TNG Vol. 20 Chapter 3 Part 15

(Still alive?)

Shin landed a blow on the fake who was about to kill Shibaid, and saw that his opponent jumped in time with the attack, parrying some of his damage. His presence hadn’t gone away either. 

The fake Shin reacted to the blow Shin had fired with the intention of cutting it in half, and he parried it, albeit partially. Even though he was a fake, it seemed that being a High Human was not just an afterthought.

(And he was going to leave a souvenir behind.)

Shin understood that the impostor was about to activate his magic the moment of the cut.

The target was probably Shibaid. The fake Shin wanted to make sure that one of them was incapacitated.

Just by looking at the vacant eyes that crossed his momentary gaze, Shin knew immediately when he mimicked himself. Shin was confident that he, the person he was then, would have done it.

He healed Shibaid and cut the cloth wrapped around the Placid Moon that was lying on the ground. The next moment, Placid Moon was in Shibaid’s hands.

“I am ashamed.”

“I’m not bragging, but if you could have done that with me back then, it would have been a big deal. I’m sorry I came late.”

“Tell that to Schnee first.”

Shin also knew that Schnee and the others were heading in their direction.

Filma seemed to have no trouble moving as well.

However, her movements were lackluster.

He apologized for worrying them in 【Mind Chat】 and asked Milt and Yuzuha to help Filma recover.

Shin then turned his attention to Shibaid’s arm.

Although it didn’t reach his arm, there were cracks in his gauntlet, and Shin couldn’t help but imagine what would have happened if he had been a little slower.

Shin was relieved that he had strengthened his equipment and angered that his comrades were hurt.

“Hey, where are you looking?”

The words that came out of Shin’s mouth were lower than usual, and filled with a sense of intimidation.

The ground beneath him cracked, and he closed the distance to the fake instantly.

Shin could tell that the fake had changed his aim to Schnee and the others, who were trying to bypass the black smoke that still hadn’t gone away.

He slashed the sword he was holding horizontally from his right side. Light purple lightning overlapped with the trajectory of the sword, baring its fangs at the fake like a giant snake pouncing on its prey.

What Shin was holding in his hand was the Ancient-grade swordPurple Storm . It was a sword that combined two attributes: wind and lightning. He knew that his opponent was a humanoid, a fake High Human, so he switched from Burning Sword』 to this one.

Real and fake. Their weapons clashed, and sparks flew.

It was Shin who pushed through.

His status and weapon performance were literally orders of magnitude different now than they were when he was playing the game.

In addition, the Purple Storm had the effect of paralyzing the opponent with a certain probability during a normal attack.

Even without paralysis, the effect of temporarily stiffening the limbs of the lightning was still present. The loss of strength in the body was fatal in battle, even if only for a moment, whether it was against a human or a monster.

The blade of the fake Shin’s sword, which was probably modeled after the True Moon was chipped, and the Purple Storm』’s blade reached the fake.

There was no paralysis due to the additional effect, but even without relying on such a thing, the battle was already won from the other end.

The fake left arm left the main body and flew into the air. However, the main body escaped at the cost of his left arm.

The fake began to recover immediately, but even Shin from the game era could not revive his severed arm to the point where he could fight right away with just the automatic recovery ability. Not to mention if it was a fake. And Shin wouldn’t allow any other recovery actions.

The flailing blade attacked the fake.

The fake tried to parry the Purple Storm stiffened slightly this time.

A wriggling purple electric snake took away the freedom of the fake Shin’s body. Fortunately, the fake tried to backstep to get some distance, and he was able to dodge it once, but by that point he was already close to death.

Magic power swirled between the two of them. The fake was probably trying to use magic to force them to distance themselves.

However, as soon as the fake Shin’s magic was activated, it fizzled out without displaying its original power.

Shin did not care about the fireball that was barely triggered.

The ability that the fake did not have, but the real one did. A magic resistance so powerful that it almost nullified the magic of the adversary. One of the reasons why High Humans were feared apart from their status.

What Shin did was similar to the fake’s movement when he ran into Filma’s fireball, but the result was completely different. This one didn’t affect his balance, and didn’t even take any damage.

“It’s over.”

The Purple Storm that Shin held in the upper position cut the fake in two.

Half a step behind the slash, a blade of wind and a lightning strike tore the fake’s body apart.

Three-type hybrid combination skill 【Explosive Hurricane】.

Like a local storm, the wind and lightning not only tear apart the fake body, but also tear apart the earth and disappear.

The situation at ground zero seemed to show Shin’s anger.

With one swing of Purple Storm and sheathing it, Shin turned his back on the destruction he has caused.

Not even a single piece of the fake’s blade was left there.


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