TNG Vol. 19 Chapter 3 Part 8

The two of them seemed to have changed a bit, Filma continued.

Schnee also noticed. She sensed the familiar feeling of Shin and Shibaid becoming more refined themselves, rather than being affected by gods.

The way the demeanor changes when a trained soldier or adventurer overcomes his or her own obstacles and grows a great deal. It was very similar to that. 

As Filma said, the two of them seemed to be having a good time in front of a strong enemy, and Schnee felt a little frustrated and sad that she was not there.

“(But I agree with you that we have to be serious about it, and even though there are limitations, we have to produce results beyond what we said we can do.)”

“(I agree. Well, I’ll up the ante a bit too.)”

Filma’s Scarlet Moon』 and Sety’s 『 Dusk Moon』. The top-class weapons, even among Ancient-grade weapons, glowed red and white with light magic. The same was true with Schnee’s 『 Blue Moon』. 

Schnee and Filma kicked the ground, and Sety began chanting.

Schnee’s steps were soundless, gliding across the ground. In contrast, Filma’s steps flew through the air, leaving a ground-shattering sound.

Perhaps sensing the change in the atmosphere, 08 also turned his hostile intent, which had been directed at Shin, toward Schnee and the others. He imbued his fist with magic power and prepared to meet them head-on.

“It’s completely different from before!”

From slightly lower right to the upper left; Filma swung the 『 Scarlet Moon』 as if to cleave. The magic power she put into it shines stronger with the activation of the skill.

Swordsmanship martial arts skill 【Full Slash】.

A fist was unleashed to strike down Filma.

The fist and the blade, each clashed with the magic power that had been enveloped in them, and a vibration similar to a shockwave shook the air. Pushing aside the recoil, the gauntlet and the blade produced sparks.

08’s fist, with its feet on the ground and its own weight.

In contrast, Filma’s own weight, including her armor, was much lighter than that of the 08, and only the propulsive force of the magic power blast pushed her back. Looking at this alone, there was no chance for Filma to win the battle.

The blade slid over the gauntlet. The scraping sound ceased, and Filma crossed diagonally in front of 08’s eyes. There was no follow-up. He knew that if he used his right fist, he wouldn’t be able to deal with Schnee, who would come after him.

“It’s as hard as I’d expect.”

Filma landed on the ground and lightly swung the  『 Scarlet Moon』 on the spot. The blade was not chipped. The durability value was reduced, but her weapon was still fully functional.

In comparison, the 08 gauntlet had a clear cut. It was still usable as a weapon. However, there was no telling what would happen if the same spot was cut. That is what the cut was like.


It was not cut off.

But it must have been a significant cut in a single blow, proof that Filma’s speed and skill exceeded 08’s weight and hardness.

As if to show the 08’s agitation, the magic power it was clad in frayed. Schnee slashed at him mercilessly.

“You are indeed a doll worthy of being called the masterpiece of Lord Reed and Shin.”

Leaving a white afterglow, 『 Blue Moon』 arced in the air.

Katana martial arts skill 【White Light】.

Three flashes of light run over his fist in the blink of an eye. The blade bites deep into the gauntlet and reaches the internal mechanism. 

“But that’s all in the past.”

【Full Slash】 and 【White Light】. Both were skills that increased the sharpness of a weapon. However, even so, it was not easy to slash the 08 gauntlet.

To begin with, no significant difference could be called decisive in terms of performance.

In terms of evaluation, 『 Blue Moon』 and 『 Scarlet Moon』 were superior in terms of the weapon’s own attack power, and 08’s gauntlets were excellent in terms of sturdiness. Overall, they were almost in the same class.

Shin and his colleagues rated the 08 gauntlets higher because of their excellent durability value and faster self-repair speed due to their size.

It was thought that the player’s weapon and the doll should not be compared, even though they are in the same equipment category. Still, they were evaluated in the same category since they are equipment.

Nevertheless, the two weapons enhanced by Shin have greater durability and repair speed.

The magic power that can be put into them is also greater. In addition, there is an increase in stats and experience from previous battles. The two were more than a match for each other.

“We will stop you.”

You will never reach Shin. Standing within the 08’s attack range, Schnee tells him. She strikes with words and with attitude.

08 reacted. His focus turned to Schnee. Sety took advantage of that opportunity. The earth-colored spear, which had been waiting in the air, was released and thrust at 08’s joints.

Water/Earth combination skill 【Mud Capture】.

The speed of the spear was as fast as Schnee and the others, if not faster.

Yet, the earth-colored spear that pierces the joints was not powerful enough to break through the armor. An ordinary person would be damaged, but a Chosen One would not be much affected. That’s about the extent of its power.

However, 【Mud Capture】 was not an offensive skill to begin with. The moment it hits the armor, the clay spear gnashes and crumples.

As its name suggests, it spread around the joints like mud.

And the next moment, it stiffens up stiffly. Instead of inflicting near-death damage to render them immobile, they are physically rendered immobile. That was 【Mud Capture】.

“What are you trying to do?”

The hardened mud and armor rubbed against each other, making a grinding sound.

The mud made by Sety’s magic was much harder than metal when it hardened, and even 08 could not escape easily.

“I have already told you this. We are not here to defeat you. We are here to stop you. If you continue like this, you will eventually break. That would not be what lord Reed would want.”

It’s different from healing injuries by ingesting nutrients like a living creature. No matter how much repair capability you have, there will eventually come to a limit. He would not want his masterpiece to rot away in some unknown place. Schnee told 08.

“I don’t care.”

The hardened mud cracked. At the same time, strange noises were heard from the joints of the 08 and armor.

The 08 is like a mechanical doll.

If it ignores the damage to itself, it can temporarily produce an output that exceeds its own durability value.

“If I can stir Master’s emotions even a little, I will even accept the fact that I will deteriorate.”

I would rather do that than continue to sleep in the dust in a warehouse.

There was a weight to 08’s words that made one feel that he was serious. 

He also said that it would be if he could achieve results, but he didn’t necessarily have to do so.

“But, still.”

The wavering magic power began to shine with its original brilliance, or perhaps even more so.

A few moments to exchange words. In the meantime, he had been preparing for this.

“I, can’t lose to you guys.”

The wounds on the gauntlet disappear as soon as they appeared.

Schnee knew immediately that he was concentrating his magical power in one place to speed up the repair process.

But her experience working with Shin in the forge tells her that it was a double-edged sword. Sure, the wound healed. But in the long run, it has reduced its lifespan as a weapon.

It was enough if you can use it now. It is good if it lasts only for the duration of this battle. That’s the kind of approach 08 uses.

“How reckless.”

“Because I can’t lose.”

The mud covering the joints began to break up. Even though he still could only move awkwardly, 08 swung his repaired fist without hesitation.

Even the sound of the wind seemed to be filled with heat; 08’s will was influencing the magic.

“For you, and only for you.”

The restraint from 【Mud Capture】 shattered.

Sety fired additional shots, but they were smashed to pieces by the gauntlets.

The magic power covering the gauntlet continued to be supplied directly from the main body, but the 【Mud Capture】 is fired, it is all that.

The gauntlet’s magic power canceled out the clay spear’s magic power.

08 stepped forward to close the distance. Then, a chain snagged his feet.

Light art magic skill 【Ark Bind】.

It was one of the most powerful restraint techniques in the light arts.

The strategy was to hit 【Mud Capture】 to 08 in a row and block his movement.

It was a lot of work to keep up the 【Ark Bind】 and fire the 【Mud Capture】 in rapid succession, but Sety could hold out for a while.

“Gu, ooooOOHH!”

From the front, from the back, from above. It was not possible to strike down all of the 【Mud Capture】 flying from all directions at 08, who were stopped in his tracks.

Even if he were to head towards Sety, this time Schnee and Filma would stand in his way.

The shattered mud was also hardened by the earth spear that was shot again. Still, 08 did not stop resisting.

He no longer had his former speed.

Even so, the way he continued to advance toward Schnee, who was right in front of him, could be called foolish.

“Will you stop?”

“I can’t stop.”

Even without the 【Ark Bind】, he could no longer move satisfactorily. Even in such a state, 08 did not stop moving.

“You exchange words with your Master, you make sacrifices, you are given armor, and you are given a role to play.”

The sound of creaking armor. The repeated battles and reckless repairs, as well as the load of trying to shake off the restraints by force. The whole body of the 08 was tormented by these things.

“Oh, how happy you are! I envy you all. I envy you. I envy you. Why is not my master over there? No. Why is he the only one who came back?”

08 extended his hand.

There was no intention to attack. Just wanting to get a little closer to something that cannot be reached. That kind of movement.

Ahead of him was Venna Vaal, who was crumbling, and Shibaid, who was holding up the 『Placid Moon』 and spewing flames.

And then there was Shin, who landed on the earth with overwhelming magical power.

“You guys don’t understand. You don’t understand the helplessness of waiting, believing that you will see each other again someday. You don’t understand the helplessness of waiting, believing that you will see each other again someday, and the emptiness of trying to convince yourself of that with words.”

Resignation seeped into every word. His outstretched hand fell to the ground without effort.

Schnee gently put her own hand on it.

“I understand. That much.”

For a moment, a strong light flashes in the 08’s eyes.

What do you know when your Master is by your side? He didn’t say a word, but one could tell that he wasn’t convinced by Schnee’s remarks.

“I was like that too.”

The hand that had been moving to grab Schnee’s body stopped.

“I’m sure he’ll come back. No matter how fragile that hope may be, no matter how impossible it may seem in my head, I still cling to it. I can’t give up.”

The expression on Schnee’s face was not one of sympathy. Nor was it encouragement.

“I wanted to see him so much that I dreamed about him, but when I woke up, no one was there. Time passed. But my feelings didn’t fade away.”

Emotions were so strong that they could not be forgotten by time. No matter how much time passes, they never disappear.

“I used to do something similar. When my master returns, he will recognize me immediately. So that he would know that I am still here.”

Spreading the name Schnee Raizar. It was also an act of self-preservation on Schnee’s part.

“You are me, the one who was never reunited with Shin. You and I are different, but I still say it. I know how you feel.”


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