TNG Vol. 20 Chapter 3 Part 3

“Are you ready to continue?”

Hades asked, and Milt answered stoutly, even though she was a little unsteady.

“I was a bit surprised, but I had no choice but to ask. To me, it’s more important than my own life.”

“You are a strong girl, aren’t you? How bout you, Shin?”

Shin nodded, gently supporting Milt’s back, thinking it was better than not doing anything.

“Then, let’s talk about it step by step. First, let’s talk about how you came to this world. The main reason is that Origin invaded your world and was subsequently defeated by Shin.”

Compared to the world Shin and his friends came from, this world was small and weak.

But there were strong ties and similarities in certain parts.

“Of course, the changes made by the management were reflected exactly as they were. It’s natural that they look alike.”

The world that was directly influenced and transformed by the overwhelmingly superior world – that was the world Shin and his team were in now. From their point of view, it was only a programmed world and they were unaware that they were influencing it. 

Nevertheless, this world certainly existed. There were people living in it.

Even if it was not in its original form, even if there was no awareness of it, it was not a fictional world composed of zeros and ones.

“If everyone had just accepted it as such, we wouldn’t be here today.”

However, that didn’t happen.

“Most people in this world were not aware that they were being influenced, and lived their lives by adapting to the ever-changing world. Even those who were aware of it accepted it as natural, since they had been like this since birth. However, among those who were conscious, there were those who were unable to accept and rebel.”


“That’s right. This guy, who is one of the pillars among beings with remarkable power in this world, objected to being treated as if he were a subordinate of the upper world. He said,  ‘why should we continue to be influenced unilaterally by a world that we just happen to be connected to?’”

For Shin’s side, they were not even aware that they were influencing this world. Hades said that when it was still a normal VRMMO, even the life and death of people was really no different from a game.

That, too, was something Origin could not stand.

“We were not like this from the beginning. We were just a collection of powers with a vague consciousness. We simply existed. However, in this world, we had the strength of a god. That is what you call boss monsters, gods, divine beasts, and miasma.”

Fourteen particularly powerful beings were given the form of a pair of progenitors of mankind, and the others were given a different form. Of course, this was from the Hades’ point of view; from Shin’s world, they simply designed the monsters by running a program that they had set up.

“For us, it was an astonishing sight. The world that had no form at all was filled with life as the earth, the sea, and the sky were born. Perhaps it was because we had already had a form that we were able to understand how it was done.”

The difference in status between the two when viewed in terms of the world. The difference between the two was clearly shown to them.

Hades said that at this point, even the thought of defying no longer occurred to her.

“However, Origin… his official name is Origin I, but now, let’s call it by this name. He was different. No matter how much difference there is in power, he always takes revenge. That’s the kind of guy he is.”

Perhaps it was the “character” he was given that made him that way. Hades continued with a distant look in her eyes for a moment. But it was only for a moment, and she quickly returned her gaze.

“He used all the power he had, and even stole the power from the other Origin series and succeeded in interfering with your world. That resulted in the world you currently experienced.”

Death in the game became a reality. It was an event so sudden and without warning. And whether or not one was involved was truly a matter of luck. 

Shin did not know what to say to the cause.

“Shin, and Milt. Before we talk about what’s to come, I ask you one thing. How did you guys know that dying in that world would lead to death in reality?”

Hades asked Shin and Milt, who were speechless.

“How is that…?…!?”

Shin realized this while trying to answer the reason.

𑁋He didn’t know.

They didn’t know how they knew about it.

There was no way to contact reality.

There was no way for Shin and his friends to know what happened to the player who died in the game in real life.

There was no way for them to know what happened to the player who died in the game in real life. It was just the way it was.


Milt’s hand was shaking as she held his arm.

She didn’t understand the reason either, and she was probably just as confused as Shin. Milt herself thought that it would all end if she died.

“You seem to have noticed. That’s one of the things Origin did when he invaded your world. Of course, there are other things as well.” Said Hades.

There were four main changes that Origin made to the game THE NEW GATE.

The first was to capture Shin and other players in the game world.

It could only be influenced within the game that was connected to this world. That’s why it was necessary to prevent logged-in players from escaping. 

At the same time, the avatar in the game and the body were synchronized, making death in the game and death in reality the same.

This was due to supernatural forces that could not be explained by science. This was possible only because the power of this world interfered with the real world, even if only partially. In addition, at this point, even if the equipment was turned off in reality, the mind would no longer be released. This was the first thing he had done since he became able to interfere in reality. 

The second was the imprinting of knowledge on the players.

There was only one life. If one was hunted by a monster, they would die. Fighting was a battle of life and death. He intentionally gave this information to help players understand.

The third was modification to NPCs. Awakening of consciousness as a human being.

This was a product of Origin’s anger that they were not just a “thing” to be consumed.

The fourth was the separation of one’s own manifestation and the world.

This was half a success and half a failure.

Origin descended upon Shin’s world with a force that could be described as overwhelming and carried out the changes. Wary of a reverse invasion by the players, he also deployed guardians.

However, the power that Origin had taken from the Hades ran out at that point. And now the other side interfered. Origin was confined to the dungeon boss category, and the world of Shin and his friends had given him the role of the guardian of the singularity that connected this world and the game world.

“Even if it happened at the end of the fictional world, it seems that the world itself would not let such a barbaric act go unchecked. It seems that a lot of things have spilled over into our world, albeit in small amounts.”

It was said that an undefined ‘force’ was circulating across the world, from here to there and from there to here.

Although it was not known what kind of influence it had on the world, it was said that it stopped after Origin went to Shin’s world. So, Hades continued, Origin’s presence must have served as a kind of corkscrew.

“Is that why you were called Gatekeeper?”

It was certainly called that in the game.

From the perspective of Shin and his friends’ world, they might have thought that there was someone who had come over here, so let’s take advantage of them.

“Then I came here.”

“When the cork is pulled out, what remains there flows in. Considering the difference in capacity across the world, some amount probably flowed there from here. Originally, Shin, who is from the other side, shouldn’t have been affected that much, but he had already absorbed the power of Origin at that time.”

From the real world side, he was swept away by the torrent of mysterious power, and from this world, he was pulled in as the being he should have been because he possessed the power of Origin. And the place was right too. Shin and his friends were fighting in a place that could be called the base that connects the two worlds. The conditions to jump between the worlds were perfect.

“Anyway, I understand that I came here. Then what on earth is going on with Milt?”

Death in the game becomes death in real life. Whether that knowledge was given or not, the phenomenon of dying was a fact.

“Death in the game does not immediately lead to physical death. It takes some time for the avatar to disappear and for the physical body to be affected. Furthermore, the fact that it was Shin who delivered the final blow was the decisive factor.”

In a world that had become a death game, Shin had cleared various dungeons.

Sometimes alone, sometimes with the help of other players, he had to challenge a dungeon called the Gate of the Otherworld, where the Origin resided.

“Those things were born from the influence of the Origin’s power on the system. The more you clear the battle, the more the Origin’s power resides in your body – or should I say, in your avatar.”

Shin was clearing dungeons by himself that would normally be cleared with a party.

It was said that his avatar itself became close to Origin because he continued to harbor the power of Origin, which should have been dispersed among many players and was not supposed to exhibit much power, was kept in one person.

When Shin killed Milt, he had already cleared many dungeons, so it seemed that she was affected by it.

“However, the main reason was that Milt did not refuse your blade. Fear of death diminishes Origin’s influence. However, Milt accepted without hesitation. No, perhaps she even wanted to? This can only be described as a miracle of coincidences. By nature, living things avoid death. This is the main reason why many of the players killed by Shin acted in a slightly unethical manner. They seemed to be accepting their own death.”

Shin immediately realized that she was talking about Player Killer (PK). They were the ones who enjoyed fighting to the death. It was no surprise that they had less fear of death than the average player, which should have reduced their influence.

“But, in the end, I’m still going to die, right?”

Milt asked, looking confused.

“Originally, yes, it would have been, Milt. When you were cut by Shin, your body was at its limit.”


Shin knew that Milt was too sick to get out of her hospital bed by herself. As soon as he heard Hades’ story, he could imagine that Milt’s condition took a sudden turn for the worse.

“If you die here, the living body on the other side dies. However, this time the opposite phenomenon occurred. It’s like the information from this body was overwritten by the body on the other side.”

“…In other words, her body, which was supposed to die, has become healthy and has superhuman physical abilities?”

Shin, who asked the question, did not immediately believe it.

It was beyond the realm of modern medicine that a body that had been wandering on the border between life and death could suddenly become healthy. That was the realm of fantasy.

“I don’t know what happened to her physical abilities. The only thing I know from the extent of my power is that her illness has disappeared.”

It went beyond what could be described as a miracle.

Shin did not know what the time flow was between the other world and this world, but he could only guess that there must be – or will be – a big fuss.

“Is it all just a coincidence?”

“At that time, it was difficult for us to even interfere with you. It was also difficult to obtain any information other than the part related to Origin. I don’t think there are people who can manipulate you in such a state without you even realizing it, Shin. You continued to clear dungeons by yourself and didn’t hesitate to wield your blade. Milt wanted to die. She chose Shin as her final opponent. And what happened was just before Milt’s body reached its limit. If there is someone who can arrange all of these things, it would be a real God, not an imitation like me.”

Hades said and shrugged her shoulders.

While you thought the conditions were too good to be true, on the other hand, you also thought that’s true if you listened to the story. It truly was something that was beyond human comprehension.

“Then, at least Milt’s worries have been resolved?”

Milt wanted to die because caring for her would place a physical and financial burden on her parents. If she was able to live a normal life again, she had no reason to wish to die.

“Well, I guess that’s the case.”

Milt was probably worried because she thought she would return in the same condition as before she started the game. However, now that she had heard what Hades had to say, one could see a hint of relief amidst her confusion.

“Now that Milt’s issue has been resolved for now, what about me? Did my body change like Milt’s?”

“As far as I know, there is no change in your body at present. If there is a change, it will be after you return.”

“Isn’t it the end when the spiritual thing returns to its original body?”

Even if he has superhuman strength in this world, he was just an ordinary person in his original world. That’s Shin’s understanding.

“The power of the Origin is not in your avatar, but in your spirit. When it returns to your body, there will be some kind of change. However, you can rest assured that your appearance will not change. The power that resides in you already remembers the shape of your body.”

He wouldn’t suddenly grow horns or scales like in Origin, nor does his face change into the shape of a dragon.


After saying that, Shin sat down on the spot.

Then, after taking a deep breath, he asked the most important question.

“When? When will I go back over there?”

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