TWEM Vol. 3 Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11 – Conclusion


In front of me, Haruto, Heelis was enveloped in black magic power.

“What in the world is about to happen now…?”

I hadn’t got any information whatsoever, but I could tell it was nothing good.

I shaped my hand into a pistol and fired a magic bullet that compresses magic power.

The magic bullet was powerful enough to blow off the upper part of trees and monsters but it was easily blocked by the black mana*. (TLN: interchangeably with black magic)

“…Was it repelled because the mana is so dense?”

While muttering, I checked the surrounding situation.

Tendo and the others seemed to have finished killing both of the Yvels, but they got anxious after seeing the situation with Heelis.

The same was true for Finne, Iris, Kusel and Asha who were near the royal family.

On the other hand, the black mana kept getting thicker and thicker.

I decided to take countermeasures, just in case.

“Tendo, Finne. Gather everyone in one place. I don’t know what’s going on with this guy, so I’m going to set up a barrier to protect everyone together……gather the royals together, too, just in case.”

To be honest, I didn’t really care what happened to the royal family, but if they died in the aftermath of the battle, I wouldn’t be able to make sure they got their comeuppance.


“I understand!”

Tendo and Finne nodded, and everyone gathered around the royals.

“—Aegis*” (TLN: Space Rupture Barrier)

With those words, the strongest barrier that blocked all kinds of interference was deployed.

And at the same time, the magic power that was erupting from Heelis’ body contracted to form a black orb.

The next moment, the orb popped with great force, and a gigantic Yvel appeared from within.

And not only did the body become bigger, but the amount of magic power was more than double what it was before.


The Yvel’s eyes glowed reddish-black as he glared hard at me.

“Sure. Go ahead, that’s if you can.”

I held up my beloved sword and said to Heelis.

Heelis didn’t say anything, but in reply, multiple magic circles appeared in front of him.

“How can that many be deployed simultaneously with no chant?”

To think someone besides me could perform such a feat.


The magic that was released was Fire Lance.

“Are you trying to burn down the castle? —Water Wall! ”

Well, I’m sure it didn’t even cross his mind.

A number of flaming arrows pierced into the wall of water that I had created in front of me, and steam was generated.

The next moment, I jumped back as quickly as I could because my Detect Danger was triggered, and multiple black hands came at me through the wall of water.

When I canceled the water wall and checked, I saw that Heelis’ arm was extended toward me and split in the middle to form countless arms.

“What the hell is that, gross! ”

In the corner of my eye, Mogami shouted, and Suzuno and the other girls nodded in agreement.


I, on the other hand, kept cutting off the arms that were chasing me even after I avoided them, but I clicked my tongue at the sheer number of them.

It’s easier to deal with these things all at once.

“—Fire Fang!”

I cast the spell, and something like a beast’s mouth appeared in front of me.

Its mouth, with its sharp fangs, bit off the countless hands that were closing in on me, turning them to ashes.

But Heelis’ arms regenerated endlessly.

“There’s no end to them. In that case—”

I ducked through the countless arms and slipped into melee range of Heelis.

The recovery speed seems to be a little faster, but so long as it’s still a Yvel, it should disappear into dust if I cut up its body.

Having made that decision, I slashed Heelis into small pieces.

“…How about this?”

I moved some distance away, just in case, and watched as Heelis regenerated at a much faster rate than before.

“Are you kidding me?”

Iris, who had actually fought a Yvel earlier and knew how troublesome their regenerative ability was, let the words slip out as if to say she couldn’t believe it.

It is indeed a phenomenal regeneration speed, but it didn’t change the fact that I had to defeat this freak.

The regenerated Heelis stood up and launched yet another set of countless branched arms at me again.

I was trying to think of a way to deal with them while avoiding them, but to my annoyance, fire, wind, and dark magic were released from each hand.

“He also wields three attributes?”

I decided to stop evading the magic that was coming at me from every angle.

“Well, not that it matters either way—Aegis!”

In an instant, a barrier was formed around me.

Heelis’ magic landed, and with an explosion, the surrounding area was covered in smoke.

Twisted in a convoluted pattern, countless arms attacked, but they were also blocked by the barrier.

Heelis irritatedly attacked with his arms, but was unable to break through the barrier.

“Now then…”

I saw an opening and released the barrier.

Naturally, his arms and magic rushed at me, but I dove within melee range of Heelis again using Ground Shrink.

I then launched quickdraw arts consecutively, cutting off both arms from their base.

With such perfect timing, it would be faster for me to swing my sword than for Heelis to regenerate.

And just as I was about to drop his head—

“Gu, GaaaaaaaaaAAHh!!”

Heelis roared.

The sudden roar at such close range startled me for just a moment, and then Heelis’ arm regenerated even faster than before and attacked me.

“What the!?”

I jumped backward as quickly as I could, but the arm split off and attacked me again.

Realizing there would be no end to them even if I continued to cut them off. I decided…

I held up my hand towards Heelis.


Staying true to the name of the spell, a combination of darkness and fire magic, converging into flames of two colors, black and red, attacked Heelis.


The arms that came towards me were burned off as soon as they touched the flames.

In addition, Heelis himself was instantly engulfed in flames all over his body. 


Heelis tried to shake off the flames with a roar, but the Inferno would not disappear until the target was burned to the ground.

Heelis’ roar became weaker and weaker.

I knew he would ultimately burn out like this.

“Sheesh, what a troublesome enemy”

I muttered to myself and looked at Finne and the others to make sure they were okay.

However, Finne cried out urgently.

“Haruto, look out!”

Immediately afterwards, there was a sensation from my detect presence and then my detect danger was triggered.

As I turned my attention to Heelis, and I saw that he was clad in red and black flames and was extending countless arms toward me.

“Oh shit!”

I was completely caught off guard.

I quickly activated the skill Diamond to increase my physical strength and guarded with both arms, but I was blown away and sent flying through the wall all the way to the garden.


“I’m fine!”

I shouted in response to Finne’s worried voice.

Still, it was a more powerful blow than ever.

How the hell did he get out of inferno?

I checked Heelis’ status again.


Heelis Forla Glicente






Yvel (Ex-Human)


Fire Magic LV6

Wind Magic LV5

Darkness Magic LV7

Physical Boost LV5

Sword Arts LV5

Social Arts LV7

Arm Vigor LV5

Roar LV5

Intimidating LV4

Harden LV5

No Chant LV7

Super Regeneration

Fire Attribute Magic Immunity


The First Prince

Former Human who Became a Yvel


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