TNG Vol. 19 Chapter 2 Part 3


“I’m calling it a day here.”

After traveling during the day, he materialized the Moon Shrine*. It was getting progressively chilly, perhaps because they were getting close enough to feel the magnificence of the Grandmost Mountains. (T/N: Previously translated as Tsuki no Hokora)

Dinner was kimchi stew. A truly rare dish even back in his days as a gamer. There were even rumors that the inventor of this dish must have been a player.

After dinner was free time.

Shin headed to the smithy to inspect his equipment.

He had already finished modifying the resistance of the clothing, armor, and other equipment that were entrusted to him from heat-resistant to cold-resistant.

At the very least, they wouldn’t suffer from hypothermia, frostbite, or other natural phenomena. And even otherwise untold effects would be less severe.

They would be putting on a heavy coat over their gear this time. Unlike the last time when they wore a cloak which was easily susceptible to the frequent blizzards in the mountains. So, he decided that a coat would make it easier for them to move around.

“Talk about luxury, not having to worry about materials.”

“That’s true. Funding and materials are always a pain for artisans.”

In addition to Shin, there were four others in the smithy: Schnee, Filma, Shibaid, and Berett.

Schnee was there as usual, and Filma and Shibaid were there because Shin wanted to hear their opinion.

Berett asked to observe since it was a rare opportunity for him.

It wouldn’t provide any professional benefit from looking, but since Shin had no reason to refuse, he allowed it.

“The coat is cold-resistant, but also water-resistant and generates heat. The divine beast Maganna basically only uses physical attacks, so I probably didn’t need to go this far with the enchantments but just in case.”

Given the current atmospheric conditions, Venna Var, the god of ice, would likely appear. Shin remembered that she radiated air so cold that it could penetrate the cold resistance buff cast on gear.

Since the resources used for enchantment on the coat were geared towards making it more cold-resistant than defensive, the double protection of the gear and the coat should be able to withstand the cold without any problem.

Although the condition of the mountains made it unlikely that Iira Suura, the god of fire, would appear, he had also prepared an accessory with heat resistance should that happen.

In which case, each of them could bring out a heat-resistant cloak from their item boxes.

Since Tiera was now able to use an item box, he made her keep her current gear. He also prepared a few items for her.

“Please let me know if you have any requests or comments.”

“Hmm, I don’t have any comment on a gear that you enchant personally, Shin, but if you could put something over the area around the neck and wrists that come in contact with metal, that would eliminate one concern.”

Going straight into snowy mountains with metallic gear would indeed be suicide. Shibaid was concerned that the metal parts would stick to the skin.

He was so used to Shin’s gear that when he first headed into the snowy mountains in the present reality, he was warned by the locals. A lot of folks have had terrible experiences from overlooking it apparently.

The gear itself should already be impervious to cold as a result of the enchantments, so it wouldn’t stick to the skin, but it may be worthwhile taking such minor precautions.

“What about you, Filma?”

“This is new territory for me, so I’m not quite sure. But I think it would be better to prepare an inner garment for this one. Both practically and emotionally.”

“All right. I’ll prepare enough for everyone. I may as well use this opportunity to try and see if there’s something that I can’t enchant.”

Putting aside the fact that they would be protected by the gears, it would normally be unthinkable for anyone to have their arms and thighs exposed in the snowy mountains.

But even with the coat on, they should be prepared for the possibility that it may get damaged in battle and have to be taken off.

From a game perspective, underwear would not qualify as gear, but in this world, it would not be surprising if it could be used as one. This would mean that countermeasures could be further enhanced.

The countermeasure was stricter than preparing the heat-resistant gear, because, when dealing with heat, even if the gear or the bearer were to be on fire, one could escape the crisis by continuously using the skill, Heal.

Unlike in the game, though, they would have to endure the pain with guts.

However, when dealing with cold air, one would be rendered immobile as they slowly get eroded. Shin was mulling over this in order to devise a means to flee should they find themselves in such a disadvantageous situation.

Not that they had encountered a situation where they had to turn tail, but then who could say that they wouldn’t. Shin and his party had yet to face the gods of this world. 

“God, huh?”

A monster, but one with powers different from those of devils or demons.

Back in the game era, they were quite an interesting monster.

They obviously possessed high combat power. And yet, whenever it came time to challenge them to a fight, they would sometimes evade it altogether by giving trials or just end up telling stories about the past.

One could only go with whatever they were dealt with, and that was how they dealt with the uncertain existence of god.

But what if they could have a conversation?

Once they were done with the current affairs, he would need to go visit a vital information source, Hades.

But first, if one could have a conversation with god, the creator of this world, then it would be possible to obtain an entirely different kind of information.

With how little he knew about this world, and the fact that he was able to come here. Hopefully, he would be able to talk to them.

So Shin thought.



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