TWEM Vol. 1 Side Story (Digital Version)

Digital Version Side Story – Picking up Girls in the Royal Capital – Observation Report

I, Yuki Haruto, was heading to the central square of the royal capital of this Perdis kingdom.

I was shopping by myself to prepare for the next request, then I was supposed to meet my party member, Finne, in the central square.

When I arrived in the square it was five minutes before the designated time.

I looked around a bit and — found her.

Finne was standing there, her hood hiding her face.

The next moment, a tricky gust of wind blew the hood off her head.

The attention of the surrounding men was completely drawn by her lovely features. Some of them even blushed.

Before I could approach Finne, two strangers were standing before her.

“Look at you, so cute! Want to have a drink together?”

“We’re rank B adventurers, ya know?”

A blondie and a redhead. They were engaged in our same trade, apparently.

I decided to observe them a little and hid in the shadows of an alley nearby.

“No, I’m waiting for someone, so…”

“But you’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes already, right? I was watching. Maybe they aren’t coming anymore?”

Finne, you were waiting so long…?

Finne, however, replied firmly.

“No, he will definitely come. It’s five minutes before our meeting time now. I’m sure he’s close and watching us now.”

Eh? Could it be that…she saw me?

No, she isn’t looking this way, so that can’t be.

The blondie, however, laughed at her words.

“Haha! If he’s close and watching us, then he’s too scared of us to come out!”

“T-that is not true!!”

Finne protested to the blondie, but she seemed kind of shaken.

She then continued.

“Because Sir Haruto is a rank A adventurer!!”

The blondie and the redhead laughed harder.

“Rank A!? Oh please! You’re just making that up to run away from us, right?”

“Yeah, I bet she’s lying — wait a second. What did you say his name was?”

The blondie apparently noticed something was off.

“S-sir Haruto…”

The blondie seemed to recall something: he looked down and started mumbling.

“Hey, what’s gotten into you?”

The blondie raised his head and looked at the redhead.

“…we heard of the adventurer who took down the Ebony Wolves gang, didn’t we…?”

“Yeah, the guy who finally eliminated those bastard thieves, right? His name was — don’t tell me!?”

The redhead noticed too, so I left the shadow I was hiding in and approached Finne.

“Hey there, did you wait long?”

I waved to Finne as if nothing happened, but she glared back at me. So she had really found me…

After a brief silence, Finne pouted and asked me a question.

“…Sir Haruto, isn’t there anything you want to say?”

Lady Finne appeared to be in a rather cross mood.

“My deepest apologies for thinking it could be funny to hide and look!!”

I immediately kneeled down to the ground and apologized.

The blondie and the redhead couldn’t keep up with the sudden development, but when they regained their senses the blondie spoke to me.

“Are you Ha— ”

“Shut up!! Get lost already!!”

I interrupted him and gave them my worst glare, so they both scampered away shrieking.

“Ehm…lady Finne…?”


“I am really truly deeply sorry!!”

There was nothing to do but to apologize before Finne’s overwhelming silent pressure.

I was then forced to sit on my ankles on the hard ground and received an hour long scolding session.

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