TWEM Vol. 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Special Training Session


About a week after that, we stopped by a few towns and arrived at a town that was only two days away from the Tonitia Forest.

Our destination, the Elven village, was just around the corner, so we decided to each take a rest as we pleased later in the day.

As I was working out in the yard of the inn, Finne, Suzuno, Shinonome, and Kusel came over. The four of them had also come to train.

“Haruto, would you mind sparring with me for a bit?”

And as soon as Finne arrived she made such a request.

There was no reason to refuse, so I gladly accepted, and after sparring for a while, I realized something.

“Huh? Finne, it appears that you’re moving better than before.”

“Ahh, ahh, I, see?”

“Yeah, keep it up!”

“Oh really? Thank you very much!”

After catching her breath, Finne broke into a smile at my words.

When Kusel saw us, she called out to me.

“Haruto, I’d like you to spar with me too.”

“Kusel, you too?”

“Yeah. When I saw the two of you sparring earlier, I couldn’t help but feel a burning sensation welling up in my chest! ”

“Oh, okay…” 

Giving into the momentum, I decided to spar with Kusel.

After all, Kusel is a former vice knight captain and an A-rank adventurer. She’s fairly strong.

This should be a little interesting.

“I guess I’ll be observing from here then!”

Finne then sat down next to Suzuno and Shinonome, who had been observing from earlier.

Then, Kusel and I began sparring.

I have to admit, Kusel’s ability was quite impressive, and if I were to let my guard down, she’s likely to get a clean hit in.

As the spar was coming to a close, I was sweating for the first time in a long time.

Finne brought a towel and a cup to me and Kusel, who was out of breath.

“Well done, you two. I brought you some towels and drinks.”

“Thanks Finne.”

“I appreciate it.”

As I was wiping off my sweat and gulping down my drink vigorously, I heard Suzuno and Shinonome talking.

“That level of movement is still impossible for us, I think…?”

“I guess. But we have to be able to do that someday.”

“You’re right, so if I try hard enough, will I be able to?”

“Yeah. Sure you can.”

“Well, I’ll do my best then!”

As I watched them having such a heartwarming conversation, I cheered for them in my heart.

And the next day, we left the city.

Some monsters appeared along the way, but Kusel, Tendo, and the others took the initiative before I could make a move, so I hardly had to.

And since they were off to battle before I could alert them, all I had to do was hold the reins.


Since that was the state of things, I couldn’t help but yawn after having lunch and continued on our way.

I turned to Kusel, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Kusel, I need to get some sleep, can you take over? I’m feeling sleepy…”

“Sure, of course. Take your time.”

“Thanks a bunch. Maguro is smart, so he’s able to understand almost any oral command.”


After handing over the reins to Kusel, I lay down on the bench in the back of the carriage instead of entering the subspace so that I could deal with any problems that might arise. 

The pleasant breeze, the warm sunlight, and the rattling and comfortable swaying of the carriage made me lose myself in sleep.


As I slowly opened my eyes, the sun was already starting to set, and the sky I saw through the carriage window was tinged with red.

“…I see you’re finally awake. Haruto, that’s one deep sleep, isn’t it?”

I looked up at the sound of the voice and saw Finne peering into my face.

…Hmm? And I feel something soft behind my head…is this what they call a lap pillow?

Finne’s lustrous silver hair reflected the setting sun, giving it an orange sheen. Some kind of soft scent tickled my nose. I would like to just close my eyes like this, but…

“Finne, how long have I been asleep?”

“Well, I think it’s about four hours.”

It seems that I slept for quite a while.

I still longed for Finne’s lap pillow, but I better get up.

After all, around the corner of my eyes, Iris and Suzuno looked envious. I’m sure they would ask me to sleep on their lap soon.

“Right. Any changes?”

“…Nothing in particular”

Finne answers me, looking regretfully at me as I get up.

“It’s all good then……oh that’s right.”

Then whispered in Finne’s ear. 

“I look forward to this again, just the both of us.”

“Ohh!? Ye, yes…”

“Now then, we should probably find a place to set up camp for the day.”

“Ye, yes……you’re, right.”

Finne’s face was tinged with a hint of red. And Iris and Suzuno’s gazes hurt, but I decided not to worry about it.

After a while, I found a place that looked like a good place to camp, so I called out to Kusel, who was acting as the coachman, to stop the carriage. 

I was about to quickly prepare dinner when Iris raised her hand.

“I will do the cooking today!”

What? Iris to cook? Even though she’s never mentioned anything like that before.

I mean, to begin with…

“Iris, can you cook?”

“Of, of course I can cook!”

Iris insists, puffing her flat chest, but I remember hearing from Iris’ father, King Dillan of Perdis, before we left.




The day before departure, Haruto was summoned by Dillan.

“——Haruto, would you do me a favor and teach Iris how to cook?”

And Dillan bowed his head saying that, as soon as Haruto arrived.

“What’s this about cooking all of a sudden?”

At Haruto’s reasonable question, Dillan began to tremble with his hands holding his head.

“Tru, truth is, Iris has cooked for me before.”

“Wow, what did she make?”

“It was an omelet. Just——” 

With that as a preamble, Dillan began to speak.

A year ago, Iris appeared in Dillan’s room.

“Daddy! I made you an omelet! Try it! ”

“Ooh? Iris’s home cooking huh? Let me have a taste——”

Dillan, who received the plate saying that, became speechless.

The reason was that what was on the plate was a dark object–– charcoal in the shape of an omelet.

For some reason, Dillan felt a purple aura coming off of it, and he broke out in a cold sweat.

“I, is this an omelet?”

“That’s right! I messed up a little, though.”

This thing isn’t on a level you would call “a little” is it!?

Suppressing the urge to scream, Dillan looked at his wife, Amalia, but she just smiled and said: “Oh my, oh my.”

Next, he looked at Asha who was following Iris, she just bowed her head saying, “Your Majesty, I said to her ‘it would be better to taste it out yourself first.'”

Realizing that no one could help him, Dillan prepared himself and took a slice into his mouth.

As soon as he bit into the omelet (?), it made a crunchy sound, just like it looked.

And the next moment, Dillan fell on his back.



“Your Majesty!?”

Iris, Amalia, and Asha rushed over to Dillan who suddenly collapsed.

“What’s wrong, Daddy! What’s going on!?”

“My, my dear Iris…, coo, cooking is such, a profound, art, isn’t it…”

Dillan summoned his last strength and lost consciousness, leaving behind those words.

“Daddy!? Daddy———!” 

Iris’s cry echoed fruitlessly in Dillan’s room.

“——And that’s what happened. By the way, I couldn’t get up the next day.”

“Se, seriously?…”

Dillan seemed so exhausted, and Haruto could only reply thus.




… Yup, I can’t let Iris cook.

“Asha, can I have a word?”

I called out to Asha, whose face was turning pale.

“Ha, Haruto, you have to stop the princess! If you don’t, we’ll all…”

“Ca, calm down Asha! ”

“How can I stay calm!? That thing, that thing can only be called poison…”

From her manner of speaking, I wonder if Asha has also been made to eat her cooking before?

“Yeah I already heard the gist from Dillan. This is why I want Asha to assist Iris. You can ask someone else to help if you need to! I beg you!”

“Huh! ? M-Me?!”

“I beg you!”

I bowed my head as best I could. Because I don’t want to see my friends fall at the hands of Iris.

“…Okay. I’ll do it.”

Asha looked distressed but accepted.

Is it that bad that you’d rather not even assist?

From Dillan’s story and Asha’s reaction, if we were to describe Iris’ cooking ability in terms of skill level, it would be described as negative. 

So we moved to the kitchen in the subspace.

If they were to cook with the equipment outside, they wouldn’t be able to control the fire, and would just turn to charcoal in an instant.

By the way, this kitchen is a reproduction of the Japanese system kitchen, so it even has a stove and an oven. I can make anything with magic power, so anything is possible.

Tendo and the others told me I was overdoing it, but oh well.

So, I decided to keep an eye on Iris as she stood in the kitchen with Asha.

“Asha, what should I cook?”

“Well…how about a pancake?”

I’m sure she chose something easy that even Iris could make. There is also the question of whether pancakes can pass for dinner, but that’s only if they don’t turn to charcoal.

On the other hand, as to Iris’ reaction to the idea of making pancakes-

“I’m good at cooking with eggs!”

Or so she says in a proud tone.

The hell you are! Or so I was about to say, but I don’t want to get in trouble by saying something unnecessary to make her sulk, so I held myself back.

Asha twitched her cheeks implying “is that so?”, but she didn’t seem keen on saying anything beyond that.

“Princess, do you know the ingredients for pancakes?”

“Ingredients? That’s easy. Haruto already taught me! Just eggs, right?”

“Wrong! What are you teaching her, Haruto?!”

Asha glares at me, but I deny it by waving my hands in front of my face. I never said that!

“Then what is it?”

Seeing Iris, who was a little frustrated, Asha cleared her throat and listed the ingredients.

“They are eggs, milk, flour, and sugar.”

“How is it prepared?”

“Then I will make one from scratch as an example, so please watch carefully and learn from it, okay, princess?”

“I’m very good at learning things!”

Asha gave a reproachful look, but Iris doesn’t seem to notice. 

Asha regained her composure, prepared the ingredients, and immediately began to prepare it.

“First, put the flour and milk in a bowl and mix.”


“Once you’ve mixed to the point where the flour lumps are gone, then break the eggs into a separate bowl.”


Iris reacts to the eggs. Asha brilliantly ignores it and continues with the cooking.

“Here, you separate the yolks from the whites, and add only the whites first.”

“Why not break them in together?”

“Well, it is a kind of technique. Just keep watching.”

Asha said that and began quickly mixing the egg whites in a bowl with a whisk.

Iris panicked when she saw the egg whites starting to foam.

“See, it’s foaming! Asha, you’re mixing too much!”

“Please calm down. This is called meringue. Once the meringue is done, add the yolks and sugar to the bowl of flour and milk and mix again.”

“Oh, so it’s called meringue…”

Iris seemed curious, and Asha got angry at her for trying to poke the meringue.

“Princess, don’t you want Haruto to have a delicious meal? If you don’t listen carefully, it won’t taste delicious, now will it?”

“That’s not true! I want Haruto to be happy while eating my food!”

Well, I will be happy to eat it, as long as it doesn’t come out as charcoal.

Honestly, having heard Dillan’s story, I guess I can’t help but feel uneasy.

“If that’s the case, then make sure to learn it properly.”

Asha said and resumed her explanation.

“Finally, add the meringue and mix until blended. At this point, be careful not to mix too much or the meringue will be crushed.”

“All right!”

“…Do you understand?” 

“Of course!”

Iris replied cheerfully, but Asha still looked uneasy. 

She was probably worried about whether Iris had learned the procedure well. 

Well, I don’t see the reason why she needs to worry that much, as long as she watches her carefully and puts her through the process.

“All that is left now is to just bake it. Put a ladleful of the batter into a hot pan with oil. If you don’t keep the heat low at this time, only the surface will burn. Then leave it for a while.”

 “I see…”

A few tens of seconds later. Bubbles began to appear on the surface.

“When you see bubbles coming out of the dough, check the back of the dough with a spatula. …If the dough is light-browned, it’s fine. Keep a close eye on it, okay?” 

“O, okay!”

Asha turns over the dough as Iris stares at her with a nervous expression. 

Then she baked the other half, transferred it to a plate, and poured butter and honey over it. 

“It’s done. What do you think? Easy right?”

“R, right!”

Iris stared at the freshly made pancakes. 

Seeing her, Asha smiles.

“Why not go ahead and try it.” 

“Are you sure!? Thank you!”

Iris replied ready to dig in, put her hands together and said “Bon Appetit!”, and then cut a slice of the pancake into a mouthful size.

Then happily carried it to her mouth. 

“Oh, delicious! It’s so fluffy, and the honey goes really well with it.”

“I will ask the princess to make the same thing. You watched through the whole process, so you can do it, right?”

“Of course I can!”

Iris replied cheerfully and immediately started cooking.

But maybe because she’s not used to it I guess——

“Oh, I spilled some flour!” 

“I got some eggshells mixed in…”

“I wonder if this is the right amount of sugar?”

And so, she continued with her racket.

Still, she never gave up and managed to complete the dough with Asha’s help each time.

Finally, we entered the main event, baking. 

“Put a little oil in the pan, and, oh, and…oh right, turn the heat down to low…”

Iris followed the procedure, saying the words as she remembered what Asha had told her.

She pours in the dough and stares at it until bubbles appear. 

Then, after confirming that a number of bubbles had popped, Iris picked up the spatula. 

“N, now to confirm.”

The backside is a beautiful light brown color.

“Asha, it’s okay right?”


Iris tightened her expression and tried to turn it over…… 

Becha*! (TLN: Soggy sound)

It didn’t turn out so well, and the dough lost its shape on the edge of the pan.

“Ah. Ugh…”

Iris was shocked, but Asha quickly followed up.

“It’s usually like this at first. You just have to get better and better at it.” 

“R, right!”

In the end, the pancakes turned out ugly, but Iris didn’t let that stop her from frying them one after another.

In the end, by the time she had baked enough for the entire number of people, she never got it right, but in the second half, she was able to turn it over reasonably neatly.

“It’s done! What do you think, Asha?” 

“Well done, princess. It’s not perfect yet, but I think you’ve improved a lot!”

 “Of course!”

Asha replied with a smile, and Iris puffed out her chest with a smug look on her face. 

W, well, she did give her best. And not a single one turned into charcoal.

“—Hey, guys, it’s ready! They’re a little awkward, but they should taste good!” 

We put enough pancakes for everyone on plates and left the subspace. 

So we all sat down at the table, but for some reason, no one wanted to touch it, and they all looked at me. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” 

Asha answers my question.

“The princess would like Haruto to eat it first. Since she’s your fiance…… and as for us, we thought Haruto is sturdy enough to handle it.”

 Wait a minute! That last part, I’m just a taster for poison, aren’t I?

Well, at least the first part, that I understand.

Iris was also waiting for me to eat with sparkling eyes. Aww, she’s too damn cute! 

I willed myself to a mouthful of a piece taken from the pancake in front of me. 

“Munch munch, gulp…hmm, it’s really good. The inside is fluffy and very tasty. 

It’s not flattery, it was really delicious. Even if it’s a little ugly, I wouldn’t mind if I cut it into bite-sized pieces.

Iris’ cheeks turned a little red and she said, “th, thank you.  I’ll make you some more next time,” putting her hands on her pancake as if to hide her embarrassment. 

With that, everyone started to eat.

All the comments that came out were along the line of “delicious,” and Iris’ cheeks colored with happiness. 

If Dillan had been here, he would have cried in joy.

Thus the idyllic night passed.

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