TNG Vol. 20 Chapter 3 Part 6

Shin thought for a moment, then decided to take the opportunity to list all the questions he could think of.

Is it possible to make the guardians stationed in the sacred places docile?

What about the players who have come to our world, especially the PKs?

Why the miasma demons* were quiet and about their ability to interfere with players. (TLN: This used to be translated as “demon” but the raw stated 瘴魔デーモン with “demon” as furigana above “miasma”. I thought it was better just to say “miasma demon”.)

About the titles and skills gained from Origin, etc.

A few answers were obtained.

She said that understanding detailed player trends was especially difficult. Unless they were prominent beings like Shin and the others, they seemed almost indistinguishable.

Hades would personally notify the guardians of the sacred place so that they wouldn’t be hostile to Shin. She said she couldn’t take responsibility for whether or not they obeyed, but it was not a bad idea if it would give them a chance of not having to fight.

“As for the miasma demon, it would be better to ask Yuzuha than me. Or do you not recall anything about that?”

“I remember interfering with the ley lines and blocking their movement.”

Yuzuha’s attitude toward Hades was somewhat off-putting as if she still had some grievances.

Even so, she remembered that she had suppressed the earth’s crust and at the same time sealed away the miasma demons that were about to break out.

“The price to pay for that is what she looks like now. I sensed that it was doing something, but I thought she was dead.”

The fact that the Elementail was so compatible with ley line was the only reason she was able to do all that she did. However, Hades said that she was too greedy.

Although the sealing was successful, Yuzuha seemed to be able to feel the miasma leaking from the main body through the ley line and gathering around her.

Although there were differences in the miasma leaking from each individual, Yuzuha was alone. Among the sealed miasma demons, the top Miasma King was also included. If all the miasma was concentrated, it wouldn’t be strange for even a level 1000 monster to lose its life.

“I guess the timing of my encounter was really just in the nick of time.”

If Shin had been a little slower, Yuzuha would have been torn apart by the invading golem.

Yuzuha, who had just met Shin, had no strength left to do anything about it.

Shin realized once again how dangerous the situation was at that time. Thinking back, he broke into a cold sweat.

“I think it would be best if you limit the amount of time you get close to people.”


Hades shrugged.

Yuzuha looked away, thinking that it was unnecessary.

“As for titles and skills, I don’t have enough information to be able to say for sure. Origin’s ability is now in a more suitable form when transferred to Shin. That’s about all I can guess. I can look into it in more detail if you want.”

If it’s Origin-derived ability, it seemed like it could be investigated. It seemed to be similar to an appraisal and there were no disadvantages, so he decided to have her look into it.

“The title… is as expected. It seems to have some effect on people who are related to you, but this one is derived from a skill.”

Among the skills he acquired by defeating Origin, the most noteworthy one was 【Hades Surge】.

It seemed to have the effect of not only strengthening his own abilities, but also influencing those around him to strengthen their abilities.

“How wide is the area effect around me? Also, what are the usage conditions?”

“I don’t know that much. I thought the effect would be the same since it has the same name as the skill I have, but apparently it’s different. I was only able to read part of the effect.”

“Maybe it’s part of that effect. I wonder why they have the same name in the first place.”

While thinking that just strengthening himself and those around him was powerful enough, she suddenly said what he thought. Shin searched his memory, thinking that it must have been a different name when Origin used it.

“Now then, did he have an idea what he was doing?  Or did he apply a power that doesn’t exist in the system to something close? I don’t know.”

Hades shook her head with a slightly sad expression.

Hades said that the 【Scattering Surge】 and 【Concentrated Surge】 would be a wide-area attack and a single-point concentrated attack respectively, using the special aura generated when the 【Hades Surge】 was activated. She didn’t have any similar skills for these two, so it seemed like she couldn’t read much of the information.

“Well, in a way that was the most mysterious part. I’m just glad we got any information.”

It was a skill that he didn’t know if it had been activated or not since he got it before he came here. It still felt more secure than having a skill whose effects were completely unknown residing in his body. 

“Well, that was the last question.”

“Ah, I would like you to tell me as much as you can about the revival potion.”

As of now, there was no word from anyone other than Hibineko that he had used it. Kuchinashi, who didn’t reply right away, didn’t seem to be using it either.

“As its name suggests, it has the power to revive the dead. However, it has little effect on things that were originally born here. It only takes effect immediately after death. Moreover, it is no good if the physical damage is too great.”

The elixir, a universal healing potion, also has tremendous healing power, but Hades said that the order of magnitude of energy required to heal a living person was different from that required to revive a dead person.

“However, for former players, reincarnated people, and now the chosen ones, the effect on them is similar, if not the same.”

According to Hades, it seems that resurrection through items and skills is built into the player’s biological function.

Chosen Ones who inherit this power also have a similar function, though not as complete.

“Revival potion works on the resuscitation function and restores the body. It doesn’t mean you can always revive a corpse if you use it on a corpse, but compared to the inhabitants of this world, the effects and time limit are quite different.”

The potion was most effective for former players like Shin and Milt. Next were the supporting characters. Then, in the following order of effectiveness, Chosen Ones were less effective.

Still, the potion was able to be used to revive people within half a day, even if half of their bodies had been blown up.

As for the offspring of ex-players, support characters, and Chosen Ones, it seemed that it was difficult to generalize as there were large individual differences. 

“In that case, I think it would be good if more research was done.”

“Well, it requires materials that are almost impossible to obtain these days. The method of making it may have been lost. The skills needed are also not easily attainable.”

Nowadays, even healing potions that were effective for body parts loss have become extremely valuable items.

The revival potion, which was created using superior materials and high-rank skills, was probably already becoming lost to myths.

“Above all, people are being led to think that they will not come back to life after they die. It must have had an impact on the NPCs at the time as well. Didn’t you and the people around you even think about revival potion, until something happened?”

“Milt is the same way. I remembered it in a flash of inspiration.”

Shin recalled it in the middle of his conversation with Wilhelm, without any particular trigger.

“Maybe it’s because it contains the power of Origin.”

“Is it somehow related?”

“It’s a remnant of the consciousness manipulation that you and others received from Origin that death in the game is death in reality. You didn’t think about the revival potion back then, did you?”

“Now that you mention it, I haven’t heard of anyone trying it.”

It was not uncommon for players to die during battle.

It wouldn’t be strange if there were players who originally used it because it didn’t work, but Shin has never heard of such a story.

The same goes for major guilds. The players who were helping Shin didn’t even talk about what would happen if he could use the revival potion.

Perhaps the manipulation of consciousness included the fact that there was no point in using the potion.

“Right now, there is almost no compulsion left. It may not be as easy as Shin, but if you are a long-lived species or a former player, you will be able to think about it after some time.”

Hibineko also said that he finally came to his senses when he was faced with an emergency situation where someone he knew was on the verge of death.

“Does the revival potion we have still have any effect?”

“The ones you got before coming here are more effective. Player inventory is a treasure trove here. There are probably people doing research on the potion. It’s just that things are things. The study of life sometimes drives people crazy. Even if they are conducting research, whether or not it is legitimate depends on the researcher’s temperament.”

Thinking back to his conversation with Wilhelm, Shin thought that it probably wasn’t being used for any meaningful research. You could even say that this was the norm of the world.

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