbow Flower, please shoot both towards the sky.”

Before Lychaine could say anything, Rowle continued.

“The ship will stay away from the island, in case anything happens. The flare will be the signal to return. If, at that point, Zerum is still alive, you will use his ability to go back to the ship. If not, we will treat it as the signal to go pick you up, so make sure you do not lose it.”

Rowle explained why he had given them signal flares.

The usage of the flares implied the possibility of dying, so Lychaine visibly swallowed her breath.

“At first we will stay close to the spot where the ship lands and lure the monsters towards us while you search for the flower. After you find the Rainbow Flower, shoot the signal flares and use the ‘Faraway Hollow’ ability to come back here. If Zerum isn’t with you, you can wait to use the signal flare when you are safe.”

Rowle concluded by saying that was how they would regroup. He looked at the faces of all five members, to make sure they understood.

“That’s all from me, but are we clear? I’ll go explain this information to the knights now, so please rest while you can.”

Rowle then headed towards the door leading below the deck.

A dozen seconds later, the door closed and silence reigned on the deck.


“He’s really focused, isn’t he.”

Grerial, one elbow on the ship’s railing, looked at the door Rowle had used. After he left, Grerial expressed how different Rowle looked from the first impression Grerial had of him.

“I thought Rowle Zwelg was someone similar to Fay…”

Grerial then smiled wryly.

In his mind, Fay Hanse Diestburg was someone always doing things his own way. There was no better way to describe him.

He did what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted. It was a very apt way to describe the usual Fay.

That was why Grerial regarded Fay as being more suitable to becoming a king than him.

To live as you wanted, without being tied down by anything.

Grerial thought that only a king could have the power to live such a life.

“Someone similar to His Highness…?”

Feli joined in.

The expression delineated by her long eyelashes, however, seemed a bit glum.

“You don’t think so, Feli?”

Grerial asked in an apologetic tone.

In the past few months, Feli had spent more time with Fay than with Grerial. Both Feli and Grerial were aware of this. That was why they probably saw different things in him.

“…I suppose.”

Feli was deep in thought.

Scenes and words flashed back in her memory.

In her mind, Fay Hanse Diestberg was the complete opposite of what Grerial said.

She thought Fay had very little freedom, if any at all.

He was tied down heavily by something he carried within.

Just like he had some sort of constraint on his heart.

Even so, he still treasured others.

Yet, he didn’t treasure himself.

There was something in his past, something he kept dragging along and blamed himself for, to desperately preserve his own self. That’s the impression she had.


“Rowle carries a burden in his heart too, which pushes him towards recklessness. That is the impression I had. His Highness shares a similar trait, I think.”


Grerial shared her feelings.

For this reason, he turned quiet.

“Yes, you’re right.”

After a while, he continued to talk, slowly recalling past memories.

“We are all going to that island for a reason.”

Grerial’s official reason was to help Welles, but he had his own thoughts as well.

Diestburg’s second prince was known for being sickly.

His name was Stenn Hanse Diestburg.

Grerial ultimately decided to join the expedition in order to heal his brother’s illness. He had said as such to Lychaine and the others, so Welles could not feel justified in trying to stop him anymore.

In this world, death was very commonplace. Falling sick meant one was very likely to die. Because of this, when Stenn learned that his disease was incurable he purposefully distanced himself from the rest of his family, as he didn’t want to burden them.

If they became too close, when the fatal moment came, their grief would be greater. So staying away from them was surely better. They would end up grieving either way, so this way at least they would grieve less. Grerial thus recalled the face of his sibling, begging his family to let him stay away from them.

“Yes, indeed.”

The reason why Feli could not stop Grerial who was the same as Welles’: the existence of Stenn Hanse Diestburg.

Feli’s first priority was the Diestburg royal house, so there was no way she could oppose Grerial’s participation in the expedition if the reason was Stenn.

“With so many outstanding little brothers, it’s hard to act like a cool older brother.”

Grerial then showed a wry smile.

“Can I be a good older brother for them, I wonder?”

He couldn’t help getting sentimental.

The same thing happened before his first battle.

Whenever Grerial felt worried, he would—

“Your Highness.”

Feli called to him.

Just like she did that time.

Just like she did before his first battle.

“You are their older brother, there is no doubt about it. Please have confidence. If that weren’t the case, not that complicated Prince nor Prince Stenn would have opened their hearts to you.”

Grerial’s stern expression turned into a smile. Feli’s encouragement was always very effective.


Grerial placed a hand on the sword at his waist.

A magic blade with a forgotten name.

A relic from the past referred to as nameless, which would show its true powers when magic power flowed in it.

“This will be a good chance to show what a big brother is made of.”

Feli smiled in agreement.

“For the first time in a long while, I guess I’ll go all out.”

Grerial’s expression did not show signs of frustration anymore.

“Yes, let us go all out, to our heart’s content.”

Grerial’s lips curved in a feral smile.

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