TNG Vol. 15 Chapter 1 Part 2

“You truly have accomplished much. On behalf of all of Erkunt, I thank you.”

Three days after Avaritia’s strike, Shin was in an audience with king Kreunzeit in the royal castle. Schnee was with him, camouflaged as her “Yuki” persona.

Hilamee, informed by Luxuria, had reported to the royal castle, so king Kreunzeit and the royal elites had learned of Avaritia’s extermination on the same day. The audience happened three days later because Shin told the knights that came to summon him that he wanted to prioritize rescue operations.

To delay the audience with a king would normally be considered the epitome of contempt, but because of the reason behind Shin’s refusal, it was accepted.

The knights who visited Shin even pleaded to join the rescue efforts after hearing his reasons. They deeply regretted not having been able to do much during Avaritia’s attack.

“No, we were mostly on the defensive this time, so we were simply lucky that there weren’t many casualties. I almost want to apologize for acting so haughty, then not accomplishing much.”

Shin felt very awkward, as he actually couldn’t do very much because of the hostages.

“Sir Shin, if you were of little use, then we were of even less…” 

“Indeed. Without the weapons sir Shin offered, we wouldn’t be standing here now.”

Shin’s wry laugh was followed by Fagall and Sherlene, knights of Erkunt who had also fought during the monster attack, who felt equally awkward. They fought against their superior Namsaar, under Avaritia’s control, but they struggled against a mere copy of Avaritia, so they felt apologetic.

Namsaar was exhausted both body and mind because of Avaritia’s control and was still unconscious, apparently.

“Okay, that’s enough! In any case, casualties and damage were little, so we should rejoice, right!? No one here slacked off or anything, so let’s improve what we should and stop fidgeting like this!”

Luxuria interrupted the conversation, which lingered on how pathetic Shin and others apparently were. She was clearly tired of it. 

“Indeed. We will strive to do better next time.”

“It is as lady Luxuria and lady Yuki said. Let us gather more information about devils and monsters and develop proper countermeasures. We should speak of the reward for sir Shin first.”

King Kreunzeit nodded and changed the topic. The new direction, however, was unexpected for Shin and the others.

“I would be more than satisfied if I could just have the drop items, though.”

They were items that would be next to impossible to obtain at present. Shin considered more than enough for a reward.

“I am aware. But some are talking of awarding you land and a court title. Your achievements are that important, it wouldn’t be strange, actually.”

“I believe I already refused that in the beginning.”

Adventurers rising to the rank of noble because of their achievements. It wasn’t an unthinkable development, Shin had read about such stories of success, but he simply thought it was more trouble than what it was worth.

The search for the guild houses, inspection of the Sacred Places…there were still many things for him to do. He had no time to waste serving in any court. If he was forced to, he would have to take the appropriate countermeasures.

“I am aware of that as well, of course. But there are some stubborn folks that will not relent unless they hear the words coming from the mouth of the person in question.”

Apparently, the discussion about Shin’s reward had been held before the audience. Fagall and Sherlene too were laughing wryly. No matter where, there were always those who wished for someone as powerful as Shin to be tied to their country.

“Shin, Yuki, your powers are fascinating after all. Oh, by the way, I will not help for anything other than defense, is that alright?”

“Of course. To use an angel’s power for invasion…would surely bring forth a hefty price to pay. We are going to keep that information as hidden as possible.”

King Kreunzeit had also been informed about Luxuria’s transformation from devil to angel. The problems associated with her status as devil would all change now that she was one no more. Some doubted her change, but when she showed her angel wings -the eight patterns on her halo- everyone was surprised and convinced.

Adorned by the wings, Luxuria emitted a holy aura. Shin and Schnee too thought that she would do no harm to people. Her personality, however, had not changed a bit, so in a way, she was a “threat” in the same way as before, which was the only disappointment.

King Kreunzeit and the others had been overwhelmed by Luxuria’s holy aura. Shin and Schnee were not affected very much, but for the denizens of that world, it was a divine sight.

In “THE NEW GATE”’s world, angels only existed in legends, but now one was before them. It was like a myth coming into life.

They would never match it in pure power, that was a fact, but more than that, the simple idea of using an angel was taboo for most. No one among the elites dared to object about it.

“A wise decision, I think. If the existence of an angel was revealed, the relationship with other countries couldn’t remain the same either.”

“It would disrupt my work in the institute, so I will be thankful if you do that.”

Shin laughed at the large difference between what Schnee and Luxuria were respectively concerned about. If Luxuria’s status as angel was revealed, it would be impossible for her to simply continue treating students in the infirmary.

“We have nothing else to discuss, I think?”

“Yes, thank you for coming all the way here. I have also heard that you have spent these days rescuing our citizens. Allow me to express my gratitude again.”

King Kreunzeit bowed his head. Normally, his subordinates would frown at their king casually lowering his head, but both Sherlene and Fagall were completely calm. Shin and Schnee had accomplished something worthy of a king’s reverence.


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