SIAW Vol. 1 Chapter 3 (PROLOGUE)

Chapter 3 – Training : Day 10

I continued training relentlessly every day, sleeping the bare minimum.

My stats increased, and I even learned new skills, so my motivation was higher than ever.

Name: Tenma

Species: Human

Level: 1

Gender: Male

Age: 14

HP  : 52/52 (UP!!)

MP : 135/135 (UP!!)

STA: 53/53 (UP!!)

INT:  56 (UP!!)

STR: 68 (UP!!)

SPD: 57 (UP!!)

SKL: 51 (UP!!)

LCK: 50


Skill(s): Language comprehension – LV 2, Lifestyle Magic – LV 1 (UP!!), Appraisal, Item Box, Throwing (NEW!!), Magic Depletion Resistance (NEW!!), Magic Recovery (NEW!!), Sleep Resistance (NEW!!), Quickread (NEW!!)

As a result of 10 days of training, I couldn’t ask for more.

The increase in my max HP was a byproduct of the MP depletion training.

What happened was that on the third day, I tried using “Time” when I had just 3 MP left: I could cast the spell as usual, but in place of the lack of 2 MP, I lost 20 HP.

In other words, HP could have supplanted a lack of MP, but HP consumption was scarily large. If I had used a spell that consumed 10 MP, I might even have died.

I also learned that HP, like STA, recovered at a rate of 1 every five minutes.

I feared for my life when that happened, but then realized that I could use that to my advantage to increase my max HP.

I tried casting spells when my MP was low on purpose so that my HP would decrease and then let it recover. Repeating such a process might increase my max HP amount.

If my HP reached 0, however, I would die. It was also difficult to reduce my MP to the right number, so I could not produce great results — but even so, my max HP increased by 2.

Putting HP aside, my MP instead increased a great deal. I used them all up more than 200 times, after all. It was worth training as long as I could every day, sleeping as little as possible.

Judging from the increase, it was evident that the max MP amount increased by 1.005% every time they were used up.

In the process, I also acquired Magic Depletion Resistance, Magic Recovery, and Sleep Resistance skills.

Thanks to Magic Depletion Resistance, the low MP symptoms became more bearable. Its effects were not too strong, but it was still a very useful skill to have. Before, I couldn’t even stand up when my MP was low, but now I can stay on my feet.

Magic Recovery sped up my MP recovery rate. I just learned it two days ago, but it felt that the recovery speed increased by 50%. Before, I recovered 1 MP per minute, but now, I recover 2 MP every three minutes. Without this skill, it would have been impossible to use up all of my MP more than 200 times already.

Sleep Resistance suppressed my drowsiness to an extent: I learned it by staying awake as long as possible, obviously.

My STR and SPD increased thanks to the workout. The STR increase, however, is also due to “doping”: here’s how I resorted to such a method.

Since my STA recovered slowly, on the third day of training, I tried drinking a STA recovery potion. I used one every time my STA ran low, then went back to working out or running. When my muscles hurt, I drank a regular healing potion.

Eventually, despite the fact that I could not feel my muscles growing at all, the pace of my STR increased faster. I thus switched to training with this “doping” method.

I did not want to become too bulky, though, as my ideal was a lean-yet-muscular physique. My former overweight body was now of more normal proportions, after all.

Unfortunately, however, the doping method also resulted in a slowdown in the increase of my STA, which didn’t change much in these ten days. Well, in case of need, I could always rely on the STA recovery potions.

Considering my low HP and STA, the ideal would be to learn alchemy skills in these three months to craft HP and STA recovery potions by myself.

My INT also increased by a relatively large amount, probably thanks to the time I spent studying in the library — but it was just a guess.

The Quickread skill was definitely a result of studying, though.

LCK…was not something that increased by training, I suppose…

The “Throwing” skill, on the other hand, was a planned acquisition.

It might not be enough to defeat monsters, but it could be useful when throwing knives or the like. It would definitely be useful combined with a spear. Using the “Throwing” skill paired with the Item Box could definitely bring great results.

Speed and precision were still lacking, but I could immediately tell when I acquired the skill. The pebble I threw did not only travel faster, but throwing it also felt much smoother.

Even throwing with my left arm (not my dominant one) improved by leaps and bounds.

In the remaining three months, I had to reach level 2 so I could make use of the training bonuses.

I could use the Throwing skill for middle-range attacks and disrupt the enemy, but I had nothing useful for close combat yet, so I started practicing with a short sword.

I was almost shocked, however, by how terrible I was at it.

I tried swinging the sword once but used too much momentum and ended up stabbing myself in the foot.

Panicking, I pulled out the sword and drank an Elixir to heal. Thinking about it now, it was a pretty ridiculous scene.

I decided I would continue practicing until I gained a swordsmanship-related skill, though.

Other than that, I tried stepping just outside the safe area to see if I could gain a skill to detect other presences. While paying close attention to the monsters, I tried running, dashing in spurts, skipping, and jumping…but I did not reach any results yet.


In regards to Lifestyle Magic, when Time rose to level 1, Lifestyle Magic too reached the same level. I was able to change the way the time was displayed, so I picked the 00:00 type of display.

Water and Fire were no longer spelled in red but normally like the other spells.

It probably meant that when the training period was over, and I was reborn in my new life, I would be able to use Water and Fire from the start.

I had to raise Lifestyle Magic to level 4 in the remaining three months. The Clear spell would be definitely useful in my new life!

I also wanted to level up my Appraisal skill, but because of the amount of magic power I had, I decided to give priority to Lifestyle Magic. Ideally, I would level up Lifestyle Magic to 4, then Appraisal to 2.

The Item Box did not show any particular changes. I didn’t know if its growth depended on the quantity of items or times it was used, so I tried going to the river and storing a lot of rocks inside, taking rocks and pebbles in and out while training, but I did not notice any result yet.

There was no way for me to conclude if my current training regimen was effective or not.

It would be difficult to make any judgments within just three months. I managed to produce some results, however, so I decided to continue for at least one month.

One day, I might look back and shake my head at the stupid choices I made, but I had to keep at it!

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