TNG Vol. 20 Chapter 3 Part 8

Immediately after Shin, Milt, and Yuzuha were teleported to another location, Schnee and Shibaid noticed it first.

Both of them were so surprised to see Shin and Yuzuha, who should have passed through the door before their eyes, disappear like a haze, that they stopped dead in their tracks.

They didn’t even hear the call of Filma and others from behind.

Schnee came back to her senses a little faster than the others.

“…I’ll try to contact him through 【Mind Chat】. Please explain to everyone and be on guard, Shibaid.”

“Mm, I understand.”

I’ve seen cases before where the response suddenly disappears. So it will be okay this time, too. Schnee, with this in mind, pushed down her agitation and sent a 【Mind Chat】 message to Shin.

She felt herself becoming calmer as she heard Shin’s calm voice.

“What did Shin say?”

Shibaid spoke to her just as Schnee hung up the

“It seems that Shin, Yuzuha, and Milt were teleported to the same location. They said it might be the deepest part of this dungeon.”

“If it was just Shin and Yuzuha, I would understand, but Milt too?”

“Yuzuha was in close contact with me, so I can think of them as being together, but I’m curious about Milt as well.”

What immediately came to mind was that Milt was a former player and someone close to Shin.

Schnee also knew that Milt’s life had been cut short by Shin before she came here. Even if she was called along with Shin, she wouldn’t feel out of place.

“Do you think it makes sense that it’s just Shin and the others, not everyone?”

“I suppose it does. There are stories that we can’t hear, or that only Shin and the others can understand. Maybe there are things like that.”

Both were possible, Schnee thought.

Hades was at least half the body of the Origin that Shin fought.

There was a high possibility that Hades had information that was unknown to them, or in other words, the residents of this world.

Among them, there may be stories that could shake the foundations of this world.

It was possible that Hades temporarily disconnected themselves from the world in order to prevent them from hearing such information.

Also, if they talk about the world beyond where Shin was, Schnee and the others might not even be able to understand it.

It was not impossible to say that Shin left the message here so that they would not have to give unnecessary explanations.

As she listed the possibilities, Schnee’s mind, which should have been calm, began to stir again.

“Look, don’t look so difficult and move on. Shin and the others are deep in the dungeon, right? In that case, we have to go get them soon.”

Filma patted Schnee on the shoulder as she pondered why.

There was no time to stop and worry, because there were no answers to be found. With her natural cheerfulness, Filma softened the atmosphere of the party.

Schnee nodded in return and turned to the door at the back of the supply area.

“Master, just to confirm, Shin and the others are safe, right?”

“Yeah, it seems like that’s definitely true. They said they’ll be waiting, so let’s proceed without rushing.”

Schnee kindly answered Tiera who was worried about Shin and the others who suddenly disappeared.

Tiera, who was advancing in the back row, had witnessed Milt’s disappearance.

Seeing Schnee calmly caring for Tiera, Shibaid, and Filma looked impressed.

“What’s wrong? Why is everyone making that face?”

“Because you seem to be the first one to rush in at times like this, Schnee. I don’t know why you would be so concerned about Tiera.”

“Wait a minute. What does Filma think I am?”

“The last time Shin went to sea to save the samurai girls, you looked like you wanted to go after him. But this time, he suddenly disappeared. I’d be worried that you might not be keeping your cool.”

Schnee was aware that when it came to Shin, she couldn’t see what was going on around her, so she couldn’t argue back strongly enough.

“I understand, but I am no longer the same person I was then.”

She still worried about the same thing. However, her relationship with Shin was different between then and now.

At least he was safe and sound, so she was not in a hurry to leave her allies behind.

There was once a time when Shin’s presence suddenly disappeared in Bayreuth Kingdom, but she would not be as upset as she had been then.

Schnee took a deep breath as if to confirm her feelings.

“I guess a lot happened while I was gone.”

“There’s never a dull moment with Shin. There are things I haven’t told you yet, Sety, and I’ll tell you when all this is over. I’ll have to ask Tiera about Schnee, too.”

Sety and Filma were curious.

Schnee silently smiled at Tiera, who seemed unsure of how much to tell them.

“Huh!? Eh, uh…”

You know what I mean, right? Tiera seemed to get the message without saying it, and she was nodding in a cold sweat.

Shibaid sighed, but Schnee pretended not to see it.

“Now, since we have fewer members, we’ll change our formation a little.”

In front of the gate leading to the arena, Shibaid looked back at the remaining members.

As he said, they needed to get into formation again.

With Shin and Milt gone, it was like having two less vanguards, and Yuzuha was both a rear guard and a cover for the vanguard.

However, Kagerou assumed the role of tank, and Sety was not yet ready to take her role seriously.

With that in mind, Shibaid and Filma were the vanguard. Sety and Tiera were still the rear guard, with Schnee in between them to fill in any gaps.

Kagerou changed to about the size of a 3-mel as the rear guard.

“Perhaps Hades is trying to contact Shin. We shouldn’t be impatient, but I think we need to hurry up a bit.”

“I agree. We can’t just sit back and wait to see what the enemy can do.”

“Okay then.”

Assuming that the formation was as they had just decided, Schnee and Sety proposed to attack first with magic.

“Hmm, let’s proceed that way while we can.”

It was not for the drop items, nor was it for the act of fighting itself.

Even if it was not for Schnee, Sety wanted to hurry up and join Shin and the others.

“Hehehe. Looks like my turn has come!”

Sety was fired up when she heard that magic would be the main part of the battle.

She was the only one who could really handle magic among the support characters.

“I will show you the results of my research.”

Before opening the door, she moved her right arm in front of her chest with her palm up. There, seven red light balls, each about two cemels radius, appeared in a circle.

“Shibaid, could you open the door when I give you a signal?”


While they were talking, the red light balls gradually became lighter in color and finally turned white.

“Please open it.”

Shibaid nodded and opened the door.

As the group advanced slowly along with Sety, five humanoid figures appeared.

The number seemed to decrease in the absence of Shin and the others.

Entering the arena, Sety floated soundlessly on the spot and stretched her arms forward, which she had kept in front of her chest. Then, five of the light balls that had formed a circle disappeared without a sound.


It was Tiera who let out a voice.

In front of her, the five human figures were melting and collapsing from the chest down.

“It’s a magic I’ve never seen before. Is it something newly developed?”

“Yeah. It’s still full of flaws, but it’ll one shot this kind of opponent.”

Schnee had a rough idea of what Sety had done, based on the state of the humanoid and its previous movements. That’s why she immediately realized the danger.

“Don’t teach it to others.”

“I can’t tell anyone for many reasons, and if someone comes along who can use it, I’m not going to give them the details. I mean, sis Schnee, do you know what I did?”

“I can at least guess what you did. It doesn’t mean I’ll be able to do the same thing right away, though.”

The development of new magic was a challenge not only for Sety, but also for many other magicians.

Schnee, who had traveled all over the continent and met people from many different countries, knew someone who was thinking along the same lines as Sety.

“Um, what did Sety do just now?”

Schnee answered Tiera, who twisted her head in confusion.

“What she did was extremely simple. She teleported the fireball created with her magic skill into the humanoid’s body. That’s why they’re melting from the inside.”

“Teleported into their body…?”

I don’t know what you’re talking about – those words seemed to be floating on Tiera’s dumbfounded face.

“Nowadays, there are very few people who use teleportation. They probably won’t come up with an idea like Sety’s. However, if you can use it freely, it will be more threatening than light magic or lightning magic. At first glance, it is almost impossible to dodge.”

Shibaid was thinking seriously about it, and Sety said with a troubled expression.

“It’s nice to lift it up, but it’s not really easy to use, okay?”

“Well, well, for now, let’s just say it’s a quick way to move on.”

Filma put her hand on the door, urging the members who were thinking about various things to go ahead.

Even as they talked, everyone was moving their feet steadily.

As soon as the door opened, everyone stopped.

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