TNG Vol. 19 Chapter 3 Part 7

“Now, let’s finish this one quickly and go cover for Schnee and the others. We can’t completely destroy them, so it’s the most troublesome thing.”

Against a god in disaster form, you could not go easy on them. 

The only thing was Shin and Shibaid were in a good position now to have an opponent and a place where they didn’t have to go easy on their opponent. 

Schnee and the others, whose opponent was 08, would have to take it easy, which would take longer and be more dangerous.  

“Let’s end this with a final attack”


With that one word, the atmosphere tensed up. The breath that had been solidified by the 【Water Splash】 was spreading faster than expected as Venna Vaal crushed it with her tail.

If not forcibly stopped as Shibaid had done, the entire mountain would be turned into a world of death by the breath that freezes at the slightest touch.

Basically, the longer the battle went on, the more disadvantageous it became for the player. The best way to deal with the gods was to fight them in short bursts of continuous, unrelenting attacks. 

Inside the barrier, Shin grabbed his 『Scorching Blade』 in his opposite hand and threw it with all his might. The 『Scorching Blade』 flew with a reddish-black trail, ignoring the ice piles that were raining down on them.

Venna Vaal noticed the projectile and instantly deployed an ice wall. 

However, the 『Scorching Blade』 penetrated the block of ice as if it was not there. 

In the blink of an eye, the blade closed the distance and thrust into the center of Venna Vaal’s chest. 

It had the momentum to go straight through, but as if it had already decided to stop there, it pierced deep into the center of her body and stopped.

From there, a crimson line of light began to spread erratically across Venna Vaal’s body.

Sword/Flame combination skill 【Flame Binding】.

The lines that spread were the roots of flames. It was a restraint made of flames that absorbed Venna Vaal’s life force and slowed her movement.

Venna Vaal could not be defeated by the  【Flame Binding】 itself. The purpose was to temporarily slow down her movements and attacks.

As the rain of ice piles decreased in number, Shin and Shibaid dived into Venna Vaal’s bosom, weaving through the gaps.

There was no signal. When they decided to attack, they understood what to do with each other. A strange concentration happened when they were fighting a god that tells them how to move with each other.

Intuitive communication.

From Shin, the magic control when using the skill, and from Shibaid, the extension of the skill’s effect was transmitted without words.

Shin jumped. Before the tail reacted to the moves, Shibaid struck 『Placid Moon』 into the lower half of her body.

As the ice piles changed their aim to track Shin and Shibaid, a partially deployed barrier blocked them.

In front of Venna Vaal’s eyes, Shin clenched his fist tightly. Shibaid was preventing everything that stood in his way. Shin was in no hurry and had no hesitations.

Barehanded-type martial skill 【Shiden – Zekka】* T/N: (Ultimate – Matchless)

This was a skill that Girard excelled at, crushing everything with the magic power that he had imbued in his fist.

There were many skills that bear the name of “Shiden” but none were as memorable as this one.

With a short exhale, Shin unleashed his right fist.

His hand was protected only by the 『Hades Gloves』 and he was not equipped with an offensive weapon.

It was just a blow of his fist. However, its power was more than any other skill used in that place. The fist touched Venna Vaal’s head. There was no resistance, and it was blown away as fine fragments. 

Shin leaped in the air.

With 【Flying Shadow】, which he activated only for a moment, Shin closed the distance opened by the loss of the Venna Vaal’s head.

He pulled back his right fist and thrust out his left fist. 【Zekka】was a one-shot skill. 

If he released it with his right fist, the skill could not be used in his other fist. There was also a recoil.

However, the outstretched fist crushed Venna Vaal from the neck to the waist. 

The 『Scorching Blade』, which had remained deeply embedded in Venna Vaal’s body, was thrown into the air. Shin did not care and thrust his right fist upward. 

The head was regenerating at the tip of his fist, but Shin’s fist blew them all away.

Continuous use of the “Shiden” technique. This was also what Girard once showed in the middle of a battle.

Shibaid blocked the attack, and Shin shattered the main body. Only two people are moving. Despite this, Shin and Shibaid felt like they were fighting as a three-man team. 


“(It’s look like it’s going to be settled over there.)”

“(I thought it would take a little longer, no matter how much Shin and Shibaid𑁋 Hey!)”

While responding to Schnee’s murmur, Filma cut apart a flying rock with Scarlet Moon.

Several other rocks thrown by 08 flew toward Shin and Shibaid, but they were shot down by Sety and Tiera.

“(I don’t think this was as bad as the old days. Maybe it was still too much for them.)”

“(We’d be in trouble if there wasn’t any penalty.)”

The three of them fought against 08, and they had enough time to exchange a few Mind Chats.

“(If we could destroy it without mercy, there would be plenty of ways to do it, but it’s still difficult to say as it doesn’t work that way.)”

“(But we can’t afford to take too much time, because there are three of us.)”

While communicating with Mind Chat, Schnee turned her attention to the rampaging 08. 

The 08 has only been trying to advance toward Shin since the beginning of the battle and had not seriously faced Schnee and her team. 

Schnee and her team were also unable to use more powerful techniques than necessary for the purpose of suppression and were being prevented by 08.

As a result, the situation was close to a stalemate.

“(Shin also said that at least one limb is a necessary sacrifice, so it’s time to get serious.)”

“(Sis Schnee, are you in a bad mood? The two of them are having a lot of fun together, I’m sure you’re thinking about it a little bit.)”

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